31 January 2015

Card Captor Sakura: Kinomoto Sakura 11

card captor sakura cosplay - kinomoto sakura 11

会いたいな 会えないな せつないな この気持ち
I want to see you, but I can't... How sad, these feelings...
言えないの 言いたいの
I can't say it, but I want to.
I just keep letting my chance slip by.

だって だって
But still, but still
Together, let’s spread our wings and
marathon across the sky; I want our dreams to be in unison

“Catch You, Catch Me”
Lyrics and Translation by Anime Lyrics

Isn’t she cute? Among all of Sakura’s outfits, this is probably the most iconic and most easily recognizable! I think I might actually like this one the best too, next to the kimono she wore in that episode where her brother, Toya, gave his powers to Yue. Thanks again to Laura for sending this in!

Source: lovers ♡ cosplay on tumblr

30 January 2015

Uta no Prince-sama: Ichinose Tokiya 09

uta no prince-sama cosplay - ichinose tokiya 9

(What’s this?)

Behind the mask of justice,
Is a face armed with ideals

(What’s this?)
Mr. Perfect? No, no!

Don’t make me laugh

(What’s this?)

鏡越しの素肌 傷一つない優等生
The body on the other side of the mirror of an honor student without a single scar

(What’s this?×3)

At times, I want to attack that resolve

Lyrics and Translation by ☽ Moonlit Sanctuary ☾

Ehem, so… uhm… Tokiya might be lying on Haruka’s leg, but we can’t exactly verify that, can we? Thanks to Laura for sending this in!

Source: lovers ♡ cosplay on tumblr

29 January 2015

Kuroshitsuji: Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive 04

kuroshitsuji / black butler cosplay - sebastian michaelis and ciel phantomhive 4

溶けたのやっかいな 氷みたいな私を
I’m troublesome after I melted like ice
優しくすくって 上唇で遊ぶ
You tenderly scoop me up and and toy around with me with your lips

Nevertheless, I search for a single form of love
遠くよりも今を結んだ 枯れた瞳は
My dried eyes tied it to the present rather than a time far beyond
できればこのまま 包まれて終わりたい
If I can, I want to end while shrouded this like
二人で秘めた 淡い肌 月も隠れてる
Together, we concealed our pale selves; the moon is hiding, too

“Monochrome Kiss”
Lyrics and Translation by Words of Songs

I don’t know about this cosplay… it makes me nervous posting it here in blogspot, but oh well! If Google tells me to, then I’ll just take it down! Anyway, I thought the opening theme of the first season was appropriate to go with the photo! Thanks to Clara for sending this in!

Source: lovers ♡ cosplay on tumblr

28 January 2015

Kamigami no Asobi: Anubis Ma’at

kamigami no asobi cosplay - anubis ma'at by shion

The Egyptian God of the Dead, Anubis is a shy deity who rarely appears in public. He does, however, have a curious side to him, and thus hides in the shadows most of the time. He prefers the company of animals because he feels closer to them and they have no sin. Anubis also tends to speak unique words that only Thoth can understand.

I haven’t seen Kamigami no Asobi yet, but I think Shion did a great job on Anubis! And I really think this cosplay could use a lot more views and faves, so please do visit Shion’s World Cosplay Account and give her your support!

Source: Shion on World Cosplay

27 January 2015

Fushigi Yuugi: Tamahome

fushigi yuugi cosplay - tamahome by kyan yutakaA second stage play adaptation of Watase Yuu’s popular manga series, Fushigi Yuugi is set to perform at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club ex from March 19 to 29 this year according to Crunchyroll.

Only two of the actors have been revealed so far: 29-year-old Kyan Yutaka from the visual kei “air” rock band, Golden Bomber as Tamahome, and 18-year-old gravure idol/actress, Ito Risaka as Yuuki Miaka. The play is produced by Nelke Planning and directed by Okumura Naoyoshi.

Advance tickets will be on sale on Valentine’s Day, February 14.

Since the story will be told from Tamahome’s point of view, I’m sure it will be something that many fans will look forward to. I actually prefer Hotohori than Tamahome, so I really hope the actor they’ll choose will fit the character. Thanks to Aril for sharing this!

