31 December 2009

Final Fantasy X: Rikku 02

This is probably my last post for the year 2009, so lets make it... cute!

Rikku, the bilingual, 15-year-old Al Bhed, is a talented theif who is somewhat childish, but also very cheerful and optimistic. She loves her cousin Yuna dearly and wishes to stop her from going through with her pilgrimage. She also informs Tidus of Yuna's fate when she summons her Final Aeon.

So cute this Yuna! And intersting shoes I might add. I really like her outfit in X more than X-2. Awesome work!

28 December 2009

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep: Terra and Ventus

kingdom hearts: birth by sleep cosplay - terra and ventus aka ven

Both sent by Master Eraqus to seek out Master Xehanort and his cohort, Terra and Ven are the main protagonists of the Kingdom Hearts prequel, "Birth by Sleep". Terra bears a striking ressemblance to Todomarishi Shinsen from Kindom Hearts II Final Mix just as Ven does to Roxas.

Alright, readers who keep sending this in can please stop now! Terra is cosplayed by Courto and Ven is cosplayed by Akusesu from Deviant Art; photographed by Tony Quan. Really wonderful work! Great job guys!

26 December 2009

Strawberry Panic!: Okuwaka Tsubomi

unknown cosplay 040 / strawberry panic! cosplay - okuwaka tsubomiThis is probably the last unknown cosplay for the year. Wow, how long has it been since I started writing about cosplays? It's so nostalgic now that I think about it.

Anyway, pink haired girl with a black headband in an expensive looking school uniform... She's really pretty, and this is another image by photographer MPZero. I think I'll need to have sections for photographers too someday, but I have so many tags already that people might think it's confusing...

So! Any guesses? Please leave comments on this entry if you know who the cosplayer is or who she is cosplaying as!

EDIT: Thanks to FHead for commenting that she is Okuwaka Tsubomi from Strawberry Panic!

25 December 2009

Macross Frontier: Ranka Lee

macross frontier cosplay - ranka leeSuffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome as she witnessed the destruction of the 117th Long Distance Research Fleet where her family perished, Ranka Lee is one-quarter Zentradi, which allows her to move her hair based on her emotions and above-average resistance to the vacuum of space. She becomes the adopted younger sister of S.M.S. ace, Ozma Lee and is later discovered in a Miss Macross Contest. She idolizes Sheryl Nome and dreamed of becoming a singer ever since she was young.

Such a cute Ranka! Though I doubt any cosplayer can make their hair or wig move depending on what they're feeling. Unless Japan has developed something like that, which is highly likely! Thanks to Recca for sending this in!

24 December 2009

To Heart 2: Lucy Maria Misora aka Ruuko Kireinasora

to heart 2 cosplay - lucy maria misora / ruuko kireinasoraOne of the main characters of To Heart's sequel, Lucy Maria Misora is actually an alien who can communicate with animals. Being an alien, she has many strange mannerisms, like raising her arms and speaking out "ru" that later becomes a trend as a silly way of greeting people, and refering to humans as "u". She uses matchsticks as currency and writes in Egyptian hieroglyphs.

She's so cute! I really like her pink hair. It's not shocking pink like most. Thanks to Hiroyuki for emailing this!

Chobits: Chi 07

chobits cosplay - chii 06

It seems like a tradition now to have Chi as the one who greets everyone.

Merry Christmas, minna-san!

20 December 2009

He Is My Master: Karauchi Anna 02

he is my master cosplay - karauchi anna 02I forgot about this picture from Comiket, since I wasn't sure who she was at first, but I finally confirmed that this is from He Is My Master, Karauchi Anna!

Anna is actually bisexual and has a crush on Izumi. At first, she is attracted to Yoshitaka, but after Izumi's relentless efforts to make her stay away from Toshitaka, Anna mistook this as a sign of interest. She thus became one of Yoshitaka's maids in order to follow Izumi.

I guess it could be considered an honest mistake? Haha, thanks to Ojii-san for sending this!

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19 December 2009

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Yuffie Kisaragi 02

final fantasy vii advent children cosplay - yuffie kisaragi 02Prone to motion sickness and hopelessly obsessed with the collection of mana, Yuffie Kisaragi is the daughter of the leader of Wutai who wishes to return her country to its former glory, and not a mere tourist spot. In Advent Children, she helps Cloud and Tifa in the fight against Bahamut SIN. There is also a prequel novella "Case of Yuffie" which details about how Geostigma pread to Wutai and what Yuffie did to find a cure to help her people.

Cute cosplayer and really awesome weapon detail! Wonder how she got it to look so real? Thanks to Kon for sharing this!

EDIT: Thanks to anon for letting me know this is~13idiotbox or "Ice" from deviant art!

