09 January 2015

Vocaloid 2: Kamui Gakupo and Kagamine Len 02

vocaloid 2 cosplay - kamui gakupo by yuegene and kagamine len by jasper z

しのぶの乱れ 限り知られず
My heart has been bewildered by you beyond imagination.
雪月花の時 君を憶う
Upon seeing the snow, moon, and flowers, I think about you.
捕われた 視線が外せない
I was unable to divert my eyes, as they had been captured
妖艶な姿で 扇子片手に
by your bewitching figure with a fan held in one hand.

篭の中の鳥は いついつ出会う?
Just when will I meet you, the caged bird?
人を寝沈め 満月の夜に
In this mesmerizing night of the full moon.

“Transient Lunar Flower”
Lyrics and Translation by Anime Lyrics

Yuegene has so many amazing cosplays that it’s hard for me to choose which to feature! I’ll definitely be stalking her Deviant Art page for more of her latest works! Thanks to Kurumi for sending this in!

Source: Yuegene on Deviant Art

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