30 April 2015

Amnesia: Shin 04

amnesia cosplay - shin by alfred xiaolay欠け落ち失くしてしまった
I search for the final component
I lost when I fell on down.
I arrive at a distant star
At the edge of the sky dyed in the colors of the rainbow.

I am held prisoner by the little lights that fell through the cracks
白日夢に似た道 歩き 歩き
And down a path that looks like a day dream, I walk, and I walk.
The excelling gravity,
The repeating pull,
私の心ごと 話さない
Will not tell me about my heart.

Lyrics by Crimson Silk
Translation by Sarah Nelkin

Doesn’t Alfred Xiaolay make an amazing Shin? I think I like this outfit better than his original one, what do you guys think? Thanks to Jennifer for sending this in!

Source: けいのシークレットベース

29 April 2015

Uta no Prince-sama: Jinguji Ren 08

uta no prince-sama cosplay - jinguji ren by tatsukiドレスコードなんて
As for a dress code,
Just a rose on your chest is enough

(Lady, Ready?)

Let’s fade into the night with our perfect coordination

Now, lt’s show time

さぁ夢へご招待 ライトで照らすよホントの正体
Come on, your true colors shining in the light, an invitation to this dream

Now, Ride on time

言葉じゃ野暮ったい 何も縛られないFREEDOM
Words don’t do justice to this boundless FREEDOM!

Lyrics and Translation by
☽ Moonlit Sanctuary ☾

Why is it that Tatsuki’s version of Ren, even though she’s holding Piyo-chan, look so hot? She really got Ren’s character perfectly! Thanks to Nica for sending this in!

Source: 樹姫 (たつき) on Cosplayers’ Archive

28 April 2015

Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc: Enoshima Junko

dangan ronpa: trigger happy havoc cosplay - enoshima junko by maki eracleaA young fashionista who took the country by storm with her extravagant tastes, Enoshima Junko had always wanted to be a model ever since she was a child. Her personality and mannerisms are extremely erratic and unstable, as she admits that keeping up one “appearance” for too long bores her. She is the younger twin sister of Ikusaba Mukuro and had an alternate identity known as Otonashi Ryoko.

Meet Italian cosplayer Maki Eraclea! Doesn’t she make an amazing Junko? Please head on over to her Facebook page and give her your support! Thanks to Maki for letting me post this!

Source: Maki Eraclea on Facebook

27 April 2015

Sword Art Online: Gun Gale Online: Asada Shino

When Shino was less than two-years old, she and her parents were involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, it took more than 6 hours before anyone even noticed, and Shino’s father died slowly from internal bleeding while her mother watched. The trauma caused her mother to become very fragile, and thus Shino became overprotective of her mother.

Isn’t Ely the cutest Shino? She has several versions of Sinon in her Facebook Page too, so please give her your support! Thanks to Harry for suggesting this!

Source: Ely Cosplay on Facebook

26 April 2015

Tokyo Ghoul: Tsukiyama Shuu and Kaneki Ken

tokyo ghoul cosplay - tsukiyama shuu and kaneki ken by ryuichi randoll

When Tsukiyama Shuu first met Kaneki in Antaiku, he became fascinated with his unique scent, and later found out that Kaneki was actually half-ghoul. Since then, Tsukiyama has been completely obsessed with Kaneki, seeing him as an exotic, one-of-a-kind dish that only he deserves to consume. As a result, Tsukiyama is always trying to find a way to consume Kaneki, which is the only reason why he helped rescue Kaneki from Aogiri’s hideout.

Oh dear, this is probably one of the most famous cosplay photos from Tokyo Ghoul right now! It’s not really all the difficult to see why! Anyway, I don’t know who the cosplayer behind Kaneki is, but Tsukiyama’s cosplayer is Ryuichi Randoll! You might remember his cosplay of Shin from Amnesia, so please visit his sites: Ask, Cure, Weibo, and World Cosplay! Thanks to Tama for sending this in!

