30 April 2012

Sailor Moon R: Sailor Pluto

sailor moon r cosplay - sailor pluto by sayaThe oldest among the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Pluto has been described as distant and somewhat lonely. This is possibly due to duty of being stationed at the Space-Time door entrusted to her by Queen Serenity. However, she does consistently display warmth and affection for Chibiusa, and later cares for Hotaru along with Michiru and Haruka.

Another epic cosplay by Saya! I wonder why I’m getting a lot of her photos lately. I guess her fans are missing her a lot these days? Thanks to Maritess for sending this in and to MPzero for the awesome photography!

29 April 2012

Oh No! Manga CosplayBook: Call for Entries

Oh No! Manga will be publishing a CosplayBook and you are cordially invited to become a part of it!

Contribute your best shots to the Oh-No! Manga CosplayBook, out this September, 2012! Email 4 best photos to feature@ohnomanga.com with a short description about your cosplay background: your Alias, how you got into cosplaying, your specialty, and advise to those who would like to get into the hobby!

by: Oh No! Manga

This is open to all cosplayers from everywhere in the world! For more information, please check out their Facebook Page! Better hurry though, slots are limited so choose wisely and good luck! ♥

28 April 2012

Kuroshitsuji: Sebastian Michaelis 10

kuroshitsuji cosplay - sebastian michaelis 10

In recent chapters of the manga as well as the second season of the anime, it was revealed that Sebastian Michaelis wasn’t always the perfect butler that everyone knew. In fact, he and his master, Ciel Phantomhive, often got on each other’s nerves during the first few days (or perhaps even weeks) of Ciel’s return as the head of the Phantomhive household. In the end, they managed to sort out their differences and “compromised” to some extent.

That is just so awesome! The angle of the shot, the expression on the cosplayer’s face, and the hand gesture looks so in-character! Thanks again to Fumiki for sending this in!

27 April 2012

Yu Yu Hakusho: Karasu

yu yu hakusho cosplay - karasuKnown to be a Quest class demon, Karasu has the ability to use his aura to create bombs undetectable by lower level demons. If need be, he can also create bombs within his victims, and even use his own body as an explosive. The mask he wears over his mouth acts as a stabilizer for his uncontrollable powers.

I don’t like this character mainly because he made Kurama suffer a lot during their fight at the tournament. But I have to admit, this is a very good cosplay of him. Thanks again to Fumiki for sending this in!

26 April 2012

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: Stocking Anarchy 05

panty & stocking with garterbelt cosplay - stocking anarchy 5Stocking claims that she has very special standards in men and she would prefer to be with someone she loves rather than just for the heck of it. She strings men along because she doesn’t want them to believe she’s “an easy catch”. Stocking is very loyal and would never cheat on someone she truly loves.

We’ve all seen girls cosplaying male characters, and there are lots of them here in Cosplay Holic. But if I told you the cosplayer behind today’s feature is actually a 14-year-old boy, would you believe me?

Well, that’s what Yukino said when she submitted this photo, and the cosplayer is apparently a friend of hers. I’m not sure what to think, but I do know that he’s really cute though. What do you guys think?

EDIT: Mystery solved! The cosplayer of this photo is actually a girl. Sorry to disappoint(?) you guys, but I'll try to find out who she is at least!

24 April 2012

Bleach: Lilynette Gingerback and Coyote Starrk

bleach cosplay - lilynette gingerback and coyote starrkCoyote Starrk is the Primera Espada, signified by the “1” tattooed on the back of his left hand. Starrk and Lilynette came into being as the result of a Hollow splitting its soul in two out of loneliness. This was brought on by the fact that its vast spiritual pressure was too deadly for those who got too close, even towards other Hollows it tried to befriend. Starrk apparently does not remember which of them resembled the original Hollow.

It’s pretty awesome to see the two of them together. I liked Starrk’s laidback attitude in the beginning of the anime. Thanks to Mae for sending this in!

23 April 2012

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Kadaj 02

final fantasy vii advent children cosplay - kadaj 2 by sayaLike Sephiroth before him, Kadaj’s trip into the Lifestream does not actually kill him. He eventually revived himself along with two more Remnants of Sephiroth, Loz and Yazoo, inside the Northern Cave Crater as the Turks were collecting Jenova's head. The three of them effortlessly defeated the Turks before deciding to locate Jenova's head, that of which the Turks had somehow managed to escape with.

Another awesome cosplay by Saya! Every time I see her cosplay photos, it makes me sad that we will never be able to see new ones from her anymore. Thanks again to Sheila for sending this in!

21 April 2012

Ao no Exorcist: Okumura Rin and Okumura Yukio

ao no exorcist cosplay - okumura rin and okumura yukioUpon the discovery that the woman impregnated by Satan was going to have twins, it was believed that Satan's powers would be split between them. However, because Yukio's body was weaker compared to Rin’s, Yukio did not inherit any of Satan's powers and was born fully human, giving all of Satan's powers to Rin. Yukio did receive a spirit wound at birth from his brother, which allowed him to be aware of demons for as long as he can remember.

Poor Rin must have fallen asleep from studying manga so hard. I think Yukio will let him off the hook this time. Thanks to Chris for sending this and to さむきえるけー for sharing it!

20 April 2012

Hakuoki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~: Saito Hajime 03

hakuoki ~shinsengumi kitan~ cosplay - saito hajime 3In the anime, Saito has had very little interaction with Yukimura Chizuru until the second season. He was then training new Shinsengumi recruits as well as monitoring the Rasetsu Unit’s actions. Saito once told Chizuru that he thought being a bushi meant being an exceptional swordsman. Chizuru responded that Saito was a true samurai because he has honor.

