04 August 2014

Uta no Prince-sama: Hijirikawa Masato 05

uta no prince-sama cosplay - hijirikawa masato by asakura akaru

諸行無常のこゝろにすっと お前の音色が響き伝う
Your sound suddenly resonated within my impermanent heart
千手の滝は辛くはないが 恋の雨はツンと胸刺す
The waterfall of thousands caused me no pain, but a shower of love pierced my aloof heart

Lightly… Gently… The fleeting fall
Learning of the end through a dream

“Koi Sakura”
Lyrics by: Uta Map
Translated by: ☽ Moonlit Sanctuary ☾

I confess, I really don’t like Koi Sakura even though I like Hijirikawa as a character! Then again, I only heard this song after my loyalty for Hijirikawa has moved on to Otoya! But this is a very good cosplay of him, don’t you agree? Thanks to Samantha for sending this in!

Source: Asakura Akaru on World Cosplay
First Seen in Uta no Prince-sama Maji Rabu on Facebook

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