25 April 2015

Vocaloid 3: YANHE

vocaloid 3 cosplay - yanhe by liu yan

The Pen is like a Knife
見血方高 欲斬妖星乘虹沖霄
Upon the sight of blood, it will slice the monster like a rainbow piercing the heavens

The Heart is like a Knife
千軍之前 不為折腰
Even before a thousand soldiers, it bows to no one

The Pen is like a Knife
我一肩挑 往蒼茫闢地厚天高
I will face them, just as the land faces the vastness of the sky

The Heart is like a Knife
如貫山岳 不動不倒
Like Guan Mountain, it will not move and it will not fall

“The Age of Swords and Blades”
Lyrics by Vocaloid Lyrics
Translation by Kurohiko

I apologize if my translation is not the best, but I already asked my sister for help on this and she had a hard time translating too! If there are corrections, please do let us know! As for the cosplayer, she is Liu Yan from China! Please visit her Weibo and World Cosplay accounts to give her your support! Thanks to Mei Ling for suggesting this!

Source: 流魇 (Liu Yan) on World Cosplay

24 April 2015

Card Captor Sakura: Kinomoto Sakura 13

card captor sakura cosplay - kinomoto sakura by nenekoたまにね なくなっちゃう 身体のバッテリー
Sometimes, my batteries just run dry.
But with your smile,
いつも充電満タン パワー爆発しちゃえ
they’re always fully charged, ready to explode.

お願い お願い
Please (Please) Please (Please)
We’re friends first, so
笑って 見つめて 楽しい毎日にしたい
I want to smile, look at you, and have fun every day.

“Catch You, Catch Me”
Lyrics and Translation by Anime Lyrics

Doesn’t Neneko make a cute Sakura? I’m always surprised at how well she can portray so many different characters! Please be sure to give her your support by visiting her Facebook Page! Thanks to Mica for suggesting this in!

Source: 肉感少女-Neneko on Facebook

23 April 2015

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi: Suzumiya Haruhi 11

大事&大事な heavenly time
A crucial, crucial heavenly time
階段が over the way
The stairs are over the way
It’s the spontaneous invincibility of love, of love, of love

You can’t forget it, so it's a tragedy
That’s the law of stories
It’s the spontaneous innocence of love, of love, of love

実際はか弱き胸 せつないでしょ?
In reality, your delicate heart pains you, doesn’t it?
You wish to be left alone
But sometimes, you lose yourself in others!

“Star Way to Heaven”
Lyrics and Translation by
Anime Lyrics

I featured Arisa Mizuhara’s version of Haruhi way back in 2007, when the blog was just beginning. I thought that a second look couldn’t hurt, am I right? Thanks to EvenGodDoesntKnow for sharing this!

Source: Crunchyroll

22 April 2015

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica: Akemi Homura 04

mahou shoujo madoka magica cosplay - akemi homuraIn her original timeline, Homura is portrayed as meek and timid, a complete opposite of her cold and distant self at the beginning of the series. She is known around the school for her lack of confidence and her inability to perform in P.E. class. This is unfortunately due to her being the target of bullying, and she began to question her existence until she became a magical girl.

Oh wow, this photo is amazing! Homura looks so fierce, like a force to be reckoned with! Thanks to Anime Plus for sharing this!

Source: Anime Plus on Google+

21 April 2015

Uta no Prince-sama: Ichinose Tokiya and Nanami Haruka

uta no prince-sama cosplay - ichinose tokiya and nanami haruka覚えていますかPrincess?
Do you remember, my princess?
The day we first met
You were all alone,
Staring at the sky…
In the depths of your own heart,
There’s a jewel just for you
You probably just haven’t found it yet…

The wings on your back are resting,
Just wait for a breeze
Surrender yourself and close your eyes
And you will feel their warmth

“Crystal Time”
Lyrics by Petit Lyrics
Translation by ☽ Moonlit Sanctuary ☾

Don’t they look cute together? For once, I don’t really mind that the heroine ended up with the hero, because I like Otoya better than Tokiya, haha! Thanks to Katya for sending this in!

Source: 現実。 on Tumblr

20 April 2015

Sword Art Online: Mother’s Rosario: Konno Yuuki

sword art online: mother's rosario cosplay - konno yuukiAn Alfheim Online player who has an even faster reaction time than Kirito, Konno Yuuki was the 2nd leader of the Sleeping Knights Guild. She was known as Zekken or “Absolute Sword” due to her winning streak of 67 consecutive duels on the street, including Kirito. She was also known for creating an 11-hit Original Sword Skill.

