26 April 2011

Love the Cosplays?

Cosplay Holic is a reference site. I aim to redirect the cosplayers’ fans back to their personal websites because it is very common for people to post their photos without their permission.

If you love the cosplays featured here, you can show the cosplayers your support by doing any of the following:

  • Comment on the post to let me know who the cosplayer is and where their personal website is located.
  • If you decide to feature them in your site, link back to Cosplay Holic or to their personal website if it is available.

Links to community sites like forums and fan made blogs/pages will not be considered. I link the sites where my readers give me the photos (unless they have R-18 content as an agreement with Google), so I think everyone will benefit from the same effort as well.

Let’s support the cosplayers as much as we can! Thank you very much!

♥ 許・美美


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  2. more cosplay photos than you can shake a stick from last months london MCM convention (biggest in the UK)...


    Year before...just as kool!: