31 December 2010

K-On!: Nakano Azusa 03

k-on! cosplay - nakano azusa 03Azusa looks up to Mio from the light music club due to her maturity and experience as a bassist. Once, she even tried to give Mio chocolate for Valentine’s Day. However, she sometimes unintentionally points out Mio’s weaknesses, such as her weight. She also thinks Mugi is very beautiful, envious of her hair and large eyes.

To be honest, Azusa has nothing to be envious of. She herself is very talented and cute, right? Thanks to MP Zero for the awesome photography and also to Ange for the contribution!

30 December 2010

RustBlaster: Aldred Van Envurio

rustblaster cosplay - aldred van envurio by lirlysBorn without a Lineage Weapon, Aldred van Envurio is the adopted son of Headmaster Kain van Envurio of the Mercenary Specialized School. Although physically strong, he could not compare against Lineage Weapons, which initially bothered him. He was deemed by most as a failure at the beginning of the manga, with the exception of his teammates.

Another awesome cosplay by Lirlys! And this time, she works with a different photographer, ~yayagami. Thanks to Reneta for sending this!

Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Noctis Lucis Caelum 03

final fantasy versus xiii cosplay - noctis lucis caelum 03 by jesuke

Noctis can wield different weapons ranging from swords, spears, lances, to guns. He controls them using telekinesis though the power of the Crystal for both attack and defense. Noctis also has the ability to teleport and move at high speed.

Beautiful cosplay by Jesuke! According to her deviant art description, this mimics a screenshot from one of the Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailers. Thanks to Mia for sending this!

29 December 2010

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Azula

The 14-year-old, manipulative princess of the Fire Nation, Azula is a Firebending prodigy and one of the few living Firebenders capable of casting lightning. She is Zuko’s younger sister and is loyal only to her father, Fire Lord Ozai. She uses fear to control her relatives and friends but even though everyone admired her when she was young, her mother favored her older brother over her.

A beautiful display of Firebending without actual fire by *risachantag! According to her description, she used “Flowlights”, a bright LED glow poi for her fire. She won best solo skit during Manifest 2010. Thanks to Rivalry for suggesting this!

28 December 2010

Vampire Knight: Kiryuu Zero 07

vampire knight - kiryuu zero 07 by amore of dreams traders

Zero is very hostile towards the Night Class because of his deep hatred towards all vampires, especially to purebloods who have changed his life forever. He can be very tsundere, meaning cold and distant in the beginning but eventually warming up to people. Despite his anger, his sense of duty overrides his issues, ensuring his reliability and trustworthiness.

Cosplayer Amore of DreamS TraderS makes quite an interesting Zero, especially this photo with plushie Kaname! Looks like she owns a lot of plushies actually; can anyone name them all?

26 December 2010

Tsubasa - Reservoir Chronicle: Ashura-o

tsubasa - resevoir chronicle cosplay - ahura-o by syszeiiThe King of Shura Country, Ashura-o is in constant war with the Yasha clan over the possession of a mysterious castle said to fulfill its master’s every wish. It was later revealed that Ashura-o was in love with Yasha-o and Ashura-o wished to resurrect him from the dead. He died in the castle as it crumbled around him unable to fulfill his wish. However, what the castle could not do, Yuuko was able to grant; she made Ashura-o and Yasha-o gods to their clans, allowing them to be together.

Beautiful cosplay by ~Syszeii! It’s pretty embarrassing that I made a mistake with which Ashura-o this was. It’s a good thing St. Arcana, Syaza, Meg, and Rae made the effort to correct me and gave me more information about this Ashura. Thanks again to Tori for sending this in!

25 December 2010

Vocaloid: Megurine Luka, Meiko, Hatsune Miku, and Kagamine Rin

vocaloid cosplay - megurine luka, meiko, hatsune miku, and kagamine rin

Have a Very Merry Christmas everyone!

24 December 2010

Vocaloid 2: Kagamine Rin and Len 03

vocaloid 2 cosplay - kagamine rin and len 03 by noah and major edward elric of deviant artAs the song, Himitsu ~Kuro no Chikai~, goes:

There was a fallen, featherless angel

And the only one who offered help was the Devil

Who would have known that the vow she had made

Would make everything she had loved blur and fade away?

Cosplayer Noah is the angelic Kagamine Rin and Major Edward Elric is Kagamine Len! I really love how Rin’s wings came out. Thanks to Mika for sending this! Merry Christmas everyone!

23 December 2010

Hakuoki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~: Okita Souji

hakuoki ~shinsengumi kitan~ cosplay - okita souji by lirlysDespite suffering from tuberculosis, Okita Souji is a brilliant swordsman and Captain of the First Division. He was later given a bottle of Ochimizu in order to “cure” his illness. Although he became a Rasetsu, the Shinsengumi discovered that he had one weakness, Souji could only heal at human speed when he was injured by silver weapons.

Beautifully portrayed Souji by Deviant Artist Lirlys! I really love the setting for this cosplay, and her boots are simply gorgeous. Thanks to Lady Audrey for the contribution and ~yaci-chan for the awesome photography!

