21 April 2014

Smile PreCure! ED by Tiểu Nhu

Not exactly a cosplay, but cosplayer Tiểu Nhu’s version of Smile PreCure!’s Ending Theme will surely put a smile on your face today.

Please support her by liking her Facebook Page! And for those who want to see the original dance steps, here is the ED theme featured in the anime:

Source: Coser Tiểu Nhu - 小柔seeu on Facebook

19 April 2014

Sword Art Online: Kirito 08

sword art online cosplay - kirito 8

Even as I’ve acknowledged my cowardly past
I still act so scared like I don't understand a thing
Now, my past is being projected into the present

Countless skies I’ve painted
Surely here is where my fleeting heart gets unsettled

“Crossing Field”
Lyrics and Translation by Anime Lyrics

The effects on this photo make it look as if the cosplayer is actually in the virtual reality MMORPG, Sword Art Online! I’d love to try out photo manipulation like this for some of the cosplay photos I took from conventions. Maybe when I get a good action shot? Thanks again to Genie for sending this in!

Source: SAO 52pk

17 April 2014

Uta no Prince-sama: Ittoki Otoya 05

uta no price-sama cosplay - ittoki otoya by yingtze

With just three synchronized short stories,
繋がり合う Song & Music, just now
They’ve merged together, song & music, just now
ギリギリShout loud ハモリ合う世界には
Shouting loud! In this world that barely harmonizes,
A dream is dancing!

Lyrics and Translation by Uta no Prince-sama Wiki

A super cute, debut version of Otoya by Yingtze! All those details in her cosplay are so mesmerizing and impressive! Now I feel like playing UtaPri Music again. Thanks to Carol for sending this in!

Source: yingtze on Deviant Art

16 April 2014

Amnesia: Toma

amnesia cosplay - toma by someiAlthough Toma is a very kind individual, he can be a little overprotective at times. He is willing to do anything to protect the Heroine, even putting sleeping drugs in her food as a way of trying to keep her in her room. He does this because he cares deeply about her, even though his methods may not be all too conventional.

I don’t think he and I would end up together if I were to play the otome game. I know his intentions are pure, but really? Anyway, thanks to Lucy for introducing me to Taiwanese cosplayer, Somei!

Source: Somei on World Cosplay

12 April 2014

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!: Usui Takumi and Ayuzawa Misaki

kaichou wa maid-sama! cosplay - usui takumi and ayuzawa misaki by stay

The most popular boy at Seika High, Usui Takumi is extraordinarily talented in many fields, including cooking, playing the violin, chess, and even table etiquette. However, he doesn’t really show much interest in anything and prefers to stay in the background as an observer. Misaki often calls Usui a “perverted outer-space alien” because he somehow managed to survive jumping off their school roof and into the swimming pool… and he always tells her that he loves her.

As you guys may have already guessed, I was a little busy for the past couple of days, but now I will try to play catch up and make up for lost updates! Let’s see if I can manage somehow! In any case, doesn’t Stay look amazing as Usui?

Source: stayxxxx on Facebook

02 April 2014

Cat’s Trail Rewind: Airee Collette

Airee Collete is our main character. She is the hero/anti-hero of Cat’s Trail. Cursed with kleptomania, she can never resist the urge to steal somebody’s belongings or any other important artifact. She also likes adventure and has a carefree, devil-may-care attitude. She is also a wanted criminal in 2 continents: The southern continent “Tarsierian” and its western neighbor “Papiris”. Her arch-nemesis Sheriff Poppy will stop at nothing to bring her to justice. She first appeared in Issue no.1 of course! ^_^

Source: Rusty’s Cat’s Trail Site

The artist behind this series, Elmer Damaso, became an inspiration to most Filipino artists who once only dreamed of diving into the local manga industry here in the Philippines. Culture Crash, an anime/manga magazine, became one of the pioneers of Philippine Manga, and “Cat’s Trail” was one of its stories.

You have no idea how much I love this character. And Miss Lin Ling makes a perfect Airee in her returning debut series, Cat’s Trail Rewind. I really hope this independent creation continues! Thanks to Kit Perez for the awesome photography!

Source: Kit Perez on Facebook

01 April 2014

Princess Tutu: Fakir and Princess Tutu

princess tutu cosplay - fakir and princess tutu by karunalyy and lydiaFakir is Drosselmeyer’s descendant who became the reincarnated Knight of Drosselmeyer’s story. Fakir later realized that he too had the ability to bend reality with his writing, but only when he is writing stories about Ahiru. Although he was initially harsh towards her, Fakir eventually fell in love with Ahiru and promised to stay by her side forever.

