26 April 2015

Tokyo Ghoul: Tsukiyama Shuu and Kaneki Ken

tokyo ghoul cosplay - tsukiyama shuu and kaneki ken by ryuichi randoll

When Tsukiyama Shuu first met Kaneki in Antaiku, he became fascinated with his unique scent, and later found out that Kaneki was actually half-ghoul. Since then, Tsukiyama has been completely obsessed with Kaneki, seeing him as an exotic, one-of-a-kind dish that only he deserves to consume. As a result, Tsukiyama is always trying to find a way to consume Kaneki, which is the only reason why he helped rescue Kaneki from Aogiri’s hideout.

Oh dear, this is probably one of the most famous cosplay photos from Tokyo Ghoul right now! It’s not really all the difficult to see why! Anyway, I don’t know who the cosplayer behind Kaneki is, but Tsukiyama’s cosplayer is Ryuichi Randoll! You might remember his cosplay of Shin from Amnesia, so please visit his sites: Ask, Cure, Weibo, and World Cosplay! Thanks to Tama for sending this in!

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