01 May 2015

Fate/Unlimited Codes: Saber Lily 08

fate/unlimited codes cosplay - saber lily by kazumi後悔にさえも
Let’s make it so that
Even regret can’t reach us
If we were to just give up
きっと 必ず 後悔する
We’d definitely, absolutely regret it

白く 白く 降り積もる理想に
I leave my footprints in the white, white ideals
僕の足跡 刻んでいくよ
Piled up like snow
今の僕には 闇雲な このきもち しかないけど
Right now I don’t have anything but these reckless feelings
正解なんて ひとつじゃない
But there’s not just one right answer
僕だけの明日を探してる ずっと
I’m always searching for a tomorrow that’s just for me

“Ideal White” by Anime Lyrics
with transliteration by Haze~
and translation by bluepenguin

Doesn’t this Saber Lily cosplayer look amazing? She’s not wearing the armor, but even with just the dress she makes a stunning Saber Lily! Thanks again to Jennifer for sending this in!

Source: けいのシークレットベース on tumblr

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