28 February 2010

He Is My Master: Sawatari Mitsuki 02

he is my master cosplay - sawatari mitsuki 02Izumi's younger sister who was also hired by Yoshitaka to become one of his maids, Mitsuki is an industrious young girl who, with the help of Yoshitaka's media archive, makes her older sister a "Net Idol". Izumi's popularity and Mitsuki's hard work, eventually allows Izumi to pay off her debt. Mitsuki also gains popularity and has her own fan club from her school and other schools as well.

Cute cosplay! I really love her expression in this photo. It's a bit similar to Orihime's isn't it? Thanks to Lila2021 for sending this in!

25 February 2010

D.N.Angel: Hiwatari Satoshi

d.n.angel cosplay - hiwatari satoshiThe police commander in charge of capturing Dark, Satoshi graduated from high school at the age of 8, and college at the age of 13. He enrolled in Daisuke’s middle school as he knew Diasuke was Dark’s alter ego. Although most people find him cold and distant, Daisuke insisted that they become friends.

This is Hagaren, the same cosplayer as X/1999’s Monou Fuma. When I first saw this on Deviant Art, I immediately fell in love with the photo, so I had to feature it here!

Important Announcement!

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Please take note that Nanao's Cosplay Research may be closing down soon! New cosplays will be added on Cosplay Holic from now on. Thanks for everyone's support! Watch out for more cosplays here on Cosplay Holic!

24 February 2010

Vocaloid: Meiko

vocaloid cosplay - meikoOne of the first Vocaloids created by Crypton Future Media, Meiko’s voice is based on a Japanese female singer, Haigou Meiko, whose singing is suitable for any musical genre. The anime character added on the box of the DTM (Desktop Music) software had nothing to do with the singer’s image, but her appearance had an appeal to the mainstream audience, selling the software quite well.

Beautiful cosplay! I love how she did her make-up and nails in Meiko’s signature red color. I wonder if this cosplay is from one of her music videos? Thanks to Lilica for sending this!

23 February 2010

Kuroshitsuji: Sebastian Michaelis 04

kuroshitsuji / black butler cosplay - sebastian michaelis

A demon and a butler, Sebastian Michaelis formed a contract with Ciel Phantomhive to abide by his master’s will in exchange for his soul. He is required to do whatever Ciel commands, including becoming his personal bodyguard. Sebastian bears a striking resemblance to Ciel’s late father, Lord Vincent Phantomhive.

Awesome cosplay! And that blurred hand… do you think that’s blood on his glove? Thanks to Bailiff for sending this in!

21 February 2010

Rurouni Kenshin: Sagara Sanosuke

rurouni kenshin cosplay - sagara sanosuke

When he was only a child, Sanosuke ran away from home to join the Sekiho Army, a group of farmers and merchants led by Sagara Sozo, who fought for the Ishin Shishi during the Meiji Revolution. When the Sekiho were betrayed by other revolutionaries, Sozo protected Sanosuke at the cost of his life, making Sanosuke bitter towards the Meiji government. He becomes friends with Kenshin, however, after he makes Sanosuke realize that not all of the Ishin Shishi were dishonorable.

Beautiful cosplay! Rurouni Kenshin is such a classic series that and I’m glad people still cosplay the characters. Thanks to Mikaela for sending this in!

18 February 2010

Vampire Knight: Kiryuu Zero 05

vampire knight cosplay - kiryuu zero 05

Born of twins into an infamous Vampire Hunter family, Zero’s fate drastically changed when he was attacked by a pure blooded vampire, Hio Shizuka. He lost his parents and his twin, Ichiru, chose to stay with Shizuka, leaving him alone and orphaned. Despite these series of unfortunate events, Kaien Cross adopted Zero and Yuki began to help him recover emotionally.

Cosplayer “Nectar” makes a convincing Zero! And we haven’t had a lot of cosplays of him yet. Thanks to Ishitar for suggesting this!

17 February 2010

Air Gear: Wanijima Kaito

air gear cosplay - wanijima kaito

The older brother of Akito/Agito Wanijima, Kaito is the leader of the special SWAT team “Windstorm G-Men” that was created to hunt down Storm Rider teams. The Shinjuku Crocodile views his brother to be nothing more than a tool. It is speculated, however, that Lind, the “original” personality of Akito/Agito, is very similar to Kaito.

