07 April 2009

Onegai My Melody: Hiiragi Keiichi 03

Knuxie, our resident Hiiragi Keiichi, has finally cosplayed the character she writes as. I was told that she had sewn Hiiragi’s uniform herself and had to dye the wig to the right color. And yes, that’s a real violin too. I wonder if she knows how to play Hiiragi’s songs?

onegai my melody cosplay - hiiragi keiichi by knuxiechan

Very nicely done, Knuxie. I apologize if I wasn’t able to feature you sooner, and thanks for the contribution! Photo was done by Eurobeat King. This is only a thumbnail of the entire photo, by the way, so please view the original here.


  1. I think I saw her in Tekkocon. I didn't know she role-plays this character too. Talk about commitment!

  2. Yeah, she attended that con. She makes a pretty amazing Hiiragi. :3