30 April 2015

Amnesia: Shin 04

amnesia cosplay - shin by alfred xiaolay欠け落ち失くしてしまった
I search for the final component
I lost when I fell on down.
I arrive at a distant star
At the edge of the sky dyed in the colors of the rainbow.

I am held prisoner by the little lights that fell through the cracks
白日夢に似た道 歩き 歩き
And down a path that looks like a day dream, I walk, and I walk.
The excelling gravity,
The repeating pull,
私の心ごと 話さない
Will not tell me about my heart.

Lyrics by Crimson Silk
Translation by Sarah Nelkin

Doesn’t Alfred Xiaolay make an amazing Shin? I think I like this outfit better than his original one, what do you guys think? Thanks to Jennifer for sending this in!

Source: けいのシークレットベース

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