Beautiful cosplay! I still need to find the time to watch this series… I heard it’s pretty good, with a lot of action in it. Anyway, thanks for sharing this and great work!

16 February 2010

Vocaloid 2: Kamui Gakupo

vocaloid 2 cosplay - gackpoid / kamui gakupo / gackpoInternet Co. Ltd. wanted to utilize an actual musician’s voice for Vocaloid, but thought it would be difficult to acquire cooperation. However, when the consulted Dwango about the matter, they found that Gackt previously provided his voice for Dwango’s cell phone services. A few negotiations later with the famed musician and actor, Gakupoid was born.

He’s not in his usual samurai clad, but I’m guessing fans would know from which music video this is from? Really love the purple hues in this photo. Thanks a lot for sharing!

10 February 2010

Rozen Maiden: Suiseiseki 04

rozen maiden cosplay - suiseiseki 04In the latest manga chapters of Rozen Maiden, Suiseiseki traveled to an alternate dimension in order to protect Souseiseki’s possessed body from being destroyed by Shinku and Suigintou. Though Suiseiseki tends to avoid the Alice Game as much as possible, she forced Jun to make a contract using her sister’s ring in an attempt to revive her.

Cute cosplay from Winter Comiket! At least her costume looks warm enough to wear during winter! Thanks to Somiya again for sending me some awesome photos!

08 February 2010

Final Fantasy VII: Yuffie Kisaragi 02

final fantasy vii cosplay - yuffie kisaragi 02Aside from her original role in Final Fantasy VII, Yuffie has made several other cameo appearances in the game franchise. In the Dirge of Cerberus, she helped Vincent and aided the WRO in their fight against Deepground. She also encountered Zack in Crisis Core and enlisted him to help her find treasures in several of the game’s side missions.

I can say one thing, she’s pretty daring to be wearing Yuffie’s clothes during Winter Comiket. Thanks again to Somiya for sending this in!

06 February 2010

One Piece: Sanji and Nico Robin

unknown cosplay 042 - one piece cosplay - sanji and nico robinWith all the submissions I’ve received from Winter Comiket, I realize that I’m way behind on my anime and manga series.

Perhaps you guys can help me out with this one? I mean… I've seen a lot of bizarre anime series before, but what’s a chef and a cowgirl doing together?

I see a bunny girl and a Miku behind them... Haha! How terrible of me to know the ones in the background and not the foreground!

EDIT: Thanks to akadirgun for commenting that this is Sanji and Nico Robin of One Piece!

05 February 2010

Vampire Knight: Kuran Kaname 08

Now here is an awesome cosplay by Sorceress MooNBlaDeR of Deviant Art.

This is Kaname Kuran from Vampire Knight, but he is actually “cosplaying”. The magazine publishing Vampire Knight, Lala, had a “cosplay contest” and the winner, M.I. from Tokyo, submitted the theme “Angels and Demons”. M.I. won the contest and Hino Matsuri drew the idea.

You might want to see the original image, which can be found in my blog. Follow the links there to see the original image from Sagakure!

04 February 2010

Vocaloid 2: Hatsune Miku 04

vocaloid 2 cosplay - hatsune miku 04Actually, I’m not so sure if this is Hatsune Miku or not, but I’ll take a wild guess that it is because of that long, green, pigtailed hair.

Unless there is another character similar to Miku from an anime or game I don’t know about, which could be highly likely too. Let me know either way?

Thanks again to Sam for emailing me another Miku from Winter Comiket!

01 February 2010

Touhou Project: Izayoi Sakuya 02

touhou project cosplay - izayoi sakuyaThe only human living in Scarlet Mansion, Sakuya is the head maid who serves Remilia Scarlet. She specializes in cooking, knife throwing, and time manipulation, which possibly makes her older than she looks.

Another awesome cosplayer from Winter Comiket! I’m wondering if those knives are real. I mean, they look real, but conventions don’t allow dangerous items as props nowadays, right? In any case, thanks to the Fluffy Guy for sending this in!