30 April 2013

Death Note: Amane Misa 08

death note cosplay amane misa from japan comiket 83
Source: Marcello on Flickr
Although seemingly innocent and playful, Amane Misa is truly a twisted and disturbed girl. When she was much younger, her parents were killed in front of her. Unfortunately, the murderer’s trial had multiple delays and even had the possibility of setting the killer free. Yagami Light, who was already on possession of a Death Note, punished the murder, to which Misa was eternally grateful and slowly became infatuated with “Kira”.

Cute! I’m very happy to see more cosplays from this series. She makes a really adorable Misa. Thanks again to Marcello for letting me feature this!

29 April 2013

Vocaloid 2: Hatsune Miku 44

vocalois 2 cosplay hatsune miku from japan comiket 83
Source: Hexieshe

With a bold and sudden calling, Western Revolution's starting
Let our hearts be open to it
Pacifist nation
Riding on a penny-farthing, it’s the flag of our sun rising,
悪霊退散 ICBM
Warding evil spirits like an ICBM

On the train tracks, running along the line,
let us move forward. Don't look behind.
Boys and girls becoming like samurai
浮世の 随に
just like those from our previous life

“A Thousand Sakura”
Lyrics and Translation by

This Miku cosplayer really reminds me of Saya somehow. There are some similarities to the late cosplayer, but I guess I’m just really missing her a lot. Thanks to Tamara for sending this in!

28 April 2013

Sword Art Online: Kirito 04

Source: SAO 52pk

In SAO, Kirito is the sole possessor of the unique skill “Dual Blades”. This skill is said to be awarded to the player with the fastest reaction time. Kirito kept his unique skill a secret from the other player because he didn’t know the conditions of unlocking the skill. The chosen player is supposed to be the one who will stand against the final boss on the 100th floor, regardless of the outcome of the said battle.

A very nice shot of this Kirito cosplayer! I really love his coat design in Sword Art Online. I’m beginning to consider buying one for myself. Thanks to Regan for sending this in!

26 April 2013

Fate/Unlimited Codes: Saber Lily 04

fate unlimited codes cosplay saber lily by hydeaoi
Source: Hydeaoi on World Cosplay
Saber Lily’s design was inspired from the dress Caster placed on her when Saber was captured in the events that occurred on “Unlimited Blade Works”. The addition of “Lily” to her name refers to her skirt, as it was designed to resemble the petals of a lily flower. Although there is no official background story for her, Kinoko Nasu and Urobuchi Gen joked about her being a version of Saber fully tamed by Caster.

Apologies for the lack of updates, guys! I am receiving all your email, but after Komikon, I’ve now been invited to participate in Free Comic Book Day! You could say my artist’s status is leveling up at a rapid pace, so please bear with me for now! Thank you so much for your patience, and thanks to Hanna for sending this in!

22 April 2013

Inuyasha: Sesshoumaru 07

Source: Rochelle on Facebook
Although the Tenseiga managed to return Sesshoumaru and Rin back to the world of the living, it could no longer bring Rin back to life as the Tenseiga had already done so when Sesshoumaru first met Rin. As a result, Sesshoumaru had no desire of owning his new Tenseiga as it came about at the cost of Rin’s life. His mother, known to be very cold and heartless, saw Sesshoumaru’s anguish and said, “don’t expect me to do this a second time”, and brought Rin’s life from Meido back into the world of the living. She concluded by saying, “all this fuss over a little human girl.. you inherited the most unusual traits from your father.”

I would have wanted to see this episode! It’s too bad I missed it when the show was still airing on cable. Thanks to Tasha for sharing this!

20 April 2013

Naruto: Sakon to Ukon

Source: Crunchyroll
The apparent leaders of the Sound Four, Sakon and Ukon are twin brothers from Otogakure. Orochimaru and Kabuto have acknowledged that Sakon and Ukon are the strongest and fastest members of the team. However, whenever Sakon is interested in his opponent, he tends to use unnecessary strong techniques to toy with his opponent, slowing down the rest of the group. Ukon counteracts this flaw by being more impatient and hasty, forcing Sakon to end his battles quickly.

Creepy and amazing, what can I say? I don’t want to know if that’s another cosplayer behind him/her or if that’s a mannequin head. It bothers me to even think about it. Thanks again to Darlene for sending this in!

18 April 2013

Full Metal Alchemist: Maria Ross

full metal alchemist cosplay maria ross
Source: Crunchyroll
Maria Ross is one of the guards assigned to protect Edward Elric who is quite serious about her job. Ross was later framed by the homunculi for the death of Maes Hughes. Roy Mustang then staged a prison break and faked her death, in order to give her a chance to flee to Xing and possibly clear her name. She later returned to Amestris in order to help Mustang wage an assault against Central.

