30 November 2012

Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance: Ikari Shinji, Makinami Mari Illustrious, Ayanami Rei, Shikinami Asuka Langley, and Nagisa Kaworu

evangelion: 2.0 you can (not) advance cosplay - ikari shinji, makinami mari illustrious, ayanami rei, shikinami asuka langley,and nagisa kaworu
Source: Kuruma Erabi

The second of four films released in the Rebuild of Evangelion tetralogy, Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance is the winner of the French Lyon Asian Film Festival’s Animation category, narrowly beating “Symphony in August” in an audience vote back in 2009. The film also won Excellent Animation of the Year from the Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year in 2010. Stills and draft materials by Anno Hideaki were exhibited at Künstlerhaus Bethanien as part of the Proto Anime Cut exhibition from January to March 2011, with a European tour planned in summer 2012.

Ok, so this group changed Ikari Shinji and Nagisa Kaworu into girls, but hey, is anyone really complaining? And for those of you who want to see more of these cosplayers, please refer to the video below. Thanks to Felicia for sending this in!

29 November 2012

Guilty Crown: Yuzuriha Inori 04

guilty crown cosplay - yuzuriha inori by shooting star's
Source: ayaka-ch.com

As a vessel of the patient zero of the Apocalypse Virus “Mana”, Yuzuriha Inori’s blood has the ability to delay the symptoms of those infected by the virus. Her body can be also used to communicate with Mana by unknown means, speculated to be telepathy.

After Mana’s consciousness was transferred to Inori, Inori started to display some of Mana’s violent instincts, as shown when she attacked Arisa, producing a crystal spike in order to stab her. As time went on, Inori started to display more of Mana’s abilities due to her constant contact with Voids containing pieces of Mana.

An amazing, underwater cosplay by the lovely Shooting Star’s! Posing for photos is hard enough, but to do it underwater? Absolutely stunning! Thanks to Jennifer for sending this in!

28 November 2012

Bakuman: Mashiro Moritaka and Takagi Akito

bakuman cosplay - mashiro moritaka and takagi akito by bandit ying and shuui
First seen on: I love Anime on FB | Source: Bandit Ying on Deviant Art

When junior high school student Mashiro Moritaka forgot his notebook in class, fellow classmate Takagi Akita saw Mashiro’s drawings in it and instantly asked him to become the manga artist to his stories. However, Mashiro declined his offer as his late uncle, a manga artist, died from overwork.

Takagi then incited Mashiro to meet with Azuki Miho, Mashiro’s crush, and told her that they planned to become manga artists. Azuki revealed that she wanted to become a voice actress and thus Mashiro proposed to her that they should both marry when Azuki became a voice actress for the anime adaptation of their manga.

Mashiro and Takagi then started creating their manga under the pen name Ashirogi Muto, in hopes of getting serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump.

Stunning work by Bandit Ying as Mashiro and Shuui as Takagi! I really need to pick up this series soon seeing that I too want to be a successful mangaka some day. Thanks to Misaka for sending this in!

27 November 2012

Kuroko no Basuke: Kuroko Tetsuya 02

kuroko no basuke cosplay - kuroko tetsuya 2
Source: Manga Fox on Facebook
The sixth man and the “phantom” member of the “Generation of Miracles”, Kuroko was an essential member of his middle school basketball team. However, unlike his former teammates, Kuroko is fairly unknown, mainly because he is small and frail, making him very easy to miss. These characteristics work to his advantage as Kuroko possesses the skill of misdirection, allowing him to steal the ball and shift the trajectories of passes to suit his team without being noticed by their opponents.

Wow, this cosplayer’s eyes are absolutely stunning! How could you miss someone this captivating? Thank to Azalea for sending this in!

26 November 2012

Claymore: Clare 02

claymore cosplay - clare by molly metaphora
Source: Molly Metaphora on Deviant Art
Clare’s awakened limbs were first seen in the Northern Campaign, during the battle of Rigardo, which allowed her to move at lightning speed. Jean managed to bring Clare back to normal, however, at the unfortunate cost of her own life. Clare’s second attempt to awaken also failed when she battled against Priscilla because of Jean’s psychological “block”.

