30 June 2010

Hetalia: Axis Powers: America

hetalia: axis powers cosplay - america

Energetic and headstrong, America was raised by England who later fights for his own independence. He is the self-proclaimed leader of the Allied Forces but his ideas for solving international problems are often absurd. Unfortunately, America also tends to be oblivious to the opinion of others.

Beautiful cosplay! I love the simple yet elegant pose the cosplayer’s done with the American flag around her. Thanks to T.J. for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to ~Lsine for finding my blog and letting me know this is her cosplay!

29 June 2010

RG Veda: Kendappa-O

rg veda cosplay - queen of kendappa - kendappa-oThe queen of the Kendappa tribe, Kendappa-O serves as the royal musician and is one of the prophesized Six Stars. As the rest of the Stars gathered together to overthrow the treacherous reign of Taishakuten, it is revealed that Kendappa-O is Taishakuten’s shitenno, Jikokuten, the shitenno and bushinsho of the East. She believes that Taishakuten is the strongest person in Heaven and swore herself to his service when she was just a small child.

Beautiful cosplay by ~missdeliri! As usual, photographer *hexlord has done a wonderful job! Thanks to Megan for sending this in!

28 June 2010

Granado Espada: Leticia

granado espada / sword of the new world cosplay - leticia

Very little is known about the Premium Item Merchant, Leticia, but players of Granado Espada know her very well. She sells in-game items that cost real money, so you can bet players think about her all the time, especially when they’re deciding whether or not to make a purchase.

I think it would be safe to say she’s from a family of merchants though? Or a family who is into the business.

Cute cosplay! I love her dress, but I wonder what she’s looking at? Thanks to Renae for sending this in!

27 June 2010

Gyakuten Saiban: Yahari Masahi

 gyakuten saiban / phoenix wright: ace attorney cosplay - yahari masahi / larry butzWell-known for his unbelievable antics in school, Larry Butz is a childhood friend of Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth. He is a flight-of-fancy character and is quite prone to yelling fits. He’s had several jobs and several girlfriends over the years, but can never seem to keep either one for a long period of time.

Nevertheless, he remains happy with his life, despite finding himself caught between court cases. As the saying goes: “When something smells, it’s usually the Butz.”

Awesome cosplay! It’s too bad the photo is a little blurry, but the cosplayer really got the character down! I wonder if there are any other characters from the series who cosplayed with him? Thanks to Rue for sending this in!

26 June 2010

Vocaloid 2: Hatsune Miku 10

In honor of the first character to reach 10 cosplay features in Cosplay Holic, here is a video of Cosplayer Yumiko dancing to Hatsune Miku’s song “Strobo Nights”.

And of course, Cosplay Holic is in its Hatsune Miku Edition now (meaning: new banner, if you haven’t noticed it yet). Thanks for all the support! And thank you to all the awesome cosplayers and readers that make this site possible!

25 June 2010

Kingdom Hearts II: Rikku

kingdom hearts 2 cosplay - rikku

A miniature version of her original Final Fantasy X-2 design, Rikku appears in Kingdom Hearts II as a little fairy. She retains most her characteristics in the new game; ditzy, good-natured, and a treasure fanatic like her teammates. Her attire is slightly modified, but retains its FF X-2 feel.

So cute! If only there was a bigger photo of this available. Thanks to Hanna for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to Tifalee for letting me know the cosplayer is Clef Cosplay!

24 June 2010

Guilty Gear XX: Bridget 04

guilty gear xx cosplay - bridget 04When Bridget was still a bounty hunter, Dizzy was one of his targets but defeating her left him unsatisfied. As such, he continued his journey and went after May, a member of the Jellyfish Pirates. Only then did he feel that he had proven his masculinity, and soon after, abandoned his life as a bounty hunter. He made amends with May and later befriended the Jellyfish Pirates.

Even without the white or blonde hair, she still makes a cute Bridget! Reminds me of the chibi cosplayer I posted back in 2009. Thanks to Fumiki for sending this in!