I’m sure most of the SAO fans already know what happened to Yuuki, so this photo might give you a lot of feels. For the others who haven’t caught up yet, well, this is still a beautiful photo, wouldn’t you agree? Thanks to Crystal for sharing this!

Source: Crystal T. on Google+

19 April 2015

Their Story: Qi Fang and Sun Jing

their story / tamen de gushi cosplay - qi fang by hana and sun jing by ayu hangIt didn’t feel right to feature only Baozi last time, so now I will show you Hana with another cosplayer!

There’s not much information on this series yet, but from what I heard, it’s an adorable story about Sun Jing, a tomboy who fell in love with Qui Tong, a girl from another school. I think Qi Fang is Sun Jing’s best friend who helps her out with her girl troubles!

Do you recognize Sun Jing’s cosplayer? That is Ayu Hang, the same cosplayer of Touken Ranbu’s Heshikiri Hasebe! And now she has a World Cosplay account, so please give her a visit there too! Thanks again to Karen for sharing this!

Source: Baozi & hana on Facebook

18 April 2015

Vocaloid 2: Kagamine Rin and Len 09

vocaloid 2 cosplay - kagamine rin and len 9

と と と 隣のクラス 最近 ちょっと 気になってる あの子
T-t-t-the class next door has someone I’ve been a little interested in lately, this girl

プリティトキメキラメキすまいる 「キャワイイ↑」
Pretty heartshine smile“kyuute↑”

No, no, no, no!
It’s not like I like you or anything!
I’d only just, just a bit, a bit, a bit,
My eyes just started following you on their own, I swear!

So I say, but c’mon, see,
I’m pretty head over heels for you
And I can’t memorize what
I’m studying at all, crap!

“Plus Boy”
Lyrics and Translation by Vocaloid Lyrics

Aren’t they cute? I just love the setting for this photo! It looks like a nice and brightly lit mall! Does anyone recognize it? Thanks to D-Loveless for sharing this!

Oh and yes, in case you know who the cosplayers are in any of the blog posts, please do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will be sure to credit them, ok? Thank you very much for your continued support to Cosplay Holic!

Source: Crunchyroll

17 April 2015

Card Captor Sakura: Kinomoto Toya and Sakura

card captor sakura cosplay - kinomoto toya by baozi and kinomoto sakura by fuzukiLike many older brothers, Toya constantly teases his little sister Sakura, but he actually cares about her a lot. He is well aware that Sakura is the Card Captor, and he often takes part-time jobs that allow him to be close by whenever Sakura is working on capturing a card. Toya also has powers of his own, including the ability to see ghosts and other non-humans, the ability to sense when Sakura is in danger, and mild precognition.

Isn’t this adorable? Please give the cosplayers your support with Baozi as Toya and Fuzuki as Sakura! Thanks to Karen for sharing this!

Source: Baozi & hana on Facebook

16 April 2015

Ao no Exorcist: Okumura Rin 03

ao no exorcist cosplay - okumura rin 3Unlike his younger twin Yukio, Rin is immature and reckless, which often times leads others into thinking he is the younger one of the two. He is very open with his friends, but when some of them found out about his Demon heritage, they became afraid of him, thinking that he was unstable and therefore dangerous. Rin appears to have a soft spot for animals too, as he fought against Shiratori Reiji and his delinquent gang because they were shooting down pigeons.

I love the effects on this image! I need to learn how to render fire too, since one of my characters is a fire angel. Thanks again to Robins for suggesting this!

Source: CAÇADORA DE IMAGENS on Blogspot

15 April 2015

Saint Seiya: Pisces Albafica

saint seiya cosplay - pisces albafica

Albafica is a quiet man who appears to prefer solitude than the company of others. In reality, he is a kind person who does his best to avoid others in order to protect them from his poisonous blood. Prolonged exposure to the Demon Roses, as well as the ritual of Red Ribbons of Blood with his teacher, forces those of Pisces to live their lives in isolation, thus giving Albafica a cold image.

This cosplayer is really pretty, wouldn’t you agree? This series is really making me curious though… I remember having an officemate who was a big fan of Saint Seiya that he had the entire cast’s figures displayed on his desk!