Source: Crunchyroll and Manga Fox on Facebook

26 January 2015

Sword Art Online: Gun Gale Online: Kirito

sword art online - gun gale online cosplay - kirito

At the request of Kikuoka Seijirou, who is the head of the net crimes division, Kazuto agreed to convert his account in order to enter and investigate the Death Gun incidents in Gun Gale Online. Upon his first Full Dive in, he was stunned to see that his avatar was extremely feminine. At one point, a player even offered to buy his account as this kind of default avatar was quite rare. Kirito managed to befriend Sinon as she initially thought Kirito was a female player like herself.

Oh wow, this cosplayer looks amazing! Definitely going to be one of cosplay goals in the far, far future! How far, probably to infinity! Thanks to Taylor for sending this in!

Source: Mahin Ahmed on Google+

25 January 2015

Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club: Tachibana Makoto and Nanase Haruka 02

free! - iwatobu swim club cosplay - tachibana makoto and nanase haruka by itsukimu and kery

I’m trying to soar to the future I was looking for,
Chasing after the birds
The arm that I extended connected
To a scene that I’d never seen

An extraordinary vortex,
Tortured by inferiority,

The way you want this
Anxious eyes chose down the blur point
On bended your knees

Lamenting over the season of aspiration

Without even saying goodbye
And bring me down

“Rage On” by Anime Lyrics
with transliteration by Chokoreeto
and translation by bambooXZX

Another amazing cosplay by ItsukiMU and Kery! You know, the background reminds me of my old high school, although I doubt it’s the same one since these cosplayers are from China. Thanks again to Meirin for sending this in!

Source: ItsukiMU and Kery on World Cosplay

24 January 2015

Vocaloid: Kaito 13

vocaloid cosplay - kaito 13Ash returning to ash.
dust returning to dust.

荒涼たる 鋼の森
When inside the bleakest metal forest
喝采(かっさい)に似た 鳴動に
Any rumbling is like someone clapping,
within my dreams every sheep is made of brass
玲瓏(れいろう)たる 音の響き
One note ringing endlessly in my head
海を渡れ 高らかに
Make a journey over the ocean proudly,
standing on soil that is over three thousand years old

“Ashes to Ashes”
Lyrics by Vocalochu
Translation by Infiny

Kaito is one of my favorite Vocaloids, and I’m really glad that he’s getting a lot of cosplays too! I think I’m liking this dark blue hair color. Thanks to Kaori for sending this in!

Source: 現実。 on tumblr

23 January 2015

Love Live!: Minami Kotori

love live! cosplay - minami kotori

Minami Kotori is the group’s designer along with Yazawa Nico. She is known to have good fashion sense and is quite good at drawing as well. Kotori is kind and empathetic towards her friends, but she does have a hard time expressing her feelings because she always takes other people’s feelings into consideration.

This cosplayer was spotted at the 13th Jiongjiongyoushen ComicCom in Beijing, China! If anyone happens to know who the cosplayer is, please do let us know! Thanks to Calvin for suggesting this!

Source: CCTVNews on Facebook

22 January 2015

Aldnoah.Zero: Slaine Troyard, Asseylum Vers Allusia, and Count Cruhteo

aldnoah.zero cosplay - slaine troyard, asseylum vers allusia, and count cruhteo by tiramishi, aze, and sei v

Slaine Troyard is an earth-born human who is a subservient to the Versian, Count Cruhteo. Count Cruhteo appears to have a great amount of dislike for Slaine, as he beats Slaine for any slight, no matter how small. He is a close friend of Princess Asseylum of the Vers Empire and is hinted to have feelings for her.

Doesn’t this look like a scene from the anime? Amazing cosplay by Tiramishi as Slaine, Aze as Princess Asseylum, and Sei V as Count Cruhteo with photography by William Tjhin! The details on Aze’s dress is absolutely fantastic! Please visit their Facebook accounts for more of their cosplays!

