29 April 2013

Vocaloid 2: Hatsune Miku 44

vocalois 2 cosplay hatsune miku from japan comiket 83
Source: Hexieshe

With a bold and sudden calling, Western Revolution's starting
Let our hearts be open to it
Pacifist nation
Riding on a penny-farthing, it’s the flag of our sun rising,
悪霊退散 ICBM
Warding evil spirits like an ICBM

On the train tracks, running along the line,
let us move forward. Don't look behind.
Boys and girls becoming like samurai
浮世の 随に
just like those from our previous life

“A Thousand Sakura”
Lyrics and Translation by

This Miku cosplayer really reminds me of Saya somehow. There are some similarities to the late cosplayer, but I guess I’m just really missing her a lot. Thanks to Tamara for sending this in!

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