29 August 2013

Ball-Jointed Doll Stockings

For those of you who like cosplaying dolls like Rozen Maiden and Dream of Doll characters, this might be something that you’d want to have in your cosplay closet.

Designer Ueno Kou only makes 10 of these per day because each stocking is a hand painted original. But the backorder has gone back for several months, so if you want one, you’ll have to be very patient!

To me, it’s very interesting, yet at the same time, it’s so realistic that it’s scary! I wouldn’t mind owning a pair though, I’m pretty sure I can freak a few people out just by wearing these. Thanks to Cathy for sending this in!

28 August 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin: Levi 02

shingeki no kyojin cosplay levi by reikaLance Corporal Levi is one of the most powerful soldiers in humanity who has a rather odd habit of keeping everything spotlessly clean. He is described to be blunt and unapproachable, making him fairly uneasy to be around with. While he has a strong respect for structure and discipline, he also seems to hold a certain disdain for authority and the status quo.

I can’t help but laugh when I see this cosplay by Japanese cosplayer Reika. It’s just so in character that it’s adorable! Thanks to Gene for sending this in!

Source: REIKA on World Cosplay

27 August 2013

Rozen Maiden: Shinku 07

rozen maiden cosplay shinku from japan comiket 84Put on the collar of roses, and bite upon the silver chain
Another one will die tonight--you are despicable
Kneel down and lick the bitter drops of love
A blue dressage performed for the Angels

Within the casket called Myself, my soul yet moves
Torn wings revive in the moonlight and grow wet
More than darkness solitude is to be feared
Under the Cross, let us indulge in the proof of our union

“The Forbidden Game”
Translation by Anime Lyrics

Did you guys know that a new Rozen Maiden anime is out? It’s called “Rozen Maiden: Zurückspulen”, but the story’s not connected to the previous seasons. I will definitely be checking this out! Thanks to 2chmod for sending this in!

Source: ウホ速報

25 August 2013

Carbon Costume – made from Everyday Gear

dragon's crown sorceressIf you’ve always wanted to try cosplaying but are not completely sure how much it would cost you, we may have found an alternative from your usual, online cosplay shop.

Carbon Costume gives suggestions on how you can achieve the look of your character by purchasing “normal”, everyday clothes. Of course, some of the accessories are specially made, but who carries around a sorcerer’s staff to work anyway?

Overall, the site is amusing and rather brilliant. All the items needed are linked within the article too! As for the cosplay fans, this will also give you a rough idea how much cosplayers actually spend to perfect their craft. It’s not a cheap hobby when you’re really taking it seriously! I mean, just look at all the stuff you need to buy for one character!

dragon's crown cosplay sorceress

23 August 2013

Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club: Matsuoka Rin, Nanase Haruka, Hazuki Nagisa, and Ryugazaki Rei

free! - iwatobi swim club cosplay - matsuoka rin, nanase haruka, hazuki nagisa, and ryugazaki rei

Days confusion ever free
come through my heart

Turn your eyes to the moment

It showed me the city, distorted in the reflection,
A slanting faint blue
The rainbow I saw at the end of the detour
Connected to freedom

“Rage On”
Lyrics and Translation by Anime Lyrics

A fantastic set of cosplayers featuring KSG as Matsuoka Rin, Akito (アキト) as Nanase Haruka, Kitagaoka Shu (北ヶ丘シュウ) as Hazuki Nagisa, and Yumehi (夢妃) as Ryugazaki Rei! I think it’s about time I give in and check this anime out for myself. It seems to be quite a head turner from what I’ve heard. Thanks to Pikapi for sending this in!

Source: AKITO on World Cosplay

22 August 2013

Kuroshitsuji Live Action Movie

Set in the year 2020, more than a thousand years after the original manga, Mizushima Hiro plays the role of the demon butler in the live action movie of Kuroshitsuji. It appears we won’t be seeing Ciel Phantomhive in this film, but Genpo Shiori, Sebastian’s new master who is a young woman disguising herself as a man.

I’m not so sure about this one. Warner Brothers Japan did a fantastic job with Rurouni Kenshin, but I personally can’t stand Sebastian’s disheveled hairstyle! He’s supposed to be stylish and put together, right?

Gouriki Ayame does make an interesting looking, Ciel-inspired character, but I’m wondering how the storyline will go, seeing that it’s set in some unknown Asian city where western and eastern cultures have intermixed.

I guess we’ll have to wait until early 2014 to find out. Thanks to Misakichan for sharing this bit of news!

21 August 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin: Christa Renz

shingeki no kyojin cosplay christa renz by azaOne of the most popular girls among the 104th Trainees Squad, Christa Renz has many admirers for both her beauty and her kindness. She appears to be shy and fairly unsure of how to react in certain situations, but she has been referred as a “Goddess” among her peers. It would also appear that she cries easily, but she does not let her fear get in her way. She graduated ranking 10th in her class overall, but only because Ymir gave her the spot.

