20 April 2015

Sword Art Online: Mother’s Rosario: Konno Yuuki

sword art online: mother's rosario cosplay - konno yuukiAn Alfheim Online player who has an even faster reaction time than Kirito, Konno Yuuki was the 2nd leader of the Sleeping Knights Guild. She was known as Zekken or “Absolute Sword” due to her winning streak of 67 consecutive duels on the street, including Kirito. She was also known for creating an 11-hit Original Sword Skill.

I’m sure most of the SAO fans already know what happened to Yuuki, so this photo might give you a lot of feels. For the others who haven’t caught up yet, well, this is still a beautiful photo, wouldn’t you agree? Thanks to Crystal for sharing this!

Source: Crystal T. on Google+

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