17 December 2009

Vampire Knight: Souen Ruka 03

vampire knight cosplay - souen ruka 03When Rido Kuran attacked the Cross Academy, Ruka helped protect the Day Class students from Rido’s followers despite her dislike of humans. In the anime, she’s shown to have the power of mind control, while the manga has not shed much light on her powers.

When Kaname hosted a ball for the new Vampire Society and the Hunters Association, Ruka was seen teaching Yuki proper etiquette, as well as helping her get ready for the ball.

Beautiful Ruka! Although the official Japanese name according to Hino Matsuri is “Luca”. I guess both names sound pretty similar anyway. Great work!

14 December 2009

Lucky Star: Izumi Konata 04

lucky star cosplay - izumi konata 04Well-known for her curious question about chocolate cornets, Izumi Konata is the leader and the shortest of the main characters in the series. She works in a cosplay cafe in Akihabara in order to fund her expensive hobby of collecting manga, anime, and games. She loves to play online games late into the night, which is the reason why she tends to fall asleep in class.

I don’t think she ever got the answer to which end of the chocolate cornet is the head. As for me? I’m wondering about Japan’s uniforms; I know they have two sets, one for summer and one for winter, but are they usually two different colors too? Anyway, great job with this cosplay! Thanks to fuffly for sharing!

13 December 2009

Yu Yu Hakusho: Kurama and Hiei 03

yu yu hakusho cosplay - kurama and hiei 03

Kurama first met Hiei a year before they met Yusuke. Hiei was chasing a demon at the time whom he thought had something to do with his twin sister's disappearance. Upon entering the human world, he comes across a powerful energy signature belonging to Kurama, who was still healing from his wounds when he was still the demon fox known as Youko.

Kurama's schoolmate, Kitajima Maya, was later taken by the very demon Hiei was pursuing. That was the first time the two of them worked together and had become friends ever since.

This is way too adorable for words. I really love these characters very much and am so glad there are still people who cosplay them! Great job!

12 December 2009

Kin’iro no Corda: Yunoki Azuma 02

kin'iro no corda cosplay - yunoki azuma 02

A third year student who is considered to be the school "prince", Azuma is well-known for his good looks, perfect grades, and charming personality. He is from a well-brought family of traditional Kado background and is well acquainted with traditional Japanese customs like ikebana, tea ceremonies, and traditional gardening. He is the thrird son of the family and is restricted from outshining his brothers, which forced him to give up the piano when he was young and took up the flute instead.

He kind of reminds me of Kyouya from Ouran because of his background story. I found this from All About COSPLAY, the Otaku University Philippines Cosplay Research. Thanks for sharing this!

11 December 2009

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion: Kururgi Suzaku 03

code geass: lelouch of the rebellion cosplay - kururugi suzaku 03Even though Suzaku does not have any powers like Lelouch does, he has very good hand-eye coordination and has extensive military training in both firearms and hand-to-hand combat. He is also incredibly strong, as he is able to carry Lelouch and Shirley on his own with one arm.

Before Britannia invaded Japan, Suzaku was trained by Tohdoh Kyoshiro, the head of the Black Knight's military operations. As such, Suzaku is gifted in martial arts and kendo, and spent most of his time training to become stronger.

Really beautiful cosplay! I love the overall look and white really does suit Suzaku very much. The sword was very well-crafted too. Great work! Thanks to Recarrie for sharing this!

09 December 2009

Yami No Matsuei: Kurosaki Hisoka

yami no matsuei cosplay - kurosaki hisokaThe 16-year-old Shinigami who is Tsuzuki’s current partner, Hisoka possesses strong empathy which allows him to feel and see the thoughts and memories of others, even pick up imprints of clairvoyance off inanimate objects. He is much weaker compared to his partner, but he is a capable detective and clever in subterfuge. Chief Konoe has also trained him in basic ofuda and defensive magic.

Poor child… I would write about his history, but it’s a bit on the gruesome side. Really great job on this! I only wish they had finished the manga so we know how the story ended.

08 December 2009

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Cloud Strife 04

final fantasy vii advent children cosplay - cloud strife 04In the recent Anime Festival Asia 2009 where Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao represented Team Philippines, a famous cosplayer was among the judges and gave the sisters full marks, even though they didn’t win.

That cosplayer is known as Kaname. I recently found out that he is also the same cosplayer behind the other Cloud Strife I featured more than a year ago.

You have to admit, Kaname makes a very convincing Cloud. If anyone happens to know where his website is, I’d love to link his images back to him. Thank you!

EDIT: Thanks to Mirashibuyaa for posting Kaname's website! You will find more of Kaname's cosplays here. Enjoy!

07 December 2009

X/1999: Monou Fuma

x/1999 cosplay - monou fuma

The antagonist who initially was known for being a kind and gentle person, Fuma is forced to become a Dragon of Earth after his friend and twin star, Shiro Kamui, chooses the Dragons of Heaven. As soon as his destiny was awaken, he immediately attacked Kamui and killed his little sister Kotori, whom he had adored.