This is simply amazing! I’ve been seeing this all over the internet lately, and I’m glad I finally found the cosplayer! Her name is Molly Metaphora on Deviant Art, so please do check out her gallery for more of her amazing cosplays! Thanks to Lilibeth for suggesting this!

25 November 2012

Vocaloid 2: Hatsune Miku 33

vocaloid 2 cosplay - hatsune miku 33 by kipi
Source: World Cosplay
Cat ears go well with your profile
ああ クラクラする
Ah ah, we're getting dizzy
For example, an unscientific person would also
Believe when it's twilight

You and me together
wobble wobble
We hold hands immediately
With the synergy between us,
We will shock and awe the world

“Cat Ears Switch” Lyrics and Translation by

Another stunning cosplay from Kipi! Please do visit her blog for her personal blog updates! You may also want to visit her World Cosplay profile for more of her amazing cosplays! Thanks again to 愛子 for sending this in!

24 November 2012

Yumekui Merry: Merry Nightmare

Source: Anime d’erGuiri

A dream demon from the Dreamworld, Merry Nightmare allegedly came into the real world 10 years prior to the story without her memories. Unlike the other dream demons, she has a body of her own, which means that she doesn’t need to possess a human to enter the real world. While searching for the door to the Dreamworld, she she accidentally fell on Fujiwara Yumeji, a human who can predict what kind of dreams others will have, and decided to help her in finding her way back home.

Another cute cosplay from Korean cosplayer Tomia! With those little triangles by the corner of her eyes, this character reminds me of the goddesses in Ah! Megami-Sama! Thanks to Jenny for sending this in!

23 November 2012

Loveless: Agatsuma Soubi and Aoyagi Seimei 02

loveless cosplay - agatsuma soubi and aoyagi seimei 2
Source: Tumblr
At Seimei’s request, Soubi was given to Seimei as a fighter when Seimei was only fourteen years old. It was often speculated by fans that there is some kind of rivalry between Seimei and Ritsu, but there's no information in the series that confirms these speculations.

Seimei’s violent streak, however, was undeniable in volume 8, as Seimei stabbed Ritsu’s eyes after having a short yet heated conversation about Soubi. Seimei later left a haunting message “Ritsuka I’m Back,” on the wall written with Ritsu’s blood for his younger brother.

They look absolutely breathtaking together! Really love the all black attire and the expressions on their faces. Thanks to Millie for sending this in!

21 November 2012

Guilty Crown: Yuzuriha Inori 03

guilty crown cosplay - yuzuriha inori 3
Source: Cosplay League on FB
Yuzuhira Inori’s Void is a heavy sword that resembles a bisento, an obscure type of pole weapon used in feudal Japan, which can be combined with other Voids for different effects. When extracted by Yuu, it becomes more “wing-like” in shape and form.

During Episode 18 of the anime, Inori demonstrated the ability to change into a “monster” mode, where a pair of blades extend from her arms and she gains increased strength and speed.

Very beautiful and daring cosplay! I really need to check this anime out, it seems very popular among the community I’m in. Thanks to Midara for sending this in!

18 November 2012

Bleach: Kuchiki Byakuya 02

bleach cosplay - kuchiki byakuya 2
Source: ImageShack
As a noble of the infamous Kuchiki clan, Byakuya may appear cold and regal to most, but he actually cares deeply for his adopted younger sister, Rukia, whom he refers to as his “pride”. He does have a comical side as he not only attends the lieutenants’ meeting when Abarai Renji is absent, but also implies that he attends the meetings of the Soul Reaper Women’s Association when Rukia is absent. Byakuya likes Japanese cherry blossoms, night-time walks, spicy food, and bananas, but he does not like sweets.

Absolutely stunning! Over-protective older brother characters always remind me that I’m really lucky to have two of my very own. Thanks to Janet for sending this in!

17 November 2012

Naruto: Uchiha Itachi 04

naruto cosplay - uchiha itachi 4
Source: Stilgar
When he was first introduced in Naruto, Uchiha Itachi was shown to be extremely loyal to Akatsuki, as he tried to have Hatake Kakashi disposed of for knowing something about the secretive organization. He was also known to be confident in his abilities, taunting Kakashi for not being as strong as he was, but never in an arrogant manner. However, Itachi did appear to be on good terms with his partner, Hoshigaki Kisame, who immediately does as he asks and worries about Itachi's well-being.

