28 September 2007

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Tifa Lockhart

final fantasy advent children cosplay - tifa lockhartOh, I hadn’t noticed that of all the Final Fantasy Cosplays I posted, I didn’t post a single Tifa Lockhart cosplay…

And believe me, I have a lot.

This is one of my favorite Tifa Lockhart cosplays. I still look twice because she really looks like that computer generated, 3D, virtual girl type Tifa!

According to Final Fantasy VII, Tifa Lockhart is Cloud’s childhood friend who lost her family to Sephiroth. Although the circumstances of their lives made them unable to have a very close friendship, it’s obvious that they care very much about each other.

During the Final Fantasy Advent Children Movie, Tifa was shown as one of the main characters, and emotional support for Cloud. She is an expert in Zangan-Ryu Martial Arts, using her hands and feet as her weapons.

Excellent Cosplay! By the way, did you know that Tifa Lockhart was not in the original story draft of Final Finatasy VII? And her hair was cut short and changed color in the Advent Children Movie due to the difficulties in animation and lighting effects.

It doesn’t matter much to me though… She still looks cute.

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27 September 2007

Rurouni Kenshin: Hitokiri Battousai

rurouni kenshin cosplay - hitokiri battousaiAfter Yukishiro Tomoe had returned to the Shogunate spies with the hopes of throwing them off and save his life, Himura Kenshin received a letter of from the Spymasters stating that they have Tomoe hostage. It was winter at the time, and Kenshin hurriedly went after the Shogunate to save Tomoe in the snow and ice.

It was unfortunate, as he was ambushed several times before he could actually try and save her. In the end, it was Tomoe who ended up saving him. But she was accidentally killed by the same slash of Kenshin’s sword that killed his opponent.

It’s such a sad fate for Kenshin… And this cosplay seems to be a tribute to that. For some reason, even if the image is so small, I think this cosplayer is a girl. But I’m wondering whether or not she feels cold in that kimono while out in the winter cold.

Is that purple sash he’s holding Tomoe’s? Hm…

25 September 2007

Naruto: Uzumaki Naruto

naruto cosplay - uzumaki naruto Argh!!!

Must be painful to stretch your lips that far…

Uzumaki Naruto, the child who bears the sealed nine-tailed demon fox inside him, dreams to become the number one ninja of Konoha. His father was a Hokage who died trying to save their village.

Most of the villagers kept their distance from Naruto because of the demon inside him. Yet, no one ever told Naruto about the demon until he was 12 years old.

His only friend when he was a child was his ninja instructor Umino Iruka, whose parents also perished during the demon fox’s attack. Despite this, he still did not view Naruto as the cause of their deaths.

One of the more impressive Naruto Cosplays I’ve seen so far. You can really see the mischief in his eyes. Great job!

24 September 2007

OS-Tan: Windows 2000

os-tan cosplay - windows 2000The idea of personifying operating systems has been around for quite a while. Lately, the designs of the OS-tans have been standardized, basing off their performance as an operating system.

Here is a picture of Windows 2000 Professional. “2k-tan”, as she is commonly called as, is an intelligent, reserved woman with short hair, glasses, and electronic cat ears. She’s made to look professional because she is the most stable operating system. Windows ME came out almost at the same time 2000 did, but because 2000 is more stable compared to ME, 2k-tan is often considered to be the “guardian” of ME.

She’s a really cute 2k-tan, don’t you think? I wonder, when the time comes that they make real, human sized PC, will they make them look like her?

19 September 2007

Hunter x Hunter: Kuroro Lucifer

hunter x hunter cosplay - kuroro chrollo lucifer A character who’s charismatic and charming, with no past and real family, Kuroro Lucifer (in some translations, “Chrollo Lucifer”) is perhaps the ultimate villain for an epic phenomena known as Hunter x Hunter.

Kuroro is the leader of the Genei Ryodan. He came from Ryuseigai, or “Meteor City”, the city of outcasts where people with no official records live. This is where he began to form the Genei Ryodan with 6 residences from Ryusegai.

Beautiful, clean, and simple cosplay. I really like his earrings and the book! Plus, this guy looks really good in a suit. Definitely a favorite in my book!

18 September 2007

Final Fantasy X-2: Rikku 02

final fantasy x-2 cosplay - rikku 2 by vanneThere’s a brand new deviant artist who opened her account with a very unique looking Rikku Cosplay!

I don’t know much about Vanne, but her first cosplay entry is really nice! I thought I’ll give her a helping hand on getting some traffic…

Apparently, this is the Lady Luck / Gambler version of Rikku. It’s a nice change from all the Rikku cosplayers I’ve been seeing so far… I’m guessing that’s her real hair, but I can’t be really sure. Animecon 2007 attendess probably recognize her..! Click on the image and see the original picture’s location!

Great Job, Vanne! Looking forward to more of your cosplays soon!