Maybe I’ll give the manga a read after my deadlines… Thanks to LOLWHAT11 for sharing this!

Source: Crunchyroll

14 April 2015

I’ll: Hiiragi Hitonari

i'll cosplay - hiiragi hitonariHiiragi Hitonari was kicked out of his house after he decided that he would not go to the school where his father coaches at. As he is a very talented basketball player in his own right, he wanted to step out of his brother’s shadow, who was already a star player. He is described to be a “thoroughbred” player who is good in every aspect of the game, and is thus given the position as Point Guard.

Hiiragi’s probably my favorite from the series… possibly because of his white hair. I have a soft spot for white-haired guys. Thanks again to TsukiHiro for sharing this!

Source: Crunchyroll

13 April 2015

Uta no Prince-sama: Hijirikawa Masato 07

uta no prince-sama cosplay - hijirikawa masato by rurua俺は
And I…

(Could I make your dreams?)

Since I first heard your song

(Could I make your dreams?)

On that unforgettable day,

(Could I make your dreams?)

Am I able to truly fall in love?
These pure feelings within my heart,

(Wishing, wishing)

I believe in them

Lyrics by Uta Map
Translation by ☽ Moonlit Sanctuary ☾

Doesn’t this cosplay of Hijikawa Masato remind you of summer? I don’t like hot weather very much, but it looks like Masato doesn’t mind.

If you like this cosplay, please visit the cosplayer’s Archive at Rurua! Thanks to Merry for sending this in!

Source: 縷々阿 (ルルア) on Cosplayer’s Archive

12 April 2015

Constantine: Gabriel

constantine cosplay - gabriel by winters knight

After exorcising a girl possessed by a demon soldier trying to break through to Earth, John Constantine seeks an audience with the androgynous half-breed angel Gabriel. John asked Gabriel to heal him of his lung cancer, but Gabriel declines, telling John that his motives for exorcising demons are selfish and that it will not grant him entry into Heaven. It is later revealed that Gabriel laments God’s favoritism towards humans and planned to release Lucifer’s son, Mammon, let him claim Earth as his own kingdom.

Those wings are massive and beautiful! Please give your support to the cosplayer, Winters Knight by visiting her AC Paradise page! Thanks to Charlie for sending this in!

Source: Winters Knight on AC Paradise

11 April 2015

Vocaloid 2: Kagamine Len 24

昔々の そのまた昔
Once upon a time, a very long time ago
とある貴族の 仲良しな兄弟
There was a close pair, sibling of high nobility
The rest I’ll leave omitted

“Do it properly!”

じいやが呼ぶ 席につけ よーいどん!
The butler calls out “Ascend to the throne! Ready, set, go!”.
ナイフとフォークで 応戦いたしますの
I humbly accept the challenge with a knife and fork
だって僕らは ブルジョアの
After all, we are bourgeois,
立派な 立派な 貴族様なんですですの
Splendid, utterly splendid aristocrats, yes we are

“Childish War”
Lyrics and Translation by Vocaloid Lyrics

It’s been a while since I last featured Len by himself and this cosplayer makes an adorable one, wouldn’t you agree? I think that’s Rin in the foreground, but since it’s really blurred, I think I’ll just write Len’s name on the title. Thanks to D-Loveless for sharing this!

Source: Crunchyroll

10 April 2015

Lucky Star: Izumi Konta 07

lucky star cosplay - izumi konata 7

やっちゃった なにもかも
I did it, anything and everything
収集だ なにもかも
Gather it, anything and everything
やっちゃった ウキウキで
I did it, in an excited mood
やっちゃった やっちゃった
I did it, I did it

I will buy at least three
基本ですよ おねーさん
That's the basics, my young lady
間違ってないから 早く慣れてくれ
I'm not mistaken, so get used to it quickly
Everyone, give maniacs a bit of live, just a bit!

“Huh?! Fanfare”
Lyrics and Translation by Rizu Chan

Isn’t this Konata cosplayer cute? And all of those anime magazines… I wish there was a proper English anime and manga magazine here too. Thanks to Nuthan Long for sharing this!

Source: Nuthan Long on Photobucket