31 January 2012

Pita-Ten: Shia

pita-ten cosplay - shiaA very polite and quiet girl who loves to cook and clean, Shia is a demon apprentice who is not very good at being malicious or at killing humans. She is gentle, kind-hearted, and generally weak, especially when Misha is close by. Her failure to become a full demon unfortunately caused her to disappear and was erased from everyone’s memories.

Such a cute Shia! I read one volume of manga from this series, and I couldn’t stand Misha because of the way her dialogue was translated in English. This is the first time I’ve read or seen Shia though. Thanks to Malachi for sending this in!

29 January 2012

Tsubasa – Resevoir Chronicle: Sakura 06

tsubasa - reservoir chronicle cosplay - sakura 6 by samanthaAt the loss of her memory feathers, Sakura was initially confused and constantly tired from her travels to other worlds, but she grew stronger as she regains her feathers one by one. She became friendly with the group’s members, Fai D. Flowright, Kurogane, Mokona, and even Syaoran. However, even though she notices that she is missing someone from her memories, when Sakura realizes that person to be Syaoran, her memories are reversed back to before she thought of him. She also began to recover her abilities, including being able to see the spirits of nature, ghosts, and even foreseeing the future.

I do apologize for my sudden disappearance, guys! You could say I’m a little burned out from reading up on different characters from different series. But of course, I will continue to work hard to get out of this slump! Thank you to Samantha for sending me her cosplay photo of Sakura!

25 January 2012

The Lord of the Rings: Galadriel

the lord of the rings cosplay - galadriel by fairytale destruction

Even among the Eldar she was accounted beautiful, and her hair is held a marvel unmatched. It is golden like the hair of her father and of her foremother Indis, but richer and more radiant, for its gold is touched by some memory of the starlike silver of her mother; and the Eldar say that the light of the Two Trees, Laurelin and Telperion, has been snared in her tresses.

Goddess” by Fairytale Destruction

I’m a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings, and you have no idea how much I love this cosplay. Fairytale Destruction makes such a perfect Galadriel! I’m completely speechless! Thanks to Colleen for sending this in!

24 January 2012

Chrono Trigger: Glenn

chrono trigger cosplay - glenn by negative dreamerPresumably a squire under Cyrus, Glenn was a “Knight of the Square Table” who had a notably close, although platonic, relationship with Queen Leene. He later witnessed Cyrus’ death in the hands of Magus, and was shortly after transformed into an anthropomorphic frog by the dark mage. He was then known simply as “Frog” or “Kaeru” in the Japanese version, and Glenn dedicated his life to his Queen, vowing to avenge Cyrus by killing Magus.

It’s interesting to note that this is Negative Dreamer’s real hair, first dyed blond then dyed green. Now that’s what I call dedication! Thanks to Vanessa for suggesting this!

23 January 2012

Saint Seiya: Leo Aiolia

saint seiya cosplay - leo aioliaWhen the Pope summoned Aiolia and the Scorpio Gold Saint, Milo to his hall, he explained to them the that Gold Cloths of Aries, Libra, and Sagittarius were no longer in the Sanctuary. He then ordered Aiolia to go to Japan in order to find the Gold Cloth of Sagittarius and kill Kido Saori and her renegade Bronze Saints. This was Aiolia task for him to prove that he is worthy as a Gold Saint.

Here’s a cosplay from a series you don’t get to see everyday, and it’s quite well done right down to the hair detail. Thanks again to Billy for sending this in! First found on ShroomCos’ Tumblr!

22 January 2012

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Tifa Lockhart 11

final fantasy vii advent children - tifa lockhart 11

Outside of the Final Fantasy series, Tifa has appeared in many other games, including Ehrgeiz as an unlockable character and an optional boss. In Kingdom Hearts II, she appears in her Advent Children attire, searching for Cloud while fighting various Heartless along the way. In LittleBigPlanet 2, Tifa is featured as a downloadable character model. She has also appeared in the electronic board games Itadaki Street Special and Itadaki Street Portable.

Another stunning Tifa! And she looks Caucasian to me, which is a nice change. Thanks to Nell for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to Tifalee for finding my blog! She is the cosplayer behind this beautiful Tifa! Please check out more of her work in her deviant art account!

And by the way, I was right! Tifalee is Caucasian! Specifically, French with German and Central European roots!

21 January 2012

Bleach: Ishida Uryuu 03

bleach cosplay - ishida uryuu 3

Generally shy and quiet, Ishida Uryuu has a tendency to try and act “cool” when he is around other people. After Kurosaki Ichigo attained shinigami (soul reaper; death god) powers from Kuchiki Rukia, Ishida confronted him in an attempt to prove that Quincies like himself are superior. Ishida distrusts the shinigami because his grandfather, Ishida Souken, was killed by the shinigami right in front of him.

This is pretty cool! Especially since the cosplayer has a similar cross that Ishida had during the first season of the anime. Thanks to Mika for sending this in!

20 January 2012

Fate/Zero: Assassin Sayid

fate/zero cosplay - assassin sayid by hisui-facist

Appearing only for a short time in the anime series, the assassin Sayid was said to have had no specialization in any particular skill. Thus, he was used as a decoy to make the other masters of the 4th Holy Grail War believe that Kotomine Kirei and Assassin were defeated by Tohsaka Tokiomi, which allowed the rest of the Assassins to roam about freely without being detected.

