31 March 2009

Gundam 00: GN-001 Gundam Exia

gundam 00 cosplay - gn-001 gundam exiaA Gundam piloted by Setsuna F. Seiei, the GN-001 Gundam Exia is designed for melee combat, with several swords, blades, and arm shields. It was later commented in the series that the Exia is equipped with a solid metal blade in order to have the ability to cut through GN particle fields.

I could continue on with the technicalities, but that would make this review boring and inappropriate compared to how awesome this cosplay is. It must have taken weeks to make this Gundam. Very nicely done!

Bleach: Ulquiorra Schiffer and Tier Halibel

bleach cosplay - ulquiorra schiffer and tier halibelHalibel serves as the 3rd high-ranking Espada as Ulquiorra serves as the 4th. They are both quiet in nature, preferring to think before they act.

While Ulquiorra's mask can be readily seen, Halibel's mask is covered by her coat and colar. Her mask extends from her nose down to her breasts.

I didn't want to place this cosplay on either of my other 2 blogs because of the amount of skin being exposed. However, Halibel has never been portrayed so accurately, and Ulquiorra rivals the first cosplayer I featured. Excellent job!

30 March 2009

D. Gray-man: Lenalee Lee 02

d. gray-man cosplay - lenalee leeWhen she was young, Lenalee’s parents were killed, causing her to see the world very differently. Lenalee went insane when she was separated from her brother, Komui Lee, as she is forced to become an exorcist for having the ability to use Innocence. Her sanity was only restored when Komui became the Chinese Supervisor of the Black Order.

She makes a very cute Lenalee. I haven’t seen this anime yet, but it seems pretty popular with all the cosplays going around. I think I’ll put this on my to-watch list.

D. Gray-man: Allen Walker, the Crowned Clown

d. gray-man cosplay - allen walker, the crowned clown

A young exorcist with a quiet nature, Allen Walker was abandoned by his biological parents due to his paralysis and his supposed deformity of his left arm. It is later found out that he possessed a parasitic-type of anti-akuma weapon whose true form is known as the Crowned Clown.

Allenisya sent in her photos of her cosplays as Allen Walker via Cosplay Holic. This is one of my favorite shots of her as photographed by Hexlord. You may visit her blog in Allenisya’s D.Gray-Life to see how she created her costume and her future cosplay plans!

Thanks for your contribution, Allenisya!

26 March 2009

Vocaloid 2: Kagamine Rin

vocaloid 2 cosplay - kagamine rin by kipi

The second installment from Vocaloid 2, Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len are 2 voice synthesizers packaged into one. According to their official blog, Rin and Len are not siblings, but mirrors of one another. In fact, the family name is comprised of "kagami" meaning "mirror" and "ne" meaning "sound". Rin and Len is also a pun for Left and Right.

Kipi makes an awesome Rin. I wonder who'd be a fitting Len for her?

25 March 2009

Sailor Moon: Princess Serenity 02

sailor moon cosplay - princess serenity 02 My apologies for the lack of updates lately. It seems that there have been some hot-linking of images in Cosplay Holic, and I had to change image servers. I'm still in the process of migrating images so it will take up a lot of time.

However, I've also been able to find some beautiful cosplays. This one of Princess Serenity, for example. Her dress is really well made and the materials used are just perfect for the Moon Princess.

Although I must admit, it does lack the sleeve, but nevertheless, still a fitting rival for the previous cosplayer I've posted. Excellent work!

EDIT: Thank you to the commenter for letting me know the cosplayer is Saraqael from Deviant Art!

21 March 2009

Vampire Knight: Kiryuu Zero 03

vampire knight cosplay - kiryuu zero It would appear that my photobucket account has exceeded its bandwidth limits... Which is why you see a lot of those default photobucket images here today.

I might have to reconsider which photo service I should use for this blog, but for now, I think I'll use Picasa and my other Photobucket account.

I will need to move a few images here and there to keep the bandwidth in check, so please have a bit of patience with me.

Anyhow, to keep everyone entertained for now, here is a picture of a cosplay of Zero from Vampire Knight. Hope you like it!

