13 March 2016

Sailor Moon S: Tenou Haruka

sailor moon s cosplay - tenou haruka by ladasever

Although Haruka is female, she is known to use her androgynous appearance to complicate the perception of her gender. In her first appearance in the series, she is dressed similar to Tuxedo Mask instead of a Sailor Soldier (although this form is never discussed again). She is also extremely flirtatious and loves to tease pretty girls. However, when it comes to her relationship to Michiru, Haruka’s boldness becomes that of protectiveness, as she finds it impolite to discuss romantic matters in public.

Wow, just… wow! LadaSever definitely looks like Haruka! Please do give her your support by visiting her Deviant Art! Thanks to Kira for sending this in!

08 March 2016

Kamigami no Asobi: Hades Aidoneus

kamigami no asobi cosplay - hades aidoneus by hyuga nozomiHades Aidoneus is the Greek God of the Underworld, who is Apollon’s Uncle and Zeus’ older brother. He is a quiet individual who distances himself from others as he believes himself to be unlucky and cursed. Despite his cold, unapproachable appearance, he is actually kind and gentle on the inside.

Hades’ cosplayer is Hyuga Nozomi from Japan! Would you be surprised to know that Hyuga is actually female? I was definitely taken aback! She looks just like Hades here!

As usual, please support the cosplayer though her Archive, Twitter, and World Cosplay! Thanks to Mikichan for sending this in!

07 March 2016

Touken Ranbu: Tsurumaru Kuninaga 02

touken ranbu cosplay - tsurumaru kuninaga by mikado

Tsurumaru’s name uses the kanji “鶴” which could also mean “crane”. The crane is said to be a symbol of fortune and longevity in Japan, but Tsurumaru historically brought ruin to his chain of masters. Nevertheless, he is still the best preserved blade from the Heian perios despite his turbulent history.

Doesn’t Japanese cosplayer Mikado look absolutely stunning? Please be sure to send her your messages and support the cosplayer through Archive, Twitter, or World Cosplay! Thanks to Shio for sending this in!

03 March 2016

Free!: Nanase Haruka and Tachibana Makoto 03

free! (anime) cosplay - nanase haruka and tachibana makoto by xilou and kumaqi

Rage on

brilliant light
Stay sharp and turn your eyes to the moment

the sun is blazing on my zealot
better nothing else to be
what I want

what is the nothing that I got?

find delight in this siren

“Rage On” by Anime Lyrics
with transliteration by Chokoreeto
and translation by bambooXZX

Don’t KumaQi and XiLou make a lovely pair of cosplayers for Free!? I wonder how they managed to get this shot… Did they hire a photographer or rent a pool? Maybe they used an underwater camera? Either way, it’s a very lovely photo! Thanks to Mica for sending this in!