29 September 2012

Fate/Extra: Saber 03

fate/extra cosplay - saber from japan comiket 82

In Fate/Extra, Saber’s true identity is Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, the Fifth Roman Emperor. She was a notorious tyrant who oppressed all religious forces, especially Christians, and the Roman Senate during 50 to 60 AD. Her rule was so devastating and destructive that some have theorized that the Book of Revelation was written as a reaction against said oppression.

And here I thought all the Sabers were inspired from King Arthur. I’m never going to look at this red Saber the same way again. Thanks again to 4chanatic for sending this in!

28 September 2012

Vocaloid 2: Hatsune Miku 32

vocaloid 2 cosplay - hatsune miku 32 from japan comiket 82愛した者を裁く 右手の鎌、唄を謡う
A scythe in my right hand that judges my beloved sings a song
With tears in my eyes
At the moment, a sickle makes a sound…

静かな唄の華が 咲いて 咲いて 沼に沈む
A flower of a quiet song blooms, blooms and sinks into the swamp
Why in the world do you think where the sun doesn't rise

“Guard and Scythe” Lyrics and Translation by

I'm beginning to wonder if people are getting tired of my Vocaloid features on Cosplay Holic. I can’t help it! Hatsune Miku is just really popular so a lot of cosplayers portray her in many different ways! But anyway, thanks again to 4chanatic for sending this in!

27 September 2012

Hakuoki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~: Okita Souji 03

hakuoki shinsengumi kitan cosplay - okita souji 3

Driven by guilty for being incapacitated by tuberculosis, Okita Souji drank the elixir and became a Rasetsu in order to continue with his duties as the Captain of the First Division. Unfortunately, despite having accelerated healing, it does not completely cure his illness. It does, however, allow him to live out his final days somewhat normally, even if it would seem to be arguably shorter.

I’m sorry, but after I finished Souji’s route in the game, I felt really terrible. Then again, I don’t think any of the routes in Hakuoki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~ ended happily knowing some of your comrades died in the war. Anyway, thanks to Jenny for sending this in!

26 September 2012

Kiki’s Delivery Service: Kiki and Jiji

kiki's delivery service cosplay - kiki and jiji / sonicoAs it is traditional for witches, Kiki left home when she turned 13 together with her loquacious black cat, Jiji. She arrived is the big city of Koriko and, despite her insecurity, managed to to find friends and a place to stay. In order to support herself, she uses the only witch skill she has, flying on a broom, and starts a delivery service.

I believe that’s Akira Itsuki on the left in the same cosplay I featured her in two weeks ago, but I’m not sure who that girl on the right side of the photo is. Please let me know so I can add a tag for her cosplay too! Thanks again to 4chanatic for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to anon for letting me know the girl on the right isSherlock Shellingford from Tantei Opera Milky Holmes!

25 September 2012

Silent Destiny Onusa: Popi

silent destiny onusa cosplay - popi

In a land far from our own reality, Serapi has disaster lurking in its shadows and according to legend, only the Silencer can stop it.

Meet Popi, our ever-lovable a 13th grader who was transported from another dimension in order to become Serapi’s Silencer. Could he really become the savior of this realm (or get caught up with something else entirely)?

Guess we’ll all have to wait for the next issue to come out to answer that question. I hope the cosplayer like this photo I took of him!

24 September 2012

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica: Kaname Madoka 05

mahou shoujo madoka magica puella magi cosplay - kaname madoka 5 from japan comiket 82

Upon witnessing the suffering of magical girls throughout history, Kaname Madoka forms her contract to prevent the girls from becoming witches when they are at their limits. As a result, the laws of the universe are rewritten, and at the moment a soul gem becomes black with anguish, Madoka appears and purifies it before the magical girl passes on. Madoka’s wish turns her into an omniscient savior that exists for all time, leaving only Akemi Homura with the memory of her human existence.

I’m not entirely sure that she’s cosplaying Madoka, but it does look very similar to this feature from a year ago. Thanks again to Tans for sending this in!

23 September 2012

THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls: Jougasaki Rika

the idolm@ster: cinderella girls cosplay - jougasaki rika from japan comiket 82
And what is a surge of Comiket features without a healthy dose of unknown cosplays?

This little kitty reminds me of Felicia from Darkstalkers. Of course, this cosplay is probably a completely different character, because the color is just not right.