Too bad there isn’t a higher resolution for this photo. It looks absolutely breath-taking! Thanks to Panda-Pan for sending this in!

16 November 2012

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater: GRU Soldier

metal gear cosplay
Source: Photobucket

Metal Gear is a series of stealth video games created by Kojima Hideo which are developed and published by Konami. The player takes control of a special forces operative Solid Snake, assigned to find the titular superweapon "Metal Gear", said to be a bipedal walking tank with the ability to launch nuclear weapons. Several sequels have been released for multiple consoles to this day, with the first game released in 1987 for the MSX2.

I’m not sure who this guy is, but I definitely know that “!” when I see it. Can anyone tell me who he is and from which Metal Gear series he first appeared in? That would be great! Thanks to Mike for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to anon for letting me know he is a soldier from the Russian Military Intelligence Agency, Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniye, simply known as GRU.

15 November 2012

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Ryugu Rena 03

higurashi no naku koro ni cosplay - ryugu rena 3
Source: Photobucket
Rena’s real name is actually “Reina”, a name she used before she moved from Hinamizawa to Ibaraki with her parents one year prior to the events of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. She discovered that her mother having an affair, triggering the Hinamizawa syndrome, which caused Reina to smash all the windows in her new school and assault three male students with a metal bat. Believing herself to be cursed by Oyashiro for leaving Hinamizawa, Reina returned to the village with her father shortly after the incident and changed her name to “Rena” out of shame of her parents’ subsequent divorce.

This cosplayer looks familiar, but I’m not sure who she could be. She really adorable though! Thanks again to Lily for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to Crispy Chip for letting me know this is Saya!

14 November 2012

Full Metal Panic!: Chidori Kaname

full metal panic! cosplay - chidori kaname
Source: Photobucket
Known to be the most popular girl in school, Chidori Kaname is said to be “The kind of girl everyone looks up to, but no boy wants as their girlfriend”. She can be very loud as she has a tendency to speak her mind; a trait she picked up when she studied abroad in the United States. However, Kaname does have the heart of a girl who secretly has a crush on the paranoid “Military Maniac”, Sagara Sousuke.

Such a cute cosplayer! Although I remember Kaname’s hair to be a darker shade of blue, I still think she looks the part. Thanks again to Lily for sending this in!

13 November 2012

D. Gray-man: Lavi 05

d. gray-man cosplay - lavi 5
Source: Crunchyroll

Lavi’s anti-akuma weapon, simply known as Tettsui, literally means the “Iron Hammer”. Its full name is the Ozuchi Kozuchi, “Big Hammer, Little Hammer”, appropriately named as it is capable of growing and extending to undefined sizes and lengths. Although this affects its weight, this does not affect Lavi himself, allowing him to use Tettsui even if it’s in its full size with seemingly effortless ease. The weapon also allows him to use “seals” that control several elements of nature.

The cosplayer looks rather handsome, but I do my best not to say that just in case the cosplayer’s actually a girl. Thanks again to Daniela for sending this in!

12 November 2012

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Soryu Asuka Langley 08

neon gensis evangelion cosplay - soryu asuka langley 8
Source: Crunchyroll
In “The End of Evangelion”, the Japanese Strategic Self Defense Force invaded NERV, forcing the team to place the mentally disturbed Asuka inside Unit-02, which was then submerged in a lake within the Geofront for her protection. As she was bombarded by depth charges, Asuka declared that she did not want to die and, in a moment of clarity, realized that her mother's soul was within the Eva and has been protecting her all along. With her self-identity regained, she emerged from the lake and defeated the JSSDF before being confronted by the Mass Produced Evas.

Cute cosplay of the aggressive Eva pilot! This is a rather interesting costume for Asuka, I wonder if there’s a figure of this somewhere? Thanks again to Daniela for sending this in!

