31 May 2011

Naruto: Tenten

naruto cosplay - tenten by zhyrheTenten is the only female member of Team Guy, and she longs to prove that a female ninja can be just as skilled as any male ninja. Of all of the protagonists in the series, Tenten receives the least amount of screen time. However, series creator Kishimoto Masashi favors her design more than any other female characters he created. Her Japanese Seiyuu is Tamura Yukari and her English voice actor is Danielle Judovits.

Beautiful cosplay by Zhyrhe! This is a pretty popular photo on the net, but I wish people would link her back to her Deviant Art account. Thanks again to Yukino for sending this in!

30 May 2011

Blood+: Otonashi Saya

blood+ cosplay - otonashi saya by lenneth

Born in 1833 from one of two cocoon-like objects taken from the belly of a chiropteran mummy, Saya was adopted by Joel Goldschmidt and treated as his daughter, while her sister Diva, who was initially left nameless, was locked in tower. Saya did not know about Diva’s existence until 1863, when she heard Diva singing and gave her a name. During a birthday party for Joel, however, Diva’s true nature emerges, as she was released to sing in the party but ended up slaughtering everyone in the Goldschmidt household. Saya then spent her periods of activity hunting Diva, trying to kill her, her chevaliants, and any chiropterans they have created.

It’s a bit scary and disturbing, but I’m hoping that’s fake blood on Lenneth’s hands. Thanks to Katrina for sending this and to Razin for the awesome photography!

29 May 2011

Vocaloid 2: Megurine Luki and Megurine Luka

vocaloid 2 cosplay - megurine luki and megurine luka by astellecia and hiyukiNow here is a Megurine Luka cosplay you don’t get to see everyday.

I thought they were two Lukas at first, but apparently, he is actually Luki, the genderbent version of Luka. Luki sings one or two octaves lower than Luka, giving her a male voice despite using the same voice configuration. Among the Japanese fandom, voice configuration is often the way Genderbent Vocaloids are created.

In any case, great cosplay by Astellecia and Hiyuki! Please be sure to visit their galleries too!

28 May 2011

Card Captor Sakura: The Flower

card captor sakura cosplay - the flower by bellatrix aiden

The Flower card was first introduced in the 10th episode of Card Captor Sakura. It appeared during a sport’s day festival at Sakura’s school because it likes happy occasions. She then proceeded to make tons of flowers rain down and almost buried everyone in the school. When Sakura found her, she danced with her before allowing the new card captor to seal her away.

Beautiful cosplay by Bellatrix Aiden! The way she interpreted the Flower card is absolutely stunning! Thanks to Alyssa for sending this in!

Angel Beats!: Yui 02

angel beats! cosplay - yui 2Despite being hyperactive and sometimes childish, Yui can also be “jokingly” rude to her colleagues, and even throw trash talk to Hinata and the others. Her upbeat personality may have stemmed from her being paralyzed from the neck down due to a car accident when she was still alive. Although it is unknown how she died, it can be assumed that her body somehow broke down in some way.

Very cute Yui! Even her pose seems to scream hyperactivity, but she’s missing her signature shackle bracelets! Thanks to anon for sending this!

27 May 2011

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion: Euphemia li Britannia

code geass: lelouch of the rebellion cosplay - euphemia li britanniaLelouch Lamperouge's half-sister and the Third Princess of the Holy Britannia Empire, Euphemia li Britannia is a kindhearted and open-minded woman who despises conflict of any form. She joins her older sister, Conelia, in governing Area 11, thus becoming the Sub-Viceroy. She develops a relationship with Kururugi Suzaku as they share the same views, and eventually appoints him as her personal knight.

Beautiful Euphemia! I’m wondering if the initials “K.L.” are the cosplayer’s or the photographer’s. I hope someone here can tell me! Thanks to Katrina for sending this in!

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion: Lelouch Lamperouge 07

code geass: lelouch of the rebellion cosplay - lelouch lamperouge 7 by sui082Even without the power of his Geass, Lelouch proves to be a formidable opponent. He is highly intelligent, possessing a genius-level intellect, and is capable of devising and executing strategies with incredible speed and precision. At one point, Rollo notes that operating the Absolute Defense Field of the Shinkiro requires complex calculations which he cannot perform, while Lelouch almost makes it look easy. He is also very charismatic and persuasive.

Absolutely stunning cosplay by Sui082! She has a ton of cosplays that are all very impressive in her gallery. Thanks to 莉磨 for sharing this!

26 May 2011

Kuroshitsuji: Sebastian Michaelis 07

kuroshitsuji cosplay - sebastian michaelis 7

The Phantomhive butler who prides himself in his ability to handle every impossible task, Sebastian Michaelis has been known to use silverware as his weapon of choice in battle. He uses forks and knives as projectiles and is always able to make his mark, with the exception of death gods and  fallen angels. Sebastian is also an extreme cat lover, to the point of ignoring Ciel’s words to comfort a stray cat.

Impressive cosplay! The cosplayer really has Sebastian look down to his evil smile. Thanks to Andre for sharing this!

25 May 2011

Bleach: Nnoitora Gilga

bleach cosplay - nnoitora gilgaThe Quinto Espada and representation of death’s aspect “despair”, Nnoitora Gilga was once the Octavo Espada when Neliel Tu Oderschvank was the Tercera. The large eye-patch covers most of the left side of his face as well as the remnants of his Hollow mask and his Hollow hole. He has the self-proclaimed strongest hierro of any Espada, enabling him to block attacks, even from blade wielding opponents, by skin alone.