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17 September 2007

Death Note: The Parody

I’ve never posted a picture of a cosplay that looks nothing like the original anime or manga character. I only post pictures that I really like… But the cosplays that I like doesn’t necessarily have to look like the original anime.

Was that confusing? Well, let me show you a video I found on Sanriotown’s Dream Studio to give you a sample. Just let it load for a while first before playing it…

Thanks to Drift X for uploading the video. Please leave your comments for the video here.

14 September 2007

Rozen Maiden: Suigintou 02

rozen maiden cosplay - suigintou 02

This is the second Suigintou Cosplayer that really impressed me. If you haven’t seen the first one yet. you can go and see her by clicking here.

Suigintou is the first of the Rozen Maiden Dolls. She was disregarded by Father, the creator of the Rozen Maiden Dolls, and is therefore missing a torso. One could argue that Suigintou is probably the one who loves Father the most, because she began to move on her own, even if she didn’t have a torso.

It looks like this cosplayer didn’t invert the cross on Suigintou’s dress, which I like… Inverted crosses are the signs of the Devil afterall. I wouldn’t want to have a demon sign on my dress… Hm…

Fantastic cosplay on this one! Love the feather detailing for her wings too!

13 September 2007

Inuyasha: Kikyo and Inuyasha

inuyasha cosplay - kikyo and inuyashaThis is an image I know I first found from Wikipedia, but now I can’t seem to locate the page as to where it’s located…

Anyway, moving on…

Kikyo is a priestess or “miko” in the anime and manga series “Inuyasha”. She is the keeper of the sacred Shikon no Tama (Jewel of Four Souls) who fell in love with the half - human, half - dog demon Inuyasha. The couple had planned on using the Sacred Jewel’s power to turn Inuyasha into a full - fledged human so that they could spent eternity together, but the antagonist, Naraku, tricked them into thinking that they were betrayed by each other, resulting in Kikyo’s death and Inuyasha’s fifty year slumber on the Goshinboku (Sacred Tree).

Kikyo’s Resurrection and the awakening of Inuyasha by Kikyo’s Reincarnate, Kagome, gave them a second chance to clear things up. Unfortunately, Kikyo perishes once more in the hands of Naraku, separating them once more…

Beautiful cosplay this pair! Makes me wonder if the Inuyasha in the background is the same Inuyasha I featured last July… Hm…

10 September 2007

Final Fantasy X-2: Lenne

final fantasy x-2 cosplay - lenne / ren A tragic love story between a songstress- summoner and a native of Zanarkand, Lenne (or Ren, as the Japanese characters of her name are read) died during the war, leaving her lover Shuyin’s spirit, sealed within the Den of Woes. She then asks for Yuna’s help to free Shuyin’s spirit, showing Yuna their past and allowing Yuna to feel her strong feelings for Shuyin.

And isn’t this cosplayer of Lenne beautiful? I love her eyes and pale complexion… Great job!

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06 September 2007

Final Fantasy VII: Cloud Strife

final fantasy 7 cosplay - cloud strifeMy, my… Someone is in a very bad mood..!

Cloud Strife, the protagonist of the Final Fantasy VII game, is described to be an unsociable mercenary, who was a Shin-Ra experiment for several years. His escape from Shin-Ra resulted in the death of his companion, Zack. He was left for dead, but somehow survived with a mixture of amnesia and mind control, ending up believing that he was the SOLDIER Zack was.

This is a beautiful cosplay! It must have been difficult to replicate Cloud’s hair style. As the song goes, “Yay for hair cement!” ^_^;;;

Photo originally from Anime Illusions.

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05 September 2007

Yu Yu Hakusho: Minamino Shuichi aka Kurama

yu yu hakusho cosplay - minamino shuichi aka youko kuramaYu Yu Hakusho… One of the classic and one of the most influential animes of our time, and from the same creator as “Hunter x Hunter“. A half-demon spirit detective that goes into the demon world in order to keep peace in the human world, is joined by his best friend, another half-demon, and a full-fledged demon.

Kurama also known as the human boy “Minamino Shuichi” is the half-demon who, in the previous life, was once known as Youko Kurama, the Thief King. In order to escape death after being critically wounded, he transported his soul to the human world to inhabit the body of an unborn baby. Although he planned to leave his human family when his powers returned, he’s grown to love his mother, Shiori, and simply could not leave her behind.

Beautiful cosplay! The cosplayer really got Kurama’s hair and clothes! This is probably one of my most favorite cosplays and anime characters ever.

04 September 2007

Lineage II: Dark Elf

lineage 2 - dark elf - meiwaiNormally, I don’t post about the same cosplayer twice… But since Mei Wai posted a nice pair of Elves Cosplays from Lineage II, I thought… Well, why not?

Since the image is a bit small, I’m not entirely sure whether or not Mei Wai’s skin is digitally manipulated or she actually put on some full skin make-up.

Either way, it’s very impressive, and it gives you the feeling of awe.

Great job to Mei Wai! She really knows how to do her cosplays so well!