23 April 2015

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi: Suzumiya Haruhi 11

大事&大事な heavenly time
A crucial, crucial heavenly time
階段が over the way
The stairs are over the way
It’s the spontaneous invincibility of love, of love, of love

You can’t forget it, so it's a tragedy
That’s the law of stories
It’s the spontaneous innocence of love, of love, of love

実際はか弱き胸 せつないでしょ?
In reality, your delicate heart pains you, doesn’t it?
You wish to be left alone
But sometimes, you lose yourself in others!

“Star Way to Heaven”
Lyrics and Translation by
Anime Lyrics

I featured Arisa Mizuhara’s version of Haruhi way back in 2007, when the blog was just beginning. I thought that a second look couldn’t hurt, am I right? Thanks to EvenGodDoesntKnow for sharing this!

Source: Crunchyroll

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