This is cosplayer Hagaren, who has done a very good job with Fuma as well as his sword. If anyone knows where Hagaren’s website is, please do point me in the right direction and I’d be glad to credit this photo. Great work! Thanks to Christina Applegate for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to Rossassen for giving us Hagaren's Deviant Art account!

05 December 2009

Macross Frontier: Sheryl Nome

macross frontier cosplay - sheryl nome The pop idol from Macross Galaxy, Macross Frontier's sister fleet, Sheryl Nome is a very proud and self-assured person with the beauty and talent to back it up. She is later revealed to be a failed experiment known as Fairy 9 and was nothing more than an anonymous, orphan girl from the Galaxy Slums. Having outlived her usefulness, Grace O'Connor discards her, not really counting on the fact that she might survive.

Beautiful cosplay! I like the strawberry highlights on her hair, and her gorgeous shoes. Really great work!

02 December 2009

Fate/Stay Night: Saber 03

sate/stay night cosplay - saber 03During the 4th Holy Grail war, Emiya Kiritsugu forced Saber into destroying the Holy Grail by using a Reiju, also known as a Command Seal. Saber would not obey him because she wanted the chance to redo her life so that worthier person could rule her country in her stead.

It was only when Shiro, Kiritsugu's foster son, became her master that she was able to accept her life for what it was rather than wishing to change it.

I think the hair may have been photoshoped a bit from the looks of it, but I still think this is a rather beautiful cosplay of Saber. Not everyone can manage to pull her off, after all. Thank you so much for emailing this, Shiro-kun!

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01 December 2009

Soul Eater: Franken Stein

soul eater cosplay - franken stein

Considered to be the most powerful meister to graduate from the Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA), Stein views the world as his own place to experiment, which makes him fight his own insane urges to dissect everything. He's even experimented on himself, placing a giant bolt though his own head, which he occassionally turns while thinking.

You can't get any more insane than this guy, I think. Beautiful cosplay with a beautiful location too! Thanks to Potato Chips for sharing this!

29 November 2009

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Tifa Lockhart 03

final fantasy vii advent children cosplay - tifa lockheart 03Script writer Nojima Kazuhige describes Tifa to be "very much like any woman who's been left behind like a man", meaning someone who was hurt emotionally, but not clingy. She urges Cloud to come to terms with the unwarranted guilt he places upon himself, and takes care of Barret's adopted daughter, Marlene, as well as another child known as Denzel.

I think she may be the same Tifa as the cosplayer I featured more than 2 years ago, but I still find her pretty impressive. She still makes me think that she jumped right out of the film. Great cosplay!

28 November 2009

Bleach: Neliel Tu Oderschvank 05

bleach cosplay - neliel nel tu oderschvank 05Just when I thought I knew the real deal, Wiki changes on me, yet again.

So, she's really "Neliel Tu Oderschvank" and not "Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck", right? Or maybe I should stick to ネリエル トゥ オーデルシュヴァンク to avoid confusion this time.

Anyway, ネル トゥ has the ability to swallow cero attacks and, in her adult form, fire them back with her own cero. Her released form, which is achieved by manifesting with her zanpakuto Gamuza, is that of an ibex-like centaur with long, curved horns, a thick tail, and an armor covering her shoulders and hands. Her zanpakuto also changes into a white, double-ended lance, making her appear as a medieval knight or jouster.

Pretty daring cosplay, and she certainly has the look for it. Thanks to Shiro-kun for sending this in! Too bad there's only a small version of this photo.

27 November 2009

Silent Hill: Homecoming: Siam

silent hill: homecoming cosplay - siamOne of the harder, non-boss monsters to kill in Silent Hill: Homecoming, Siams appear to be two humanoid figures fused together and tied with a series of bondage gear and straps. The male side attacks while the female side is significantly weaker. Siam first appeared in the Police Station and, for some reason or other, always appear when Elle Holloway is in trouble or missing.

Wow, this must have been hard to cosplay as. The guy must be pretty strong to have carried the girl on his back. I wonder how they got in costume... and how did they get out of it? Great work though! Thanks for sharing!

26 November 2009

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles: Jill Valentine

resident evil: umbrella chronicles cosplay - jill valentineOne of the original protagonists of the series, Jill Valentine returned in Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles as a member of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA). She then works with Chris Redfield to expose and destroy the Umbrella Corporation where they are forced to defeat Umbrella's newest BOW, T-ALOS.

I wasn't too sure if I could post this in my other blog, given the guidelines there, but I had to show this awesome cosplay! I guess RE fans would tell me that Jill doesn't really have bangs (well, she does, but only a few loose strands) and that she lacks that white sweater tied around her waist, but really, isn't this a great cosplay of her? Good job!