Then again, I haven’t played Darkstalkers in a long while, so it could just be a different color scheme for Felicia? Or maybe it’s a Pokemon gijinka?

If anyone has a better idea, please do let me know! Thanks to Adriana for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to anon for letting me know she is Jougasaki Rika from THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls!

22 September 2012

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi: Nagato Yuki 09

the melancholy of suzumiya haruhi cosplay - nagato yuki 9 from japan comiket 82

Yuki is a “humanoid interface”, or artificial human, created by a god-like alien figure known as the Data Overmind. According to her, the Data Overmind has existed since the Big Bang, and it has been frustrated over the slow pace of evolution. However, three years ago, it had noticed an explosion of data, which was later traced none other than Suzumiya Haruhi. It then created humanoid interfaces like Yuki, strategically placed near Haruhi in hopes of gaining insights by observing the phenomenon.

Cute cosplayer from Japan Comiket 82! She really looks a lot like Yuki especially with this pose. Thanks again to Michelle for sending this in!

21 September 2012

Vocaloid 2: Kagamine Rin 18

vocaloid 2 cosplay - kagamine rin 19 from japan comiket 82舞い散る花に酔い乱されて
Falling like a tear is the flower that intoxicates
So premature… My love bloomed out of season
滴る蜜の 香りは甘く
The scent of dripping honey (was so sweet, enticing me)
毒に侵され ただ堕ちていく
Invaded by its poison (couldn't stop from falling in)
戯れに  手折る背徳の花
From a lark I plucked the tainted flower of corrupted love

The scent of the flower was sweetly colored everywhere
In the hazy moon illuminating the darkness
She is dancing in the night
常夜を 彷徨う花の精
In the moonlight she becomes a flower fairy roaming beneath the dark sky

“Corrupted Flower” Lyrics and Translation by

Another cute Rin cosplayer from Japan Comiket 82! I cropped the original photo to focus on the cosplayer for this feature, so please view the original here. Thanks again to Miguel for sending this in!

20 September 2012

Ikkitousen: Kanu Unchou 03

ikkitousen cosplay - kanu unchou from japan comiket 82

Kanu Unchou has always believed that it is her destiny to die while protecting their leader, Ryuubi Gentoku. In line with this, however, many characters believe that it is Ryomou Shimei who will one day kill her. Unchou was later forced to side with Sousou Motoku and attack Nanyo Gakuen in order to protect Ryubi from Kyosho Gakuen's fighters.

I think this may be Akira Itsuki again as Unchou only with a different school uniform. She must really like this character since she’s already cosplayed her two years ago. Thanks again to Denise for sending this in!

19 September 2012

Fate/Stay Night: Saber 11

fate/stay night cosplay - saber from comiket 82

As one of the servants summoned during the Fourth Holy Grail War, Saber was unable to recognize Irisviel’s daughter, Ilya when she participated in the Fifth War. This is possibly due to the fact that Irisviel never told Saber her daughter’s name, and that Saber initially thought Ilya would have become more mature like her mother come the Fifth War. Saber reasons that Ilya is a new homunculus with similarities in her appearance due to the Einzbern homunculi looking alike after their creation. She eventually gets the chance to interact casually with Ilya and act nicely toward her.

Beautiful cosplayer from Japan Comiket 82! I think this is one of the special outfits from the Fate/Stay Night Movie, but I’m not completely sure. There are so many variation of Saber now that I can’t keep up! Thanks again to Miguel for sending this in!

18 September 2012

Looking for a… Better Boyfriend: Jun Wenceslao, Series Creator Enjelia Villanueva, and Yuriel Piaris Madela

looking for a... better boyfriend cosplay - jun wenceslao, enjelia villanueva, and yuriel piaris yupi madela

You’ve all met Jun Wenceslao on a previous entry, so now I’ll introduce another character from the series, Yuriel Piaris “Yupi” Madela as cosplayed by Mary Ann Jocson.

With the way she acts and speaks, you’ll never guess that Yupi was actually a boy. No, he’s not cross-dressing, but he she’s in the same dilemma as our heroine, Jun. She was also transformed into a girl, but unlike Jun, she seems to be enjoying herself and doesn’t act like a boy at all.

I wonder what happened to Yupi that made her act that way? I guess we’ll just have to wait for the next chapters to come out! And the girl between Ershn and Mary Ann? That’s the series creator, Enjelia Villanueva!

On another note, I need to remember to take more photos of the creators with their cosplayers some day.