22 December 2010

Angel Beats!: Nakamura Yuri 03

angel beats! cosplay - nakamura yuri 03 / yurippe by ayano yuuraHighly skilled with guns and hand-to-hand combat, Yurippe has been seen carrying a silver Beretta 92, TDI Vector, CheyTac Intervention, and M4 carbine with a drum magazine. She is an effective leader with a determined personality, making good decisions with SSS’ operations. She later regrets fighting with student council president, Tachibana Kanade, because she felt she could have been great friends with her.

Expert cosplayer Ayano Yuura makes an excellent Yurippe! It appears this anime is quite popular despite earlier criticisms regarding the animation quality. Thanks to Visa for sending this!

21 December 2010

K-On!: Hirasawa Yui 03

k-on! cosplay - hirasawa yui 03 by shinjo mayuThe clumsy, lead vocalist of the light music club, Yui is easily distracted by trivialities especially when it comes to cute and adorable things. She does not get good grades in school, but is able to achieve astounding results when coached properly. She also has a huge liking for any kind of food and never gains weight, much to the envy of Mugi, Mio, and Sawako.

Mangaka Shinjo Mayu is the cosplayer behind this adorable Yui! And according to Pinch, the contributor, Mayu-tan is actually 37-years-young in this photo! I bet a lot of girls are jealous now. Thanks again, Pinch!

20 December 2010

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: Chrome Dokuro 02

Chrome has been shown using two of Mokuro’s six skills: creating illusions and summoning beasts to kill the enemy. She was named the holder of the Mist Ring, battling Mammon in the Vongola Tournament. When she was overwhelmed by Mammon’s powers, however, Mukuro took control and defeated him.

Beautiful cosplay! She looks just like Chrome with that kind of pose. Thanks to Millie for sending this!

19 December 2010

Gintama: Sakata Gintoki 02

gintama cosplay - sakata gintoki 02

As a child, Gintoki was said to be trained by Shouyou-sensei, but several characters who fought with him in the past have observed that his swordplay is self-taught. His weapon of choice is a bokuto with the words “Lake Toya” inscribed on it. Although very capable in fighting, Gintoki will not hesitate to use tricks and manipulation if it means a quick and easy victory as he does not like to waste time in fighting.

Impressive cosplay! I wonder what the Japanese text written on this photo is saying? Thanks to Athe for sending this in!

17 December 2010

Okami: Amaterasu

okami cosplay - amaterasu

The goddess of the sun in the form of a white wolf, Amaterasu is said to be the reincarnation of Shiranui, the white wolf that fought Orochi a century ago. Although the Japanese and European versions of the game specify Amaterasu to be female, the North American version never specifies her gender. Some characters refer to Amaterasu in either feminine or masculine methods, but neither are shown to be correct or incorrect.

I guess we can safely say this cosplayer’s female though? I wonder if Allisaer is the cosplayer’s name? Thanks to Katrin for sending this in!

16 December 2010

Fate/Stay Night: Tosaka Rin

fate/stay night cosplay - tosaka rin by sayaA model student and idol of Kamiya Shiro’s school, Tosaka Rin seemingly prefers to be alone than be in the company of other students. This is because she is secretly a magus, the successor to her family’s magecraft, and she was instructed by her father, Tokiomi, to prioritize sorcery over her own interests. Since then, she strived to earn the admiration of her peers to avoid drawing attention to her private life.

Saya makes quite a convincing Rin! I love the simple beauty of this cosplay. Thanks to Michi for sending this in!

15 December 2010

Starry Sky: Kagurazaka Shiki (Ophiuchus)

starry sky cosplay - kagurazaka shiki / ophiuchus by chen mei yi / ac024

The 13th mysterious character in the otome game, not much is revealed about Kagurazaka Shiki, aside from the fact that he is based on the 13th constellation known as Ophiuchus. His Greek name translates to “serpent-bearer” and he is often seen holding an albino snake in many official illustrations.

Chen Mei Yi is the cosplayer behind this beautiful Shiki. An anime series will be released this month based on the game apparently… I wonder how it will turn out? Thanks to Lily for sending this!

14 December 2010

Black★Rock Shooter: Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master 02

black rock shooter cosplay - black rock shooter and dead master 02

Black Rock Shooter is the main character for the “Other World” while Dead Master is the antagonist. Although not much is revealed about these two characters in the OVA, Dead Master is said to be Takanashi Yomi’s dark persona. When Yomi mysteriously disappeared, Kuroi Mato receives a text message and finds the phone charm she gave Yomi, leading her to the Other World. Mato then meets Black Rock Shooter and merged with her in order to save Yomi from Dead Master.

Beautiful cosplay by Whitney Mak and ~Rinotou! Their weapons where hand crafted by Rinotou and they appeared in this year’s FanExpo in Canada! Thanks to Miss Understood for sending this!

12 December 2010

The Prince of Tennis: Kikumaru Eiji

the prince of tennis cosplay - kikumaru eijiOne of Seigaku's "Golden Pair" along with Shuichiro Oishi, Eiji uses the style called “Acrobatic Play” which takes advantage of his flexible body. He has the sharpest vision on the team with exceptional talent in seeing moving objects. Although he lacked stamina in the beginning of the series, he was able to overcome his weakness through training and hard work.

RxR Shrine makes an impeccable Eiji! And those cakes look really good, wouldn’t you agree? Thanks again to Katrina for sending this!