That is so in character that it’s almost creepy! Thanks to Hana for sending this!

24 May 2011

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: Lambo

katekyo hitman reborn! cosplay - lamboA cow suit-clad, 5-year-old assassin from Italy, Lambo is affiliated with the Bovino Familia. He has a huge afro with horns on his head in which he stores a variety of items in including snacks and weapons. Despite being a hitman, he lacks the emotional maturity and discipline that Reborn has and is also considered to be a conceited crybaby.

That is just one of the most adorable cosplays I have seen in a long time! I think this photo belongs in the Chibi Section. Thanks to Nilo for sharing this!

23 May 2011

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Rei 08

neon genesis evangelion cosplay - ayanami rei 8

Do you ever come across cosplay photos that look so good, you’re no longer sure whether it’s real or fake?

I have several photos in my hard drive that make me do just that. And with all the computer edited cosplays in the Internet, I’m wondering if I should post a new category on Cosplay Holic. Something like the Unknown and Unraveled sections.

Do you guys have any suggestions as to what I should name the categories? Please leave a comment on this post and also, feel free to let me know if you think this photo is a fake or not. Thank you very much!

22 May 2011

Final Fantasy VII: Tifa Lockhart 04

final fantasy vii cosplay - tifa lockhart 4 by frankiki

Tifa Lockhart’s character was developed to use the “Martial Artist” character class that appeared in previous games in the Final Fantasy series. Nomura Tetsuya described Tifa to have several dimensions, calling her “like a mother, a sweetheart, and a close ally in battle” and “remarkably strong, not only emotionally, but physically as well”.

Nomura initially had difficulty deciding whether to give her a mini-skirt or long pants, so he passed his sketches around Square’s offices and the majority approved of the mini-skirt design.

Does this mean most of the people who work in Square are guys? Then again, I like the mini-skirt design too and I’m a girl! Hee!

Awesome Tifa cosplay by Frankiki though! And thanks to Andrew for sending this!

21 May 2011

Ghost in the Shell: Kusanagi Motoko

ghost in the shell cosplay - kusanagi motokoKusanagi Motoko is a Major with a commanding presence when on assignment. Among the members of Section 9, she is usually the one Chief Aramaki Daisuke asks to accompany him on official and off the record business. Kusanagi underwent cyberization when she was very young and had trouble adapting to the use of her body, resulting to inadvertently breaking one of her favorite dolls. She wears a wrist watch as proof of her past.

Awesome cosplay! I didn’t think anyone could ever cosplay the Major so well! Thanks to Timothy for sending this in!

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: Panty Anarchy 02

panty & stocking with garterbelt cosplay - panty anarchy 2 by torchilinaThe sexy celebrity blonde, Panty Anarchy shows a fondness for the celebrity lifestyle, especially when it gets her closer to the men she craves. She likes spicy food and hates sugary sweets that her sister, Stocking Anarchy likes. She has the ability to turn her panties into a semi-automatic pistol called “Backlace”.

One of the more risqué cosplays I’ve featured, but I think it’s relatively still safe for work? Torchilina makes such a great Panty Anarachy though. Thanks to Darin for sending this!

20 May 2011

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi / Zeta Gundam: Nagato Yuki and RX-178 Gundam Mk-II

the melancholy of suzumiya haruhi cosplay - nagato yuki / zeta gundam cosplay - rx-178 gundam mk-iiYou can probably tell that's Nagato Yuki from The Menlancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi giving a notice to the Gundam; but that’s just the thing: I have no idea what Gundam model and make that is! And those “03” markings make me think it’s an Eva Unit more than a Gundam.

So I shall be leaving this in the Unknown section while I quietly sit down and wait for my readers to let me know from which series that Gundam is from… please? While I try to figure out how to title this blog entry properly seeing we have a crossover between two series. A very cute one at that. Thanks to again to Miriam for sending this!

EDIT: Thanks to anon for identifying the RX-178 Gundam Mk-II from the Zeta series!

Naruto: Shippuden: Hyuga Hinata

naruto: shippuden cosplay - hyuga hinata by lolytachanInspired by Naruto's confidence and determination, Hinata's infatuation over him affects her training in a good way as she tries her best to win his attention by continually improving her skills and helping him out. While Hinata is hesitant to openly admit her feelings for him, almost everyone else knows about it. In Shippuden, she finally confesses her love to Naruto while protecting him from Pain, but there has been no follow up to her confession as of yet.

Fantastic cosplay by Brazilian cosplayer, LolytaChan! Whoever said cosplay was only for the Japanese can eat their hearts out. Thanks to Miranda for sending this in!

19 May 2011

Tsubasa - Reservoir Chronicle: Syaoran and Sakura 03

tsubasa - reservoir chronicle cosplay - syaoran and sakura by hagaren and hu li

As the story progressed, it was revealed that Syaoran was a clone of another teenager created by the sorcerer Fei-Wang Reed, in order to find Sakura’s feathers no matter what the cost. The original Syaoran managed to place some of his “heart” within the clone’s right eye, which allowed him to develop a personality of his own. Once the seal was broken, however, Syaoran lost all his emotions and was used by Fei-Wang to collect Sakura’s feathers throughout dimensions on his own, betraying all of his friends in the process.

The concept behind the clones in Tsubasa really confuses me, but I really like this cosplay done by Hagaren and Hu Li! Please visit Hagaren’s gallery for more photos!