05 December 2012

Card Captor Sakura: Tsukishiro Yukito, Kinomoto Sakura, and Kinomoto Toya

card captor saukra cosplay - tsukishiro yukito, kinomoto sakura, and kinomoto toya by hagaren and mao mao
Source: hagaren ハガレン

Tsukishiro Yukito is the close friend of Sakura’s older brother, Kinomoto Toya, and the human alter-ego of the Clow Card guardian, Yue. He is kind and gentle, and at the start of the series, Sakura has a crush on him, mainly because of Yukito’s resemblance to her father.

Toya, on the other hand, teases Sakura frequently, but he does care a great deal for her and works hard to protect her. He is fully aware that his sister is a Card Captor, and thus takes on several part-time jobs that places him nearby when she is working on capturing a card.

Although I know Syaoran is Sakura’s true love, I still wish Toya didn’t ruin her date with Yukito in this photo. Amazing cosplay once again by Hagaren and Mao Mao (猫猫)! Beautiful setting too! Thanks again to Genevieve for sending this!

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