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20 March 2009

Onegai My Melody: Hiiragi Keiichi and Kurumi Nui

Kuromi, My Melody’s rival, is a misunderstood little bunny who wished to resurrect the Spirit of Dark Power in hopes of destroying those who have wronged her. When she escaped to the human world, she meets Hiiragi Keiichi, a famous violinist and teen heartthrob who agrees to help her in collecting 100 black notes to fulfill her dreams.

onegai my melody cosplay - hiiragi keiichi and kuromi / kurumi nui

Kuromi develops strong feelings for Hiiragi, which is argued to be much stronger than Uta’s. One night, she takes a risk in performing a spell to turn herself into a human in order to dance with Hiiragi.

This cosplay is so cute! I’m glad someone finally got Kuromi’s hair right. She even has the mobile phone Hiiragi had custom made for her. Great job!

19 March 2009

Bleach: Neliel Tu Oderschvank 03

bleach cosplay - neliel tu oderschvankThe little espada who has difficulty saying words properly, Nel first thought the Shinigami (Soul Reapers) were evil, and not the Hollows. Upon meeting Kurosaki Ichigo, however, she instantly takes a liking to him, calling him “Itsygo” and decides to follow him wherever he went.

What she doesn’t remember is that she’s actually a former Espada; a very strong one at that.

Isn’t she the most adorable cosplayer you’ve ever seen? I know she doesn’t have a mask, but she’s too cute not to feature! Great cosplaying! I’d give her more lollipops any time..!

Full Metal Alchemist: Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes 02

full metal alchemist cosplay - lieutenant colonel maes hughes by italian cosplayer yusukeLieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes is a loving family man who works in the military’s intelligence division. He is extremely valuable to Roy Mustang, as he is aiming to become a Führer and Hughes aids him by giving him information. He loves his daughter, Elicia, very much and often shows off his daughter’s picture to anyone and everyone he meets.

Italian cosplayer Yusuke is an avid reader of Cosplay Holic. He sent me some of his cosplay pictures and this is one of my favorites. He’s worn this cosplay on several occasions; Romics 2006 in Rome, Lucca Comics & Games 2006 in Lucca, and in Comicon 2007 in Naples. It’s not hard to see why this cosplay of his was so well-appreciated.

I cropped the image, but you can view the full version by clicking on the thumbnail. Thanks for your contribution, Yusuke!

17 March 2009

Vampire Knight: Kuran Kaname 06

vampire knight cosplay - kuran kanameKaname is the ancestor of the Kurans, the very first pure blood vampire who was reincarnated thanks to his own descendant, Rido. Despite wanting to kill Rido to avenge his parents’ death, Kaname could not finish him because Rido is his creator. In order to save Yuki, Kaname reduced Rido to a state wherein he could not fully revive unless he takes the blood of another pureblooded vampire.

But this was only the first step in Kaname’s plans. After incapacitating Rido, Kaname decided to find and raise someone who will be capable of killing Rido while being unable to betray him… in this case, Zero was his “pawn” because Kaname knew he could not betray Yuki.

One would think of Kaname as manipulative, and yet he’s done all this because he wanted to protect Yuki. It’s a little unnerving… But still, this is a beautiful cosplay. Great work!

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2: Anya Alstreim

lelouch of the rebellion r2 cosplay - anya alstreimKnown as the Knight of Six in the Knights of the Round, Anya is the youngest knight who seems disinterested in the world around her except when it comes to combat.

She has a habit of constantly updating her blog with her camera phone because she desperately seeks to be remembered. She has a nine year old diary which she does not remember writing, and so blogging is her way of keeping her memories. What she doesn’t know is she is under the influence of the Geass… for a very good reason.

Beautiful cosplay! I guess the color pink and the character’s name really caught my attention this time. I know someone named Anya after all. Good Job~

16 March 2009

Naruto: Haku 02

naruto cosplay - hakuExtremely androgynous in appearance, Haku’s mother was killed by his father after he had found out about her genetic ability. He would have killed Haku as well if Haku had not beaten him to it.