17 September 2012

Tsubasa – Reservoir Chronicle: Sakura 07

tsubasa - reservoir chronicle cosplay - sakura from japan comiket 82

As their journey continued, Sakura slowly began to regard Syaoran as the most important person in her life. However, Syaoran betrayed the group as he was actually being controlled by Fei-Wang Reed, the sorcerer who cloned him based on another teenager. Sakura later discovered that Fei-Wang was the responsible for splitting her memories and set up the journey to recover them for his own benefit. Nevertheless, Sakura decided to continue their journey because she wanted to save Syaoran. Since then, Sakura became very distant from the group, especially the original Syaoran because of his similarities to the clone.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m still confused with the whole Tsubasa – Reservoir Chronicle world. I can’t keep track which character is the clone and which is the original, not to mention the crossover with xxxHolic. I actually prefer xxxHolic over this series. Thanks again to 4chanatic for sending this in!

16 September 2012

YuruYuri: Funami Yui, Akaza Akari, Furutani Himawari, and Omuro Sakurako

yuruyuri cosplay - funami yui, akaza akari, furutani himawari, and omuro sakurako from japan comiket 82

As with a lot of the cosplay photos I’ve received from Japan’s Comiket 82 Event, I’m not sure who these colorful-haired girls are, but they’re really cute and adorable together!

I’ve cropped the original photo submitted, but you can see their full uniforms in the link. I hope someone will know the series at least, because I’m pretty sure I have another cosplayer in the same uniform, but she has short green hair!

Thanks again to Sean for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to Tsuji for letting me know these cosplayers are from the series, YuruYuri!

15 September 2012

Grisaia no Kajitsu: Matsushima Michiru

grisaia no kajitsu cosplay - matsushima michiru from japan comiket 82

A 2nd grader of Mihama Academy, Matsushima Michiru only acts like a tsundere character because she is highly interested with them. Nevertheless, her silly and energetic personality makes her the mood maker of her class, even if she’s really bad at studying. Michiru is known for  carrying a shark-shaped pouch around her waist containing lemonade sweets.

She’s so adorable! And she does kind of look tsundere in the photo, don’t you think? Thanks again to Michelle for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to Tsuji for letting me know the cosplayer’s name is Enako!

14 September 2012

Touhou Project: Yakumo Yukari

touhou project cosplay - yakumo yukari from japan comiket 82

Known as the Youkai of Boundaries, Yakumo Yukari was first introduced in Touhou Project: Perfect Cherry Blossom as the sleepy mistress of Yakumo Ran. She lives a very youkai way of life and tends to sleep all day, living for the enjoyment of life. Although she rarely leaves her house, she is quite well-connected, acquainted with the most powerful of youkai as well as those who have anything to do with the Hakurei border or outside Gensokyo.

Another cute cosplayer from Japan Comiket 82! I have to say, every year there’s always a lot of cosplayers from Touhou in Comiket. Maybe I should check it out for myself. Thanks again to 2chmod for sending this in!

13 September 2012

300 Perfect Game: Iincho with Series Creator, Jeff Nice

300 perfect game cosplay - iincho with jeff nice

Back in Junior High, Iincho (the Class President) was a sweet, loving, perfect girlfriend to Bob, a loveable loser who is completely devoted and loyal to Iincho. However, after the tragic death of Iincho’s father, she broke up with Bob and become quite the terror of a class president. Bob will stop at nothing to get his childhood sweetheart back, but will the charming new transfer student, Andrew, beat him to it?

Here’s something you don’t get to see everyday. Not only was I able to take a photo of Eleniel Mist cosplaying (and literally role-playing) Iincho, but she’s with the series’ creator, Jeff Nice! You might want to check out the hilarious webcomic, now 8 chapters and running! Thanks for posing for me, guys! Until the next convention!

12 September 2012

SoniComi: Sonico 02

sonicomi cosplay - sonico from japan comiket 82

The visual novel SoniComi is based on an amateur idol and mascot of Nitroplus, appropirately named “Sonico”! Players take on the role as her cameraman where they can take photos and court her. There a two phases in the game where you can either focus on either taking her photos to make her famous or building a strong relationship with her outside of work.

Cute cosplayer from Japan’s Comiket 82! I wonder if it’s still hot in Japan? Most of the photos I’ve been getting feature a lot of cosplayers with very little clothing, though I’m sure the guys are not complaining. Thanks again to 4chanatic for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks again to Tsuji for letting me know the cosplayer is Akira Itsuki!