Such a cute cosplayer! She might actually look better than the anime, which is not something you see everyday! Thanks to Darlene for sending this in!

16 April 2013

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic: Morgiana

magi the labyrinth of magic cosplay morgiana
Source: Anime is better than Cartoons on Facebook
A descendent of the hunting tribe “Fanalis”, Morgiana’s life as a slave made her emotionless and unfriendly, but she eventually opened herself to other after she obtained her freedom. As a Fanalian, Morgiana possesses superhuman strength, speed, and senses. She is grateful to Aladdin and Alibaba for freeing her, and thus trained with Sinbad’s general and fellow Fanalian Masrur in order to protect them with her massive strength.

Sorry I’ve been away for so long, guys! I’ve recently participated in Summer Komikon 2013 and launched the second book of Studio 4 Eyes. It was all good until we had to do everything in the last minute, but still definitely well worth all the pain and effort! In any case, thanks to Jeanine for sending this in!

12 April 2013

Vocaloid 2: Megurine Luka 20

vocaloid 2 cosplay megurine luka from japan comiket 83
Source: Marcello Masiero on Flickr

This world is deeply stained with gray
(I want to break this world)
There are no dreams or hope in this world
(I want to break myself)

The world goes round and round
Nobody can hear my screams
The world is on wheels
なんて無力 か弱い存在
How powerless and feeble I am

堕ちてゆく 暗闇へと
I’m falling into the darkness

Lyrics and Translation by

Not exactly one of my favorite songs from Luka since the lyrics are so sad and depressing, but I think her fans will appreciate it more than I do. I think the sipper charm(?) on this cosplay is very interesting though since it looks like it’s made on one solid piece. Thanks again to Marcello for letting me feature this!

07 April 2013

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Kadaj 03

final fantasy 7 advent children cosplay kadaj by mei wai
Source: Crunchyroll
Kadaj is said to be the embodiment of Sephiroth’s cruelty and insanity. Although completely devoted to Jenova, Kadaj is insecure that Jenova would “choose” Sephiroth over him. He has a strange personality and has a tendency of bursting into laughter for no apparent reason.

Well, I suppose that only goes to show how crazy Kadaj really is. And despite the small photo, I’m pretty sure this one is Mei Wai. Thanks to again 2chmod for sending this in!

04 April 2013

Vocaloid 2: Hatsune Miku 43

vocaloid 2 cosplay - hatsune miku from japan comiket 78
Source: LiveDoor
The song I dedicated to you that one day is now but a sad song of love
Let the wind blow it away to that summer day when we first met

If both my past and my future vanish will I be able to soar freely?
If I can erase just one emotion will I feel better if I erase my feeling of “love”?

Lyrics and Translation by

Another cute Miku cosplay from Japan Comiket 78! I need to find other Vocaloids to feature on Cosplay Holic because I’m afraid people might grow tired of seeing her cosplays! Thanks again to 4chanatic for sending this in!

03 April 2013

Dead or Alive: Kasumi 07

dead or alive cosplay kasumi
Source: Crunchyroll

Sometime before the third tournament, Kasumi managed to meet her brother Hayate and tried to convince him to forget DOATEC. Hayate refused to listen and thus Kasumi followed him to the DOATEC Tri-Tower to confront its current leader, Helena Douglas. She was then confronted by her powerful clone, the Alpha-152, a translucent, liquid-like form of Kasumi whose only goal was to destroy everything.

Cute cosplayer! Hopefully not to risqué for the younger audience, but that’s pretty much how DOA video games are. Thanks to Peachy for sending this in!

02 April 2013

Soul Eater: Maka Albarn 02

soul eater cosplay maka albarn
Source: Cosplays Kawaii on Blogspot
Although she collaborates well with her weapon partner, Soul Evans in battle, Maka Albarn has little patience for Soul whenever he does something foolish. As a result, she often nags at Soul much to his chagrin. Nevertheless, Maka does care a lot about her partner and does her best to keep him out of harm’s way.

This is absolutely stunning! The cosplayer looks like she’s a porcelain doll! And what a beautiful location to take a photo shoot in! Thanks to Teri for sending this in!

01 April 2013

Naruto Shippuden / Bleach: Uchiha Sasuke and Kurosaki Ichigo

naruto shippuden bleach cosplay uchiha sasuke and kurosaki ichigo by miguel and jin joson
Source: Crunchyroll

Leave it to Miguel and Jin Joson to come up with a crossover pairing like this! (What? They’re in a relationship after all!)

They make a spectacular pair of cosplayers and they never cease to amaze me! I’m a little curious why they decided to go to a convention as characters from two different series though, but I guess we’ll never know! Both Naruto and Bleach are equally popular though, so I don’t think their fans are complaining! Thanks again to Fumiki for sending this in!