Because of this traumatic experience, Haku could not find purpose in life… until he met Momochi Zabuza, who found Haku useful as his “tool”.

Haku has the ability to manipulate wind and water in his surroundings to make ice. However, he does not like fighting and often uses his ice needles to pierce an opponents pressure points to leave them in a dead-like state.

Poor Haku. His story really makes me sad, even though I’ve only read it in the manga. I wish he stayed in the series a lot longer… Brilliant cosplay though!

13 March 2009

Rozen Maiden Träumend: Barasuishou 02

rozen maiden träumend cosplay - barasuishou 02

The doll who’s appearance commenced the "true" beginning of the Alice Game, Barasuishou is an imitation of the 7th Rozen Maiden Doll, Kirakishou, created by Enju, Rozen’s jealous apprentice. Her eyepatch is said to seal her emotions as she is speculated to be quite insane.

Sadly, despite winning against the 6 rozen maidens, Barasuishou’s body could not handle the Rosa Mystica and her body crumbled to pieces.

Pretty cosplayer! She definitely does Barasuishou justice. And did you know that Barasuishou is actually an anime exclusive character?

10 March 2009

Granado Espada: The Musketeer

granado espada cosplay - the musketeerMusketeers are one of the mst powerful characters in the world of Granado Espada. With their riffles and pistols, they can give heavy damage to enemies on land and air. The only downside of such powerful characters is that they’re expensive to maintain. You need a large amount of bullets that you only get in towns if you want to go through some tough quests.

The musketeer was my first character that I ever made in Granado Espada. However, I ended up deleting her because my Family was poor back then, so I could not sustain the money needed for the bullets.

I kind of regret that now though. Pretty awesome cosplay! And is it me, or does this cosplayer remind you of T.M. Revolution too?

07 March 2009

Mobile Suit Gundam Girl

mobile suit gundam girl by krizelle uychincoFirst seen in Anime Quest 2001, this Gundam Girl was portrayed by one of the many well known cosplayers in the Philippines.

Her name is Krizelle Uychinco. One could arguably say that she became famous because of this very cosplay, featured even in Culture Crash, the Philippine's premier comic magazine. Leandro Polidario is the creator of the costume who used sheet foam rubber instead of cardboard for the costume to be strong and durable enough for Krizelle to wear.

Cool looking cosplay isn't it? And very unique. I doubt there are a lot of people who've attempted this cosplay. I'm just glad I was able to find a photo of her! Awesome job, Krizelle! And great job to Leandro too for making the costume!

06 March 2009

Bleach: Kurosaki Ichigo

bleach cosplay - kurosaki ichigoAfter unintentionally absorbing most of Rukia's powers, Ichigo's fate changed dramatically from being an ordinary high school student, to temporary substitute shinigami (Soul Reaper).

Despite his cynical nature, Ichigo has come to accept the responsibilities and strength of becoming a soul reaper as it allows him to protect those he cares for the most. It is later revealed that Ichigo has even more powers aside from his soul reaper abilities.

I can't believe I've had a ton of Bleach cosplayer features and yet this is the first time I posted Ichigo! Maybe none of the ones I've seen previously caught my eye? Anyway, awesome work on this one! Love the additional detailing of the wounded arm and sword. Good job!

05 March 2009

Kuroshitsuji: Sebastian Michaelis 02

kuroshitsuji / black butler cosplay - sebastian michaelisSebastian's name is actually not his own. It is a name given to him by Ciel Phantomhive when they came upon an agreement; Sebastian is to help Ciel with his revenge and Ciel will give his soul to Sebastian as payment.

Later in the series, it is revealed that the name "Sebastian" actually the name Ciel gave to his pet dog. Historically, the name is similar to Father Sebastien Michaelis, who compiled a hierarchy of Demons in Hell.

I'm not sure why people would even consider selling their soul to the devil, but people make decisions to which they think at that time is the right one. Wonderful job on this cosplay!

EDIT: Thanks to Simmy for commenting that this is Kamishiro Rei from Deviant Art!