11 September 2012

Final Fantasy X-2: Yuna and Paine

final fantasy x-2 cosplay - yuna and paine

In contrast to Yuna and Rikku, Paine is prominently featured as a warrior who is very calm and collected. Her comrades know very little about her and her past, but it was later revealed that she was a fighter for the Crimson Squad, an elite unit intended to surpass the Crusaders as its the best members were to be assigned to lead Crusader chapters across Spira. Paine had been the recorder for a group of candidates named Nooj, Baralai, and Gippal, the present day leaders of the Youth League, New Yevon, and the Machine Faction.

Awesome cosplayer from Japan Comiket 82! The both really look amazing in this photo, and there’s a nice wink from Yuna too. Thanks again to Miguel for sending this in!

10 September 2012

Vocaloid 2: Kagamine Rin 17

vocaloid 2 cosplay - kagamine rin from japan comiket 82

I believed I could go anywhere with you forever

We talked “It's like we are destined to meet before we were born.”

I never imagined repeating the same thing every day would be that precious
You were the only one who made me feel that way

Even though it was such a miraculous love
It ended in a sudden

“Pretending that Nothing Happened” Lyrics and Translation by

Cute cosplayer from Japan Comiket 82! I cropped the original photo a bit, so please view the original here. Thanks again to 2chmod for sending this in!

09 September 2012

Unknown Entry 130

unknown cosplay 130 from oh no! manga cosplay camp 2012You’ve gotta love and admire the detailing the cosplayer went through for this armored cosplay. Now only that, but the cosplayer probably had to see the world in green all day. That’s probably not much of a problem for some, but I know my eyes would be bothering me all day if I had to do the same thing!

Another photo I took from Oh No! Manga Cosplay Camp 2012. As usual, if anyone happens to know who the cosplayer is and who they are cosplaying us, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on this post! Thanks, guys!

08 September 2012

Bayonetta: Bayonetta 03

bayonetta cosplay from comiket 82

There are three dimension in Bayonetta, all of which are inspired from Dante’s Devine Comedy; Paradiso (heaven), Purgatorio (purgatory), and Inferno (hell). The Paradiso generally takes the form of a golden valley or palace which is home to her “Angel” enemies. The Purgatorio is a metarealm that functions as an “in between” for metaphysical beings and stands alongside yet outside of the plane humans exist on. Finally, the Inferno is the hellish realm that contains infernal demons; the kind of beings Bayonetta herself occasionally summons with her Witch powers.

I don’t think this outfit is actually from the game, but I’m guessing it was too hot to wear the full leather garb. The details on her gun is really beautiful though! Thanks again to Sean for sending this in!

07 September 2012

Mario Bros.: Mario and Luigi 02

mario bros cosplay - mario and luigi from japan comiket 82Mario Bros. is an arcade game published and developed in 1983 by Nintendo’s Miyamoto Shigeru. The original game is still commonly featured as a mini game in the Super Mario Advance series as well as many others. Mario Bros. has been re-released for the Wii's Virtual Console service in Japan, North America, Europe and Australia.

I was wondering why there are cosplayers Comiket 82 for this game, but Mario Brothers? I think this is more like Mario “Sisters”, though I doubt anyone’s really complaining. Thanks again to 4chanatic for sending this in!

06 September 2012

Black★Rock Shooter: Black Rock Shooter 11

black rock shooter cosplay from japan comiket 82

How much more should I shout and raise my voice so you hear me?
How much more should I cry and scream out loud so you hear me?
もうやめて わたしはもう走れない いつか夢見た世界が閉じる
Stop it already, I can’t run
真っ暗で明かりもない 崩れかけたこの道で
from this nonsense anymore
The world that I once dreamed about to close up

Black★Rock Shooter” Lyrics and Translation by:

Beautiful cosplayer from Japan’s Comiket 82! I like how the cosplayer actually has one of her twintails shorter than the other. Thanks to @t_minatsuki for sharing this!

05 September 2012

Assassin's Creed Meets Parkour

There are no words that can describe this awesomeness. Altair is real!

Cosplayer: Ronnie Shalvis
Music: Stephen Anderson
Costume: Allison Dredge
Video: Devin Graham
Visual Effects: Jared Moench
Special Thanks: Creigton Baird, Brianna Campbell