23 June 2010

Bleach: Urahara Kisuke 02

bleach cosplay - urahara kisuke 02With a tendency to drive away his customers at the Urahara Shop, former Captain of the 12th Division Urahara Kisuke is a keen analyst and an avid inventor. He has the ability to discern his opponents’ weaknesses and attack patterns with ease. He trained Kurosaki Ichigo and some of his friends in the store’s cave-like basement, and was able to pass on some of his analytical skills to Ichigo.

I suppose this is what Urahara would look like if he had a similar fate to Neliel. Too adorable! Thanks to Robin for sending this in!

22 June 2010

The Vision of Escaflowne: Van Fanel

the vision of escaflowne cosplay - van fanelThe second son of King Goau and Queen Varie, Van Fanel became the young king of Fanelia when his older brother, Folken Lacour de Fanel, never returned from his test of kingship. Their mother was a Draconian, winged people from Atlantis who were considered to be bearers of bad luck.The brothers were cautioned at a young age against carelessly showing their wings as a mark of their Draconian heritage.

Cosplayer Haduki Youko (葉月ヨウコ) is the girl behind this classic anime character. I remember Van in a similar pose during the ending credits of the series. Thanks to Regan for sharing this!

21 June 2010

Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shoganai!!: Ran

suki na mono wa suki dakara shoganai!! sukisho! sukisyo! cosplay - ranFujimori Sunao’s alternate personality, Ran is dependent, demanding, and slightly more feminine than his other half. Ran loves Hashiba Sora’s alternate personality, Yoru, and tends to flirt with Sora to bring out Yoru. Ran also never harasses Sunao but will seduce almost anybody else.

Beautiful cosplay! I thought the character was a girl at first, but I guess even guy characters can have pink hair! Thanks again to Cherokee for sending this in!

20 June 2010

Death Note: Ryuzaki L. Lawliet, Yagami Light, and Amane Misa

death note cosplay - ryuzaki l lawliet yagami light kira and amane misaThis photo has been labeled as one of the most popular deviations of all time on Deviant Art. It’s easy to see why as the cosplay and the setting is superb, but a lot of people who became jealous of this popularity gave the cosplayers a hard time.

This is one of the reasons why I don’t allow hateful comments on Cosplay Holic. I do let constructive criticism slide in once in a while, but most of the time, I delete them. Cosplayers work hard on their cosplays, and it’s all for fun. It’s not something that should be taken too seriously.

And yes, everyone, please get it straight, Yagami Light’s cosplayer in this shoot, Jin Joson aka *behindinfinity, is a girl.

Miguel aka ~merkymerx is L, China aka ~snowpeachdrop is Misa, and ~littlesailboat is their photographer. Thanks to Cianna for sending this in!

19 June 2010

Soul Calibur III: Yoshimitsu

unknown cosplay 55 / soul calibur 3 cosplay - yoshimitsuAnother cosplay from Melbourne Anime Festival 2009, only this time, I do not recognize the character at all.

Photographer and contributor, Bethany, also has no idea what series or game this cosplay is from, but she submitted the photo to me anyway. I’m impressed by all the details in the costume, and it makes me even more curious to know the character and the cosplayer behind the mask.

A little help please? Thanks again to Bethany for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who commented that this is Yoshimitsu from Soul Calibur III!

18 June 2010

Chrono Cross: Irenes

chrono cross cosplay - irenes

A mermaid hailing from the town of Marbule, Irenes’ goal is to convince Fargo to help save Marbule from the creatures that have resided there. Her sister, Zelbess, fell in love with Fargo, but died in a tragic death. This made Fargo vindictive against demi-humans like Irenes and forced them to work as slaves in his cruise ship, the S.S. Zelbess.

Beautiful cosplay by Xero! She made her costume is such a clever way that she can walk around with a mermaid tail! Excellent tailoring! Thanks to Syaza for sending this in!