Cosplayer Hisui-Facist makes a great looking Sayid! Although we didn’t get to see much of this character, this is what Hisui wrote:

I decided to cosplay the very 1st personality of the Fate/Zero Assassin, a personality called “Sayid”. I admire him for his superhuman speed and agility; being able to dodge the various defenses and obstacles he was confronted with.

Well, I’m sure a lot of people are now admiring your work and maybe even think twice about the character. Thanks again for sending this! And thank you as well to Clee Andro, the photographer, and Kim Tan, the make-up artist!

19 January 2012

D. Gray-Man: Kanda Yu 05

d. gray-man cosplay - kanda yu 5 by rainer tachibanaWARNING: This article contains spoilers. Please read at your own risk!

Second Exorcist Kanda Yu refuses to die until he finds a “certain person”, revealed to be a female Exorcist whose brain was placed into fellow Second Exorcist, Alma Karma. Kanda was the second Second Exorcist to awaken and was initially hostile towards Alma, but the two eventually became friends. When Kanda began to remember his past life, the people behind the Synthetic Disciple Project made the decision to terminate him, but Alma managed to rescue him.

Another fantastic cosplay by Rainer Tachibana! Please hop on over to her Deviant Art Gallery for more of her awesome work! First found on Cosplay Endless’ Tumblr!

18 January 2012

Loveless: Agatsuma Soubi and Kaidou Kio

loveless cosplay - agatsuma soubi and kaidou kioFellow art student and classmate of Soubi’s, Kaidou Kio claims to be one of Soubi’s only friends and he shows this friendship by flirting with him. Truthfully, Kio is fascinated with Soubi’s art style and skill which is what led his desire to become friends with Soubi. Soubi, on the other hand, became interested in Kio because of the tattoo on his back, and the vow he took when he got it.

Great cosplay! I don’t get to see a lot of good Kio cosplayers, so this is quite rare for me! First found on Yun Koga – Loveless’ Tumblr!

17 January 2012

Kuroshitsuji: Ran-Mao

kuroshitsuji cosplay - ran-mao by hana mcdowellWith her name literally meaning “blue cat”, Ran-Mao is often seen with the Chinese noble and President of the British Branch of a Chinese Trading Company, Lau. She was first introduced to be Lau’s sister, not by blood, and later revealed to be his personal assassin. Ran-Mao rarely speaks and has a very doll-like demeanor.

Awesome cosplay by Hana McDowell! Great detailing and fantastic pose as well! First found on Cosplay Ninja’s Tumblr!

16 January 2012

Pangya: Kooh 03

pangya cosplay - kooh 3Although she is still quite young, Kooh is a very capable Pirate Captain of her father’s crew, and no one dares to sail into the Bartos when Kooh is there. This rough and tumble girl may like weapons, cannons, (and blaming her crew for just about everything), she shows her girlier side with her hobby of collecting dolls.

She’s so cute! Just like my favorite character in the game! First found this on Sakura Harutsuki’s Tumblr!

15 January 2012

Vocaloid 2: Megurine Luka 14

voclaoid 2 cosplay - megurine luka 14 from comiket 81Rurara
O Hanaba take kitchin
Yume to kū sō māburu mo yō

Reshipi wa arimasen
O sukina fureibā de kanadete yo

Sutoroberīfīrudo no naka
Futa go no cherī korogashite sumairu
Pinku iro no atorie de purinsesu wa
Omekashi chiyuu

“Cinnamon Roll” Lyrics by

Looks like another cosplayer’s decided to wear Megurine Luka’s Cinnamon Roll Princess Outfit! And both cosplayers look very good! Thanks again to Yuri for sending this in!

14 January 2012

Trinity Blood: Lilith Sahl

Lilith Sahl by ~middeneaht on deviantART

The prototype for Cain, Abel, and Seth, Lilith is the fourth of the test tube babies created for the Mars Colonization Project by the United Nations' Scientists. She was in charge of the Health Care area and usually the voice of reason during conflicts among the Nightroad siblings. During the war, Lilith sided with the Vatican as she wished to save humanity while the three Nightroad siblings sided with the Methuselah, also known as “vampires”.

Lilith was never shown in the anime, but I’ve recently been reading the manga and she seems like a really powerful individual. In any case, this is only the cropped version of Middeneaht’s work, but Adelhaid makes a very beautiful Lilith. Thanks again to Niena for sending this in!

13 January 2012

Manaka de Ikuno!!: Yuzuhara Konomi

unknown cosplay 115 from comiket 81 / manaka de ikuno!! cosplay - yuzuhara konomiI gotta hand it to this cosplayer, her scepter(?) looks really sturdy, unlike the usual paper and card board we see in props! Since it’s probably made of wood or plastic, I bet you she can knock out any creepy otaku that comes her way!

But I digress, what character is she cosplaying anyway? One thing's for sure though: she and/or her character really loves cats! And I really like her cat ears hat! Thanks to Tokiya for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to anon for letting me know this is Yuzuhara Konomi from Manaka de Ikuno!!

Angel Beats!: Nakamura Yuri 05

angel beats! cosplay - nakamura yuriBecause of her design similarities to Suzumiya Haruhi, the creators were heavily criticized by many of Haruhi’s fans at the release of the Angel Beats! series. Not only that, but Yuri’s organization, the “SSS” is also similar to Haruhi’s “SOS”. Nonetheless, writer Maeda Jun said that his inspiration for Yuri’s character is Amagi Yukiko from the game Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, his favorite character in the said game.

I’m still confused as to why the cosplayers are wearing their swimsuits in the middle of winter. Not that any of the guys are complaining, I’m sure. Thanks to Hoshii for sending this in!