30 June 2013

Ah! Megami-Sama!: Skuld 02

oh my goddess cosplay skuld by mikipl
Source: e-ShuuShuu
A Goddess second class, type one, limited license, Skuld is one of Yggdrasil’s system debuggers and the younger sister of Belldandy and Urd. Although her magical powers are currently not that strong, she compensates with her inventions, as she is well-known in Heaven for her engineering genius. She can build and create just about anything out of everything even under most limited resources.

I miss this series quite a bit, especially now that there’s a cute cosplay of Skuld for today’s feature. I wonder if it’s still ongoing? Thanks to Darren for sending this in!

29 June 2013

Trinity Blood: Astharoshe Asran

trinity blood cosplay astharoshe asran by poka
Source: Poka Cosplayer on Facebook
The Viscountess of Odessa and Duchess of Kiev, Astharoshe “Astha” Asran is a Methuselah who is an undercover agent for the New Human Empire. She is a direct individual who does not tolerate any form of nonsense. She once had a low opinion on terrans thanks to the Empire’s propaganda and has had little exposure to them. However, after her mission to capture Endre Kourza in Venice, her views have slowly began to change little by little.

A very detailed cosplay of Astha by Vietnamese cosplayer, Poka! I’m surprised to see this cosplayer was done in February 2013 at Touch Fes. Trinity Blood is quite an old series, isn’t it? Thanks to Gracie for sending this in!

28 June 2013

Bleach: Inoue Orihime 03

bleach cosplay inoue orihime
Source: Photobucket
Friendly and sensitive, Inoue Orihime may appear to be naive and clueless, but she gets exceptionally high marks in school. However, she is also an exceptionally back cook, so much so that no one in the series would dare eat her cooking aside from Matsumoto Rangiku. Because of her kind nature, Orihime tends to jump into situation without thinking things thoroughly, often leading to embarrassing or even dangerous consequences.

Cute cosplayer! I’ve stopped following Bleach a long time ago, but it appears as if it’s gaining popularity again because the manga is ending soon (or has it already ended?) Thanks to Carol for sending this in!

27 June 2013

Sword Art Online: Alfheim Online: Asuna 02

sword art online alfheim online cosplay asuna
Source: SAO 52pk
Asuna’s personality began to further develop after she met Yuuki, admiring how the later could still move forward despite knowing that she will ultimately die. This made her much stronger than before, but Asuna was no longer as proud in Alfheim Online as she was in Sword Art Online. Whether she is dense to the fact that other girls love Kirito or she is confident that Kirito is only in love with her, however, is still subject to debate.

She looks amazing! I’m beginning to like this blue-haired Asuna better than the red one. Thanks again to Miho for sending this in!

26 June 2013

Fairy Tail: Loke and Lucy Heartfilia

fairy tail cosplay loke and lucy heartfilia by moena
Source: Moena on Blogspot

As a sign of her gratitude towards Loke for finding her keys and rescuing her, Lucy Heartfilia invited him to go to a local bar with her. She wanted to find out why Loke doesn’t like Celestial Spirit Mages, but Loke refused to answer her questions. When Lucy decided it was time to leave, however, Loke suddenly grabbed her arm and embraced her, saying that he did not have much time left. Realizing what he had done, and not wanting to get Lucy involved, Loke quickly passed this off as a joke, to which he received a slap for.

Another cute cosplay by Moena Riu and her friend, Loke! Moena now has a blog, so please show her your support by checking out her site and leaving her comments in her posts! Thanks again for allowing me to feature this!

25 June 2013

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi: Suzumiya Haruhi, Asahina Mikuru, and Nagato Yuki

the melancholy of suzumiya haruhi cosplay cast - suzumiya haruhi, asahina mikuru, and nagato yuki
Source: ImageShack

If we can map out all of Earth’s mysteries,
We will be able to go to any place we want.

We spent our lives with anticipations and hopes,
But who is the one that grants them?

Until the end of time, Boooon!!

*With a warp, this looping feeling
Swirls everything together and plays around with them.

“Sunny Sunny Happiness”
Lyrics and Translation by Anime Lyrics

These girls are so cute! And listening to Hare Hare Yukai certainly brings back a lot of great memories, wouldn’t you agree? Thanks to Benny for sending this in!

24 June 2013

Final Fantasy VII: Aerith Gainsborough 03

final fantasy 7 cosplay aerith gainsborough
Source: ImageShack

When faced with the possibility of being captured by the Turks, Aerith Gainsborough asked Cloud Strife to be her bodyguard for the cost of one date. Aerith was eventually apprehended, but she was later rescued by Cloud and his companions. She then decided to join them in their pursuit of Sephiroth, inadvertently embarking on her own journey towards self-discovery.

She’s just absolutely adorable! And a nice choice of accessories for Aerith’s bangles too! I’m not sure if she used her own hair or a wig, but it must have taken a long time to style it just right. Thanks to Emilia for sending this in!

