10 April 2015

Lucky Star: Izumi Konta 07

lucky star cosplay - izumi konata 7

やっちゃった なにもかも
I did it, anything and everything
収集だ なにもかも
Gather it, anything and everything
やっちゃった ウキウキで
I did it, in an excited mood
やっちゃった やっちゃった
I did it, I did it

I will buy at least three
基本ですよ おねーさん
That's the basics, my young lady
間違ってないから 早く慣れてくれ
I'm not mistaken, so get used to it quickly
Everyone, give maniacs a bit of live, just a bit!

“Huh?! Fanfare”
Lyrics and Translation by Rizu Chan

Isn’t this Konata cosplayer cute? And all of those anime magazines… I wish there was a proper English anime and manga magazine here too. Thanks to Nuthan Long for sharing this!

Source: Nuthan Long on Photobucket

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