A beautiful cosplay of Christa by Korean cosplayer, Aza! It’s too bad I missed seeing her last Otaku Expo. I’m sure she had a lot of fans meet her! Thanks to Kathryn for sending this in!

Source: 강윤진 (Aza) on Facebook

20 August 2013

Carnival Phantasm: Saber 02

carnival phantasm cosplay saber maid from japan comiket 84I am thinking this is how Saber would have looked after she got tired of her unreasonable customers at the cafe. If I remember correctly, she removed her ahoge and turned into Saber Alter near the end of the episode with hilarious results. The addition of the gothic umbrella is a nice touch too! Thanks again to 2chmod for sending this in!

Source: ウホ速報

19 August 2013

日本鬼子: Hinomoto Oniko 02

hinomoto oniko from japan comiket 84A Japanese moe character originating from the Breaking News (VIP) Board on 2channel, Hinomoto Oniko in the anthropomorphism of the phrase “日本鬼子”, a Chinese ethnic slur used against the Japanese. It is read as “riben guizi” in Chinese which literally means “Japanese Devil”, but when read in Kun’yomi, it is “Hinomoto Oniko” which resembles a female name. She was created in 2010 and has since become an internet meme infamous among forums and imageboards in Japan.

Well, that’s one way of changing something negative into a positive. If you can’t beat ‘em, moe-fy them! Thanks to 2chmod for sending this in!

Source: ウホ速報

18 August 2013

Unknown Cosplay #147

unknown cosplay 147 from japan comiket 84I don’t know if I’ve been listening to too much Kpop lately, but she reminds me of one of the members from Girls Generation. The had an album called “Genie” which has a cover art of the girls in Air Force uniforms, but I don’t think this is a cosplay of that at all.

So if anyone has any idea, feel free to comment as usual! There will be a lot more of these from Japan Comiket 84. Thanks to 4chanatic for sending this in!

Source: ウホ速報

17 August 2013

Future Diary: Gasai Yuno 02

future diary cosplay gasai yuno from comiket 84One of the Future Diary owners and participants of the “Diary Game”, Gasai Yuno is so obsessed of Yuki that she has absolutely no concern for anyone else’s safety. Incidentally, she is also the owner of the Yukiteru Diary, a stalker diary which gives her the details of whatever Yuki’s doing in the present 10 minutes. And because the diary’s focus is on Yuki, it does not specify anything about Yuno unless it has something to do with Yuki.

Her eyes are really creeping me out. Those contact lenses really work well for this character. Thanks to 4chanatic for sending this in!

Source: ウホ速報

16 August 2013

Granado Espada: J.D.

granado espada cosplay jd

J.D is the legitimate son of a historic knight family who served the Kielce family. However, a certain incident ruined his family name, forcing him to leave his nation and join the Bloody Navy. He took on the name “J.D.”, which is a shortened form of his Bloody Navy codename, Judgment Day.

A very exquisite J.D. by Korean cosplayer, ATO! I’d have to agree with RosaVonth, I can’t tell if the cosplayer is male or female either! Thanks to Grandice for emailing me this!

First Seen: Memento Mori | Source: ATO on World Cosplay

15 August 2013

Vampire Knight: Kuran Yuuki and Kuran Kaname

vampire knight cosplay yuuki and kaname kuran

At the end of the first arc, Kaname turned Yuuki into a vampire, revealing her true nature as the pureblood princess of the Kurans. It was said that Yuuki was born as his sister and his future wife. However, it was later explained that Kaname was not Yuuki’s real brother, but her ancestor who was awakened at the cost of her real brother’s life.

Sorry, but I still like this pairing better than Zero x Yuuki, and Rainer and Rieyn both look stunning as the pureblood siblings! I think the ending of the manga was rather tragic and I felt that it was a little rushed somehow! I think I will keep the anime ending in mind instead of the manga. Thanks again to Orangish for sending this in!

Source: Rainer on Weebly

14 August 2013

Ore no Imoto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai: Kosaka Kirino 02

ore no imoto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai cosplay - kosaka kirino from japan comiket 84

Secretly an otaku herself, Kosaka Kirino likes to force her older brother to play and care for her characters in games only to insist that 2D and 3D worlds should be kept separate, and even accuse him of being a pervert and a lolicon! She has an obsession with “little sister”-themed eroge and children’s anime series such as “Stardust Witch Meruru”. She works as a model after school and later becomes a novelist to fund her hobby.

Brace yourselves, Japan Comiket 84 cosplays are coming! Haha, thanks to the ever loyal and patient 2chmod and 4chanatic for sending this in!

Source: ウホ速報

11 August 2013

Slam Dunk: Sakuragi Hanamichi

slam dunk cosplay sakuragi hanamichiA delinquent and gang leader of sorts, Sakuragi Hanamichi has always tried to ask girls out, but was rejected time and again. After his 50th rejection, he came upon Akagi Haruko, a very cute basketball fangirl, whom he fell in love with immediately. That was when Sakuragi decided that he would become a part of the Shohoku basketball team and win Haruko’s heart.

I’m so shocked to see this photo! The cosplayer really looks like Sakuragi! And the hair is just perfect! Thanks to Enjelia for sharing this!