23 June 2013

Kamiyomi: Mikazuki and Kukuri

kamiyomi cosplay mikazuki and kukuri
Source: Crunchyroll
With this particular submission, I’m not exactly sure if they’re really cosplaying or not. But you have to admit, the costume, location, and composition is absolutely breath-taking! You just can’t beat natural beauty! And I really love kimonos and Japanese umbrellas!

So if anyone can please identify the characters or the cosplayers, feel free to comment. Thank you very much to Lily for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to Louise for letting me know this is Mikazuki and Kukuri from Kamiyomi by cosplayers Sadako and Congtian!

22 June 2013

Trinity Blood: Abel Nightroad

trinity blood cosplay abel nightroad by faeryx
Source: Faeryx on World Cosplay

Abel Nightroad is a very compassionate, albeit clumsy and absent-minded, Catholic priest who is an AX Agent Special Division of the Ministry of Holy Affairs. In reality, Abel is actually a Crusnik, a vampire that feeds on the blood of other vampires. As a member of the Arcanum Cella Ex Dono Dei, Latin for the Papal State Affairs Special Operations Section, Abel serves directly under Cardinal Caterina Sforza, the sister of His Holiness, Alessandro XVIII, who is the 399th Pope of Rome.

I actually wouldn’t be surprised if the Vatican does have secret agents like those featured in Trinity Blood. But anyway, I’ve been looking for a great looking Abel for quite a while, and I believe Russian cosplayer Faeryx looks and plays the part very well. Thanks to Ysabel for sending this in!

21 June 2013

Bleach: Zaraki Kenpachi

bleach cosplay zaraki kenpachi
Source: Otakuland on Tumblr
The captain of the 11th Division, Zaraki Kenpachi gave himself the title of “Kenpachi” which is awarded to the man in each generation who enjoys fighting and has the greatest blood lust. His name roughly translates to “no matter how many times you cut him, he will never fall”. He is the only Captain in the 13 Divisions who cannot use Bankai because Kenpachi cannot sense reiatsu which makes it nearly impossible for him to learn the name of his sword.

This looks pretty amazing! I think there was a lot of editing done to this photo, but the results are absolutely fantastic! Thanks to Jennifer for sending this!

20 June 2013

Lineage II: Light Elf 03

lineage 2 cosplay light elf by rei doll
Source: *Rei-Doll on Deviant Art
The elves are known for their quick-wit and wisdom. They are very nimble beings that are able to attack and move faster than other races in Lineage II. They have superior marksmanship as well, but their attack strength is inferior to others.

A rather stunning looking light elf by Rei Doll from Deviant Art! She has a lot of interesting cosplays in her gallery, so please be sure to give her your support as well! Thanks to Naira for sending this in!

19 June 2013

Durarara!!: Orihara Izaya 04

Source: ~Lupinine-Reiji on Deviant Art

“The road I walk is paved in gold, to glorify my platinum soul.
I'll buy my way to talk to god, so he can live with what I'm not.”

Orihara Izaya is a young informant who appears to be on no one else’s side other than his own. He sells information for his own satisfaction and played a hand behind the most relevant events in the series. Izaya suspected that Mikado was the creator of Dollars since the very beginning and even knew the identities of the leaders of the three main forces in Ikebukuro.

A rather cute looking Izaya by Lupinine Reiji on Deviant Art! So Izaya’s responsible for all that yellow tape! I love the casual look the cosplayer has in this shot. Thanks to Anya for sending this in!

18 June 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin: Titan Eren Jaeger

shingeki no kyojin attack on titan cosplay titan eren jaeger by shino furusawa
Source: Shino Furusawa on Facebook
Eren Jaeger has the strange ability to summon a 15 meter titan of which he controls from the inside. Eren believes this ability is the result of injections given to him by his father, Doctor Grisha Jaeger. The injections have caused parts of his memories to be damaged, but he is slowly recovering them as time passes by. Eren remembered being instructed by his father to return to his old home and unlock the basement in order to find out the truth about him and perhaps even about the titans themselves.

Now that it one amazing makeup job by Italaian cosplayer, Shino Furusawa! You have to check out her other shots too, they are equally amazing! Thanks to Warren for sharing this!

17 June 2013

Onegai My Melody: Hiiragi Keiichi 05

onegai my melody cosplay hiiragi keiichi by g6su06
Source: g6su06 on World Cosplay
One of the most talented violinists in Japan, Hiiragi Keiichi was only in high school when he received several recognitions for his skills. However, since he has achieved near perfection, he became tired of playing other people’s music and wanted to create something himself. His encounter with Kuromi made him interested in unleashing the Dark Power just for the sake of easing his boredom.

A rather good-looking Hiiragi by Taiwanese cosplayer, g6su06! I haven’t seen cosplays from this series in a long time! I heard there’s a light novel that takes place 3 years after My Melody and Yumeno Uta were separated. I’m hoping against hope that there will be an English translation of it, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks to Jenna for sending this in!

