15 April 2015

Saint Seiya: Pisces Albafica

saint seiya cosplay - pisces albafica

Albafica is a quiet man who appears to prefer solitude than the company of others. In reality, he is a kind person who does his best to avoid others in order to protect them from his poisonous blood. Prolonged exposure to the Demon Roses, as well as the ritual of Red Ribbons of Blood with his teacher, forces those of Pisces to live their lives in isolation, thus giving Albafica a cold image.

This cosplayer is really pretty, wouldn’t you agree? This series is really making me curious though… I remember having an officemate who was a big fan of Saint Seiya that he had the entire cast’s figures displayed on his desk!

Maybe I’ll give the manga a read after my deadlines… Thanks to LOLWHAT11 for sharing this!

Source: Crunchyroll

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