16 April 2015

Ao no Exorcist: Okumura Rin 03

ao no exorcist cosplay - okumura rin 3Unlike his younger twin Yukio, Rin is immature and reckless, which often times leads others into thinking he is the younger one of the two. He is very open with his friends, but when some of them found out about his Demon heritage, they became afraid of him, thinking that he was unstable and therefore dangerous. Rin appears to have a soft spot for animals too, as he fought against Shiratori Reiji and his delinquent gang because they were shooting down pigeons.

I love the effects on this image! I need to learn how to render fire too, since one of my characters is a fire angel. Thanks again to Robins for suggesting this!

Source: CAÇADORA DE IMAGENS on Blogspot

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