11 November 2012

Final Fantasy X-2: Paine 03

final fantasy x-2 cosplay - paine 3
Source: Crunchyroll
While most of the Crimson Squad candidates had died during the group’s final field exercise, Nooj, Baralai, Gippal and Paine had somehow managed to escape from the Yevon monks. Unbeknownst to them, it was actually because of the undead Shuyin, who gave a glimpse of Vegnagun, that cause the Crimson Squad turned on one another. Unfortunately, Nooj was later possessed by Shuyin and fired on his friends, effectively ending their friendship for two years.

Just before Yuna joined the group, Paine enlisted in the Gullwings in the hopes of finding answers regarding the Crimson Squad’s massacre. That, and because she had long desired to fly in an airship.

That is some epic looking details! And you gotta love the attitude the cosplayer is projecting. Thanks again to Miguel for sending this in!

10 November 2012

Gundam Wing: Zechs Merquise aka Milliardo Peacecraft

gundam wing cosplay - zechs merquise aka milliardo peacecraft
Source: Crunchyroll

OZ’s ace mobile suit pilot, Zechs Merquis is well known as the “Lightning Count” or “Lightning Baron” due to his high-speed fighting style, striking his enemies without warning. He wears a mask supposedly to hide a facial deformity, but in reality, it is to hide his true identity, Milliardo Peacecraft, the lost son of the pacifist Peacecraft family. The Peacecrafts were massacred by the United Earth Sphere Alliance, who considered King Peacecraft a threat to their complete and toral rule of Earth and the colonies. Zechs worked his way through the inside to become an OZ soldier in order to seek revenge on the Alliance for the murder of his family.

Wow, this series is definitely one of the classics, and I’m happy to see a detailed cosplay of one of my favorite characters. Thanks again to Fumiki for sending this in!

09 November 2012

Naruto: Hatake Kakashi 03

naruto cosplay - hatake kakashi 3
Source: Photobucket

Hatake Kakashi was introduced as the leader in charge of Team 7, a new ninja team including Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, and Haruno Sakura. At first, he was thought to be a weak character as he has a tendency to lose track of time, and is thus frequently late to his appointments. However, as he was testing his students, Kakashi revealed himself as a strong opponent to the point he fights while reading “Make Out”, a series of erotic novels.

It was later revealed that Kakashi was actually the infamous “Sharingan no Kakashi”. He possessed the eye technique known as the Sharingan in his left eye which granted him the ability to mimic the movements and as well as the jutsu of others.

Awesome cosplay! I checked out MemoSite.cn, and it looks like the site is down. Too bad, I would have loved to have seen more of Photographer Len’s work. Thanks again to Jerald for sending this in!

08 November 2012

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun: Yoshida Haru and Mizutani Shizuku

tonari no kaibutsu-kun cosplay - yoshida haru and mizutani shizuku
Source: Facebook
Mizutani Shizuku is the number 1 ranked student who has absolutely no interests except in studying and her plans for the future. Yoshida Haru, on the other hand, is a trouble maker who sits next to Shizuku in class but rarely attends school. After Shizuku is tasked with delivering class printouts to Haru's home, Haru immediately greets her as a friend, his first “real” friend, starting their new relationship.

Such an adorable cosplay! I haven’t read this manga yet, but this cosplay has got me really interested in checking it out. Thanks to Lianne for sending this in!

06 November 2012

The Prince of Tennis: Echizen Ryoma 02

the prince of tennis cosplay - echizen ryoma 2
Source: Get News

A twelve-year-old tennis prodigy who won four consecutive Junior Tennis Tournaments in America, Echizen Ryoma is the son of Echizen Nanjiro, a former tennis pro nicknamed “Samurai Nanjiro”. At his father’s request, Ryoma returned to Japan in order to attend Seishun Academy, also known as “Seigaku”, which is a private middle school famous for its tennis team. His arrogance often leads him to constant arguments with both his opponents and upperclassmen, but he is usually able to back up his statements with his tennis skills. Throughout the story, Ryoma continues to find and develop his own playing style and techniques instead of merely being a copy of his father.

This cosplayer’s just adorable! And am I seeing things or is that Shinomori Aoshi from Rurouni Kenshin on the left? Thanks again to Lira for sending this in!