Gotta love 無題。 for sharing this beautiful cosplay. I think this outfit was only for the calendar and figure, so not a lot of people might recognize it. Thanks to Lira for sending this in!

19 April 2012

Gyakuten Saiban 4: Namina Minami

gykauten saiban 4 cosplay - namina minami / apollo justice: ace attorney cosplay - alita tialaOnce a nurse under Ukari Teruo (Dr. Pal Meraktis), Namina Minami (Alita Tiala) was Ukari’s assistant during  Kitaki Takita’s (Wocky Kitaki’s) critical operation. Ukari failed to extract the bullet in Takita’s heart, but the doctor did not dare to admit this as Takita was the heir of a family of feared gangsters. Minami agreed to keep this failure a secret and proposed marriage to Tiaki in order to gain all of his inheritance the moment he dies from his injuries.

Such an innocent-looking girl, you wouldn’t think she’d be capable of something so devious. Thanks to Clara for sending this in!

18 April 2012

Gintama: Sarutobi Ayame

gintama cosplay by arisa mizuharaA kunoichi from the Oniwabanshu, Sarutobi Ayame met Gintoki when she fell through his roof. When she tried to convince him that he had inappropriate relations with her, he briefly played along despite knowing that she was lying to get his help. Ever since then, Ayame has become infatuated with Gintoki, much to his exasperation. Because oh her extreme masochism, she thinks her feelings for him are encouraged, as she enjoys being put down and threatened.

Cute cosplay by Arisa Mizuhara! It seems she has a lot of new cosplays I don’t know about. Maybe it's time I look through her website again. Thanks to Jeni for sending this in!

17 April 2012

House of Flying Daggers: Xiao Mei

house of flying daggers cosplay - xiao mei

When Jin asked Xiao Mei for her name, he wondered why it was so plain when all the other girls were named after flowers. Xiao Mei quietly responded with, and I quote, “I don't want to compete with those others girls. The flowers here can hardly be called flowers. Real flowers bloom in the wilderness.”

I don’t know if you can still call this “cosplay” since it’s from a live-action movie instead of an anime or game, but you have to admit, the entire outfit is very well done, down to the smallest accessories. Thanks to Michelle for sending this in!

16 April 2012

Togainu no Chi: Akira 03

togainu no chi cosplay - akira 3 by sayaFaced with no other option, Akira left for the city of Toshima as a fugitive falsely accused of murder. Upon his arrival, he was harassed by a group of thugs, only to be saved by a man dressed in black, who brutally murdered his attackers with his sword. The man threatened Akira as well, but when he showed too much pride to beg for his life, his “savior” decided to let him live.

I’m guessing that the man dressed in black is actually Shiki, but I haven’t seen the anime nor played the games. In any case, this is yet another great cosplay by the late Saya! Thanks again to Ophelia for sending this in!

15 April 2012

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: Xanxus

unknown cosplay 118 / katekyo hitman reborn! cosplay - xanxus

I don’t know who this is and what is with that "x" mark on his gun, but that is some pretty impressive detailing! Even the scars on his face look very well done! If you know the character and/or the cosplayer, please leave a comment and I’ll edit this as soon as I can! Thanks to Jeannie for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to Jane for letting me know he is Xanxus of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Can anyone confirm who the cosplayer is, please? A like to the cosplayer's website would be awesome, thank you!

EDIT 2: Thanks to Yin for linking Yuegene's Deviant Art and Blog!

14 April 2012

Naruto: Orochimaru

naruto cosplay - orochimaru

A former ninja of Konohagakure, Orochimaru left and created his own ninja village, Otogakure, in hopes of destroying his former home. During his time in Konohagakure, Orochimaru distinguished himself as one of the village's most powerful ninja. However, his desire for power led him to obtain a means for immortality by transferring between different host bodies, including Uchiha Sasuke due to his powerful genetic heritage.

Never mind that we can hardly see the cosplay; I think just posing with a real live snake is enough to impress anyone. Thanks to Sarah for sending this in!

13 April 2012

Bleach: Hinamori Momo 05

bleach cosplay - hinamori momo 5

When Hinamori’s zanpakuto is released, Tobiume's blade straightens and produces several jitte-like prongs along its length. In this form, Tobiume acts as a focus for Hinamori's spiritual power, concentrating it into energy bursts capable of forming craters as well as breaching walls. She can also compress her power into massive energy balls and throw them from the tip of her blade.

Awesome cosplay! And I heard the anime for Bleach is finally ending. Would that mean the same for the manga too? Thanks to Miguel for the contribution and Yilong for the lovely photograph!

12 April 2012

Shakugan no Shana: Shana 06

shakugan no shana cosplay - shana 6

In the first volume of the original light novel, Alastor stated that the reason why Shana did not explode after being shot by Friagne's Trigger Happy was because she held a capacity that existed in dimensional space, who was able to contain the Flame of Heaven's. Shana’s duty initially made her indifferent towards human life, but because of Sakai Yuji's influence, she has become slightly more open. Although she still remains confused and disgruntled by some human traits which she considers to be “pointless”, some of it is actually used to mask her jealousy of her desire to monopolize Yuji.

Cute Shana! And the background is really well-suited for this cosplay. Thanks to Miharu for sending this in!