Karunalyy makes a rather handsome looking Fakir, and Lydia makes a cute Princess Tutu! I don’t know Lydia’s World Cosplay account, but please do pay Karunalyy a visit to show your support! Thanks again to Lain for sending this in!

Source: Karunalyy on World Cosplay

31 March 2014

DC Comics: Justice League 02

dc comics cosplay - justice league

Back in the 1970’s, every superhero fan wanted to go to Ohio or Florida to see their favorite superhero waterskiing in Sea World. The show ran from 1976 to 1979, featuring talented skiers in their late teens of early twenties. This promotional poster does not even feature all of the skiers in the show according to Noblemania.

For this feature though? Let’s pa tribute to the following:

Wonder Woman by Kaci Whittenton (Hedstrum)
Batgirl by (currently unknown)
Supergirl by Gay Schwartz (Peteet)
Mera by Debbie Blake
Black Canary by Randi Tetrick
Robin by Randy Messer
Batman by Randy Jones
Superman by Andy Hansen
Aquaman by Tom Weber
Flash by Sharkey Schwartz

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Ross!

Source: Rum Martini on Facebook

30 March 2014

Amnesia: Ukyo

amnesia cosplay - ukhyo by lunasuki

Ukyo is a famous photographer who suffer from a split-personality disorder. Although he is truly very kind and loyal, Ukyo’s alternate personality can be villainous and menacing. He is said to be the true lover of the Heroine who was forced to witness her death several times in his attempts to save her.

Thai cosplayer, Lunasuki, makes an absolutely stunning Ukyo! It seems this otome game has become quite popular, and now I’m curious to check out the anime myself. Thanks to Janie for sending this in!

Source: Lunasuki on World Cosplay

29 March 2014

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion: Lelouch Lamperouge 10

code geass: lelouch of the rebellion - lelouch lamperouge by green-makakas

never end たとえ夢が叶おうとも
Never end: Even if my dream comes true
never again 笑顔見せることはないだろう
Never again: You'll probably never show me your smile

時は止まらずこの身を 孤独の道へと誘う
Time ceaselessly invites me towards the path of solitude
転がり続けてゆくだけか? 仮面を被りながら
Have I only to continue to tumble along as I wear my mask?

“Never End”
Lyrics and Translation by Anime Lyrics

The details on Green Makakas’ cosplay of Lelouch Lamperouge is just insane! And the location is pretty awesome too! Wouldn’t you want to see this in person? Thanks to Candice for sending this in!

Source: Green-Makakas on Deviant Art

28 March 2014

Sailor Moon: Aino Minako

sailor moon cosplay - aino minako by lucien-fleurier

Athletic, cheerful, and resilient, Aino Minako takes her role as the “Soldier of Love” seriously, and enjoys regaling her friends with advice about romance. Although she can be irrational and overambitious at times, she can also be refined and elegant when there is a need to do so. At one point in the manga, she told the other Sailor Senshi that she was the princess they were looking for, acting as a decoy to protect the real princess, Tsukino Usagi.

Lucien Fleurier makes a wonderful Minako! And her cat, Richard, also plays well as Artemis! I think the orange nail polish was a nice touch, wouldn’t you agree? Thanks to Serah for sending this in!

Source: lucien-fleurier on Deviant Art

27 March 2014

Japanese Cosplayer Loses Over 100 pounds for Cosplay

When 19-year-old Motoyoshi Kanna first cosplayed her favorite character, Tieria Erde, a lot of people mocked her because of her weight. She was over 200 pounds at the time.

motoyoshi kanna before and after

Now, she weights a petit 99 pounds and cosplays without worry of getting bullied.

motoyoshi kana as lacus clyne

I commend her for her wonderful achievement, because losing weight is no easy task! However, Kotaku writer, Brian Ashcraft, also made a valid point:

Look, people should be able to do what they want. If someone wants to cosplay as a certain character, and their body (or skin color or gender or whatever!) isn't an exact match, who cares. They shouldn't be made to feel bad about that.

And if somebody wants to lose a lot of weight (though, this certainly seems extreme), that's their decision. However, they shouldn't feel compelled to do so to meet preconceived notions that other people have or unrealistic artistic renditions. They should do it for themselves.

I have to say though, I can relate to this very much. I also want to cosplay, but I’m very scared of what people will say since I’m not really skinny. Maybe one day I will be courage enough to cosplay too, once I lose another 30 pounds?

Source: Kotaku