30 October 2012

Hakuoki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~: Hijikata Toshizo 02

hakuoki shinsengumi kitan cosplay - hijikata toshizo by reika
Source: World Cosplay

Fueled by rage after witnessing his fellow Shinsengumi warrior Inoue Genzaburo dead, Hijikata Toshizo decided to drink the Ochimizu and become a Rasetsu despite knowing the consequences simply to defeat Kazama Chikage. Even though Inoue had been killed by Satchou warriors of the Satsuma-Choushuu alliance, Hijikata blamed Chikage and started a duel as Chikage goads him.

Another amazing cosplay by Reika! And alright guys, because some people don’t seen to realize that most of my images are linked to the source, I’ve decided to add it in text, right below the photograph. Maybe this will clear things up, and hey, we have a new blog layout, how cool is that? Thanks again to Lira for sending this in!

29 October 2012

V for Vendetta: V

A masked anarchist who seeks to systematically kill the leaders of the fascist dictatorship Norsefire, V is well-versed in the arts of explosives, subterfuge, and computer hacking. He also has a vast literary, cultural and philosophical intellect.

V is the only survivor of an experiment in which four dozen prisoners were given injections of a compound simply known as “Batch 5”. It caused vast cellular anomalies that eventually killed all of the subjects except for V, who developed advanced strength, reflexes, endurance and pain tolerance.

Hello again my loyal readers. Did you miss me? I’m back~ ♥

02 October 2012

A Message from the Admin: Philippine Cybercrime Prevention Act 10175

Hi guys! Mei again, your resident cosplay fanatic!

You’ve all probably heard of the new cybercrime prevention act in my country, the Philippines, and to be honest, I myself don’t really understand everything about it as of yet. However, with the law being unclear with regards to what would be considered “libel”, I don’t think I’ll be posting any new entries for a while.

You see, if I were to mistakenly write something or post something that’s considered “malicious”, whether it be towards the government or even a Filipino cosplayer/photographer, it could land me in jail for 12 years. Twelve Years. Just for blogging about cosplay.

Some of you have considered this blog to be very “malicious” for “stealing photos that aren’t yours” and “adding a link to the photos that aren’t yours”, even though I’ve tried to explain why I do what I do, and that you can request to change anything through comments or a simple email. Well, in less that 10 minutes, you can start suing me thanks to the new law, for anything I post on October 3, 2012 and onwards.

A little extreme? Maybe so, but unfortunately(?), 12 years is a chance I’m not willing to take.

And so, until my beloved country becomes a little clearer with what falls under “libel”? I think it’s time for Cosplay Holic to rest (until I manage to immigrate to another country that is!)

I hope to see you all again soon! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

Lots of Love,

01 October 2012

Vocaloid 2: Kagamine Rin 19

vocaloid 2 cosplay - kagamine rin 18 from japan comiket 82

Hey Hey Hey Hey! Hey, could you wait a minute?
I'm sorry, just one little moment of your time?
少しだけ、ね 少しでいい
Hey just one second, hey, for a little while.
I only want to spend some time with you.

どうしようか? 何しようか
So what should we do? What is there to do?
I know! We could play a game together!
Maybe a word game?
Shirito'ri' - 'Ri'n!
Sorry, you must be bored with this already!

“I Like You, I Love You!” Lyrics and Translation by

This cosplayer is really adorable! And Rin, please don’t get married yet, your fans will get upset. Thanks to Ricky for sending this in!