04 April 2015

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Reno and Tifa Lockhart

final fantasy vii advent children cosplay - reno and tifa lockhartNemurenu yoru o ikutsu kazoetara ore-tachi tadoritsuku darou
I wonder how many sleepless nights you have to count before you can find your way,
Doredake no inochi nakushita toki arasoi wa owaru no darou
After how many lives are lost, will the strife end?
Rekishi no ue wa korogaru dake no sukuenai doukeshi-tachi
Clowns that cannot be saved, just tumbling atop of history.
Itsuka dareka ga itteta youni kotae wa kaze no naka
Like someone once said before; the answer is in the wind.

Lyrics and Translation by
Anime Lyrics

We’ve seen these two cosplayers before… Tifa in 2009 and Reno in 2008, but since we still have no idea who the cosplayers are, maybe featuring them again will help us find out. Thanks to Dancing Monkay for sharing this!

Source: Crunchyroll

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