08 April 2015

Ao no Exorcist: Okumura Yukio 03

ao no exorcist / blue exorcist cosplay - okumura yukioOkumura Yukio and his older twin brother Rin, are often seen arguing, but they do care about each other quite a lot. Yukio often berates Rin for his impulsiveness, but the truth is, Yukio is afraid that his brother would be consumed by his demonic powers. In the anime, Yukio eventually becomes a demon himself just like his brother, but in the manga, he attains “Satan’s Eyes”, but it was never explained what this ability entails.

I really do love characters with glasses, don’t you? It makes them look intelligent, and fans of this series all know how smart Yukio is. Thanks to Robins for sending this in!

Source: CAÇADORA DE IMAGENS on Blogspot

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