Source: Aze on Facebook

21 January 2015

Noblesse: M-21

noblesse cosplay - m-21 by silrest

A modified human, M-21 was an unwilling experimental subject by Dr. Crombel and the Union. He is one of the few surviving members of the M-series, and the vast amount of experimentation left the subjects with no memories of their past. All of the M-series were deemed failures until M-21 somehow began developing powers of minor transformation, and his latent powers were later awakened by Cadis Etrama di Raizel.

Korean cosplayer Silrest makes a very convincing M-21! I mean, just look at that piercing glare of hers! Please show her your support by visiting her World Cosplay account and Facebook Page!

Source: 실레스트 (Silrest) on World Cosplay

20 January 2015

Uta no Prince-sama: Jinguji Ren 07

uta no prince-sama cosplay - jinguji ren by seikamiHey Lady…

Can you hear?
Transmitted in every sigh
Is an invitation…to an amazing dream
夜空に浮かぶ 月のように

To keep the moon afloat in the night sky
It’s encircled by the stars,

Dreaming & Dancing

With shining beauty and splendor,
お嬢さん方の「Love call」
A young lady’s “love call”

Give me×2

“Orange Rhapsody”
Lyrics and Translation by ☽ Moonlit Sanctuary ☾

Isn’t this beautiful? I love the expression on Ren’s face! Seikami (清祇) has a lot of amazing photos in her Ample account, so please pay her a visit! Thanks to Aly for sending this in!

Source: 清祇 on Ample | First seen: 現実。 on tumblr

19 January 2015

Hunter x Hunter: Chrollo Lucifer 04

hunter x hunter cosplay - chrollo lucifer

Although Chrollo is cold to outsiders, he does care very much for his Phantom Troupe. When Chrollo read Neon’s prophecy about Uvogin’s death, he cried for him, and later orchestrated a massacre of Mafia members as a requiem for his fallen comrade. He does not fear his own death, however, as Melody once pointed out that his heartbeat sounded as if he was happy living alongside death.

I love how this photo was edited! It looks like a painting! What a clever way of adding anime art to cosplay! Thanks to Kris for sending this in!

Source: Manga Helpers

18 January 2015

Tekken: Nina Williams

Born and raised in Ireland, Nina Williams trained in aikido and koppojutsu even as a young girl. She and her sister, Anna, admired her father, former assassin Richard WIlliams, and competed for his attention and approval. Both sisters blamed each other for the death of their father, and despite trying to work things out, they ended up forming an extreme sense of sibling rivalry.

Nina is my favorite character in Tekken, and this cosplayer really did an amazing job cosplaying her! It looks like she used her real hair too! Thanks again to Diogo for sending this in!

Source: Jogos Yurinei on Blogger

17 January 2015

God of War: Kratos

god of war cosplay - kratos

Born and raised in Sparta, Kratos and his brother Deimos, trained at a young age as the dreamed of joining the Spartan army when they grew up. However, the city was attacked by the Olympian gods, Ares and Athena, and their army of centaurs, in their search for the Marked Warrior. Deimos was taken by Ares, and the loss left an indelible mark on Kratos. Kratos vowed never to falter again, and later became a respected member of the Spartan army.

That is some impressive paint job! Not to mention the cosplayer’s well-developed body! Definitely one of the most impressive Kratos I’ve ever seen! Thanks to Diogo for sending this in!

Source: Jogos Yurinei on Blogger

16 January 2015

Vocaloid 2: Kagamine Len and Rin 07

vocaloid 2 cosplay - kagamine len by sin and kagamine rinただ残された 貴女の思い出
Just your left-behind feelings
繰り返し蘇る この記憶
Over and over again I relive this memory

あの舞踏会 あらわれし君の
That ball, where you were sighing
手をとり 踊った 日の事を
Taking your hand, I danced with you through the day

廻れ世界よ 廻れ世界よ
Oh turning world, oh turning world
今この時 二人が世界よ
Right now, only our world
時を忘れ 踊れこの恋
Forgetting time, dancing in this love
今この時 二人が情熱よ
Right now, only our passion

“Glass Slippers”
Lyrics by Vocalochu
Translated by 1angelette

A very nice Kagamine Len by Taiwanese cosplayer, SIN! Not sure who her partner is, but she looks adorable as Rin as well! Thanks to Tanya for sending this in!