Source: Enjelia on Facebook

09 August 2013

Granado Espada: Catherine the Summoner

granado espada sword of the new world cosplay catherine the summonerCatherine the Summoner is an automated robot created in the image of Dr. Torsche’s late daughter. She is the only character that has the ability to use the unique skill, “Marionette”, which allows her to control dolls as sentient robots. There are a total of five dolls named Walter, Lloyd, Helena, Sasha, and Victor.

A stunning cosplay of one of my favorite NPCs in the game by Taiwanese cosplayer, Judy! I love her Sasha doll, but it looks creepy without the eyes! Then again, that’s what Sasha really looks like! Thanks to Clara Mae for sending this in!

Source: Judy on World Cosplay

08 August 2013

Final Fantasy XIII: Serah Farron 02

final fantasy xiii cosplay serah farron by rainer tachibana

The younger sister of Lightning, she has found herself at the center of many tragic events. She still seems scarred by past experiences, but her quiet exterior hides a gentle, but in the end resilient and dependable, core. She still believes that her sister is alive, and so she follows Noel into the future to find her.

—FFXIII-2 Booklet Description
Source: Final Fantasy Wiki

Another amazing cosplay by Rainer Tachibana! It’s very impressive how she can pull off both Serah and Lightning so well! Thanks to Orangish for sending this in!

Source: .: In Silence :.

07 August 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin: The Female Titan

shingeki no kyojin attack on titan cosplay female titanWARNING: This article contains spoilers from the 17th episode of Shingeki no Kyojin’s anime adaptation. Please read at your own risk!

During the 57th expedition of the Scouting Legion beyond the walls, they encountered a mysterious female titan who appeared to be far more intelligent than most. She not only ignores the scouts within Irvin’s formation, but also defended the nape of her neck when she was being attacked. What’s more, Armin noted that it would appear as if this female titan was actually looking for someone.

This looks absolutely spectacular! Yuuki makes a very convincing looking female titan! Please do visit her Facebook Page for more of her work and show her your support! Thank you very much for letting me feature this!

Source: Yuuki Cosplay on Facebook

05 August 2013

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Dark Magician Girl 03

yu-gi-oh! cosplay dark magician girlDark Magician Girl first appeared in episode 62 of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime adaptation where Yami Yugi battled against Pandora. He managed to Special Summon her via the effect of Pandora’s “Dark Magic Curtain”. What Pandora didn’t know was that the Dark Magician Girl gained 600 attack points due to the presence of two Dark Magicians already in the Graveyard. As a result, Pandora’s Dark Magician was destroyed, which allowed Dark Magician Girl to attack Pandora directly, winning Yugi the duel.

She’s really quite a stunning cosplayer! And this photo looks like an artwork for a rare card! Thanks to Grace for sending this in!

Source: Anime on Facebook

04 August 2013

The World Ends With You Cast

the world ends with you cosplay sakuraba neku shiki misaki joshua beat rhyme

In a fictional version of Shibuya, Japan, chosen dead are brought to an alternate plane of existence known as the Underground (UG). By offering their most prized possession to enter the Reaper’s Game in the UG, the “players” gain the chance to either return to their lives in the Realground (RG), or transcend to a higher form of spiritual existence. Lasting for only one week, the Game will not only decide the fate of the players, but also judge the worth of humanity as a whole.

Awesome cast of cosplayers! I know Shiki is being cosplayed by Himekouzi, but as for the rest, I could only guess. This photo does make me miss playing The World Ends with You though! Thanks to Tanya for sending this in!

Source: Himekouzi from World Cosplay

02 August 2013

Granado Espada: The Wizard 02

The best magical users among the pioneers, Wizards and Warlocks have a wide variety of magical spells that protect and support their family members. They also wreck terrible vengeance against their enemies by using psychic attacks against them. They are the only pioneers who able to levitate, making them immune to ground attacks for a certain period of time.

Some of my readers have emailed me saying Cosplay Holic is difficult to view on mobile because of the tables I’ve been using. Thank you very much for the input! I hope future posts will not be as annoying to view and read now. In any case, thanks to Darren for sending this in!

Source: CANI on World Cosplay

01 August 2013

Fate/Stay Night: Gilgamesh – Reverse Female Version

fate stay night cosplay gilgamesh female genderbender
Source: I love Anime on Facebook
Gilgamesh was the great half-god, half-human king born from the union between the King of Uruk, Lugalbanda, and goddess Rimat-Ninsun. He is said to be the King of Heroes who possessed all things in the world and was destined to achieve great feats. As a Servant, he is among the Archer-class with the “Gate of Babylon” as his Nobel Phantasm.

The reverse female version of Gilgamesh was first seen in Type-Moon Ace volume 5, a Comp Ace magazine spinoff published by Kadokawa Shoten.

That’s indeed is a very lovely version of Gilgamesh. And in case you’d like to see the original illustration for comparison, it’s here on Type-Moon’s Wikia. Thanks to Clarence for sending this in!