17 June 2010

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Kadaj and Yazoo

final fantasy vii advent children cosplay - kadaj and yazoo

Two of the three Remnants of Sephiroth, Kadaj and Yazoo are the main antagonists of Advent Children along with their brother, Loz. Kadaj is a highly skilled warrior and the leader of the group, while Yazoo, despite being a potent fighter is not as strong and agile as Loz. Kadaj is the only one who is aware of the existence and plans of Sephiroth and Jenova.

Impressive cosplay! Too bad Loz isn’t with them, but they’ve cosplayed Kadaj and Yazoo very well! Thanks again to Karen for sending this in!

16 June 2010

Ouran High School Host Club: Haninozuka Mitsukuni

ouran high school host club cosplay - haninozuka hani honey hunny mitsukuniHaninozuka Mitsukuni, nicknamed "Hani", "Honey", or "Hunny" is a 17-year-old student of Ouran High School, even though he looks as if he belongs in the elementary school department. He is childish, loves sweets, and has a room full of stuffed animals. He often carries a stuffed bunny with him called “Usa-chan” in the anime and “Bun-Bun” in the manga.

Cute cosplayer from Melbourne Anime Festival 2009! And such a cute stuffed bunny too! I love the pink sneakers the cosplayer is wearing! Thanks again to Bethany for sending this in!

15 June 2010

Air Gear: Wanijima Agito 02

air gear cosplay - wanijima akito agito 03

Physically weak due to his short and thin stature, Akito/Agito is a powerful AT user because of his motivation, willpower, and pride. Akito, the innocent and non-violent personality, has been acting as Agito’s tuner until recently. Because Akito could not fully hear his own biorhythm, he could only keep his other half’s AT and Regalia barely operational. It was not until Nakayama Yayoi tuned him that Fang Regalia became complete.

Impressive cosplay, and with real rollerblades too! It looks like the cosplayer is wearing an anime convention’s ID, but I wonder which? Thanks to Omi for sending this in!

14 June 2010

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior: Chun-Li

street fighter 2: the world warrior cosplay - chun-liAn ordinary girl who lost her father to Shadaloo, Chun-Li entered Street Fighter II's tournament in order to seek its founder and Shadaloo's Leader, M. Bison. Her Mandarin name is 春 meaning “Spring” and 麗 meaning “Beautiful”. These characters were chosen for her as she is a “single, young girl filled with the beauty of Spring”. Once she had achieved her revenge, she was given the choice to continue her work as a police officer or to return to her life as an ordinary girl.

Beautiful Chun-Li! Those spike bracelets of hers look very heavy… I hope she didn’t have a hard time carrying them around. Thanks again to Fumiki for sending this!

13 June 2010

OS-Tan: Windows ME 02

os-tan cosplay - windows me 02While Windows ME is a very hard worker, she often fails in anything she tries to do, resulting in system crashes that require the user to execute the dreaded “Ctrl+Alt+Del”. Whenever she isn’t frozen or out of control, she tends to do things that lack common sense such as defending herself by swinging a leek. The leek was added to her design as a pun; there is a firewall program called “NEGiES” is pronounced “Negi” which can mean “leek” in Japanese.

Cute Windows ME cosplayer! I’ve always used Windows 2000 before jumping to XP for my operating system I never got to experience these system crashes… not that I’d ever want to! Thanks to Rie for sending these in!

12 June 2010

Slam Dunk: Rukawa Kaede

slam dunk cosplay - rukawa kaedeAttractive, skilled, but often considered to be cold, Rukawa Kaede is the Super-Rookie of Shohoku High School’s Basketball Team. Even though he is only a first-year high school player, he has the height, athleticism, and drive that makes him the undisputed ace of the team. He plays Small Forward, and when he’s not playing on the court, he is often seen sleeping; even when riding his bicycle.

I didn’t think anyone would have a cosplay photo from this series! It’s one of the classics that changed a lot of people’s perspective to Japanese animation. Thanks to Fumiki for sending this in!