19 April 2015

Their Story: Qi Fang and Sun Jing

their story / tamen de gushi cosplay - qi fang by hana and sun jing by ayu hangIt didn’t feel right to feature only Baozi last time, so now I will show you Hana with another cosplayer!

There’s not much information on this series yet, but from what I heard, it’s an adorable story about Sun Jing, a tomboy who fell in love with Qui Tong, a girl from another school. I think Qi Fang is Sun Jing’s best friend who helps her out with her girl troubles!

Do you recognize Sun Jing’s cosplayer? That is Ayu Hang, the same cosplayer of Touken Ranbu’s Heshikiri Hasebe! And now she has a World Cosplay account, so please give her a visit there too! Thanks again to Karen for sharing this!

Source: Baozi & hana on Facebook

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