16 June 2013

Vocaloid 2: Kamui Gakupo 07

vocaloid 2 cosplay kamui gakupo by brian neo
Source: N.E. Project on Facebook

I will wrap myself around your finger

I will grace you with my lips and tongue.

Even if our love will be forbidden

We will burn on; this heat of our love!

Lyrics by Vocalochu
Translated by Cadence Butterfly

A very nice looking Gakupo by Brian Neo from N.E. Project! I really love those butterfly headphones. Maybe I should start looking for one myself. Thanks to Syaza for sending this in!

15 June 2013

Trinity Blood: Ion Fortuna

trinity blood cosplay ion fortuna by eliot
Source: Eliot on World Cosplay
One of the younger Methuselah, Ion Fortuna is the Earl of Memphis and the Empress’ Swords Keeper. As the grandson of Mirka Fortuna, Ion is very proud of his race and the Empire. He was introduced in Trinity Blood as the Imperial Messenger of the Empire, sent by the Empress to negotiate with the Vatican.

An impressive and highly-detailed cosplay by Mexican cosplayer, Eliot! Please support him by visiting his World Cosplay Account and give him a lot love! Thanks to Tanya for sending this in!

14 June 2013

Rozen Maiden: Shinku 06

rozen maiden cosplay shinku by rina byakuran
Source: ~rinabyakuran on Deviant Art
In the manga, Shinku has always been a pacifist and did not like the idea of having to fight her sisters in order to win the Alice Game. She did attack Suigintou when she was angry with her, but she still doesn’t want any of her sisters to be lifeless. When she defeated Hinaichigo, Shinku took her in as her servant instead of absorbing her Rosa Mystica.

Cute cosplay by Hong Kong cosplayer, Rina Byakuya! Please show her your support by visiting her gallery in Deviant Art for more of her photos. Thanks to Regan for suggesting this!

10 June 2013

Carnival Phantasm: Saber

carnival phantasm cosplay maid saber by angie
Source: Angie0_0 on Facebook

In the 8th episode of the parody anime “Carnival Phantasm”, Saber decided to get a part time job at the Neko Arc restaurant. However, she got so fed up with the unreasonable demands made by her customers that she decided to pull out her ahoge, changing herself into Saber Alter. It was later revealed that Saber wanted to earn some money in order to buy Shirou a present.

Great location and a beautiful pose! I bet if Neko Arc were real, people would be lining up to see Saber too! Thanks again to Stilzkin for sharing Angie’s Facebook Page!

09 June 2013

Vocaloid 2: Hatsune Miku 46

vocaloid 2 cosplay hatsune miku by necoco
Source: Trio de Punch
The number one princess in the whole wide world
Know that you need to treat me that way every day, okay?

その一 いつもと違う髪形に気が付くこと
number one, make sure to notice when I put my hair up into different styles, okay?
その二 ちゃんと靴まで見ること いいね?
number two, I have new shoes, make sure that you notice them right now!
その三 わたしの一言には三つの言葉で返事すること
number three, for every word that comes out of my mouth, reply with three words in return to me
わかったら右手がお留守なのを なんとかして!
If you can get that, oh look my hand is empty so take it, hurry!

“The World is Mine”
Lyrics and Translation by Vocalochu

Cute Miku by Necoco! I actually thought I’ve yet to hear this song, when in fact, I’ve been listening to it all along! It’s just that the title was in Japanese, “ワールドイズマイン” and thus I couldn’t read it. Thanks to Reiner for sending this in!

03 June 2013

Sword Art Online: Asuna 04

sword art online cosplay asuna by angie
Source: Angie0_0 on Facebook

Although their first meeting seemed nothing out of the ordinary, Asuna later fell in love with Kirito while they were trapped in Sword Art Online. However, her bodyguard Kuradeel, a former “Laughing Coffin” red guild member, became obsessed with Asuna and became very jealous of Kirito. Kuradeel tried to murder Kirito when he was forced to join the “Knight of Blood”, but his plan backfired upon Asuna’s arrival at the scene of the crime.

Angie looks like how I’d imagine Asuna would look if she were real. And what a great shot this is! Probably one of my favorites from her gallery. Thanks again to Stilzkin for introducing me to her page!

02 June 2013

Vocaloid 2: Hatsune Miku 45

vocaloid 2 cosplay hatsune miku by aira
Source: 7k7k
Let’s get together for a while, if you please
I’ll sing this song for a while (?), with my back to you
Yesterday’s me in the mirror
Looks an awful lot like today’s me

悲しかった 悔しかった 辛かったよ
It’s been sad, it’s been distressing, it’s been painful,
But nobody ever listens to me,
So my only friendship is my face with my knees

“One Upon a Me”
Lyrics and Translation by

Another cute cosplay by Aira! I guess she really loves Vocaloid since she’s also cosplayed Meiko and Megurine Luka before. Thanks to Karen for sending this in!