04 August 2012

Karma: Rei Kuassary

karma cosplay - rei kuassary by tracy

Rei Kuassary is a guardian angel who cares deeply for the human race. She is quite noble and considerate, but she will not tolerate anyone who takes advantage of another's kindness. She wields the Fire Blade and is nicknamed “The Smiling Angel”.

This is the real reason why I was at the Oh No! Manga Cosplay Camp. Two of my original series have finally been published and Tracy is cosplaying one of the main characters, Angel Rei!

That would be the sword I made, but Tracy made those wings herself (which was a really pleasant surprise because I thought there wouldn’t be any wings at all!)

Yes, I am a very happy mangaka.


  1. I think anyone would be happy if someone else cosplayed a character they created :) Your friend looks amazing by the way :D

  2. She does, soen't she? >u<;;; I was even more ecstatic when a lot of people were asking for her photo~ <3 She was amazing~~