Source: シン on World Cosplay

15 January 2015

Carciphona: Veloce Visrin

carciphona cosplay - veloce visrin by bloodycoffee

A young sorceress who has somehow evaded prosecution during the Prohibition. She minds her own business at her awkwardly elegant home in the poorer districts of Kronzel City, and local peasants does not care much about her questionable presence most of the time. Her home soon became a popular place for local children to prove their courage, but most challengers end up crapping their pants and running away.

- Carciphona

I’ve always loved how Shilin draws detailed armors for her characters… which is why this cosplay of Veloce by BloodyCoffee is just so spectacular! Please visit her Facebook Page and give her your support! Thanks again to Shilin for letting me feature this!

Source: Carciphona

14 January 2015

Noblesse: Takeo

noblesse cosplay - takeo by dioeraclea

A former member of the Union’s special forces, Takeo is a modified human who is an excellent sniper of the DA-5. Unlike the other members of his team, Takeo was tricked into working for the Union by Dr. Aris as she pretended to be his sister who was being held captive by the Union. He eventually finds out the truth and decides to switch sides along with Tao, pledging loyalty to Cadis Etrama Di Raizel and Frankenstein.

This is probably one of my favorite cosplays from DioEraclea. It looks like a scene from the manhwa! I mean, just looks at the ponytail hair flip! Please give her your support by visiting her Deviant Art Gallery!

Source: DioEraclea on Deviant Art

13 January 2015

Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo: Nagisa Kaworu

evangelion: 3.0 you can (not) redo cosplay - nagisa kaworu by itsukimu and keryThe Fifth Child of the Seventh Angel, Tabris, Nagisa Kaworu was first introduced in Evangelion as a replacement pilot for Unit 02 when Soryu Asuka Langley’s synchronization levels fell below usability. When Ikari Shiji was humming Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”, Kaworu commented that music was beautiful, and the two began to strike a friendship. It was later revealed that Kaworu was no ordinary human, but the 17th and final Angel.

Chinese cosplayers ItsukiMU and Kery have come together in one World Cosplay account, so I’m not sure which is who at this point, but they are also the same cosplayers behind Clear! Please show them your support by visiting their World Cosplay account! Thanks to Meirin for sending this in!

Source: ItsukiMU and Kery on World Cosplay

12 January 2015

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior: Chun Li 05

It’s pretty amazing how dedicated cosplayers can be. This video of Chloe Bruce taken during Gamescom 2010 in Germany is one of the most impressive Chun Li cosplays I’ve ever seen! It kinda makes me wish I had taken those karate lessons more seriously.

11 January 2015

Natsume Yujin Cho: Madara

natsume yujin cho  cosplay - madara by sinAn inugami or “dog god”, Madara was sealed away in a shrine until he was accidentally released by Natsume. Ironically, even though he is a dog, Madara ordinarily takes the shape of a maneki neko or a “lucky cat”. Natsume thus nicknames him “Nyanko-sensei”. Natsume promised to give Madara his Book of Friends when he dies, and in exchange, Madara protects Natsume and occasionally teaches him spells.

Taiwanese cosplayer SIN certainly makes a lovely Madara, wouldn’t you agree? The setting for this photo shoot was well chosen too! Please give her your support by visiting her World Cosplay account! Thanks to Tanya for sending this in!

Source: シン on World Cosplay

10 January 2015

Fate/Extra CCC: Saber Bride 02

fate/extra ccc - saber bride by karunalyy

The two of us still
Didn’t know anything
With my left hand
I toyed with the fleeting nothingness
The slight complications
Bound your hands
Deceiving the shape of the future

by Anime Lyrics
with transliteration by Rei
and translations by bluepenguin

Not only is the cosplay beautifully done, but Karunalyy has an amazing sword to go with it as well. Please be sure to visit her World Cosplay account and give her your support! Thanks to Lira for sending this in!

Source: 海月 on World Cosplay