22 June 2013

Trinity Blood: Abel Nightroad

trinity blood cosplay abel nightroad by faeryx
Source: Faeryx on World Cosplay

Abel Nightroad is a very compassionate, albeit clumsy and absent-minded, Catholic priest who is an AX Agent Special Division of the Ministry of Holy Affairs. In reality, Abel is actually a Crusnik, a vampire that feeds on the blood of other vampires. As a member of the Arcanum Cella Ex Dono Dei, Latin for the Papal State Affairs Special Operations Section, Abel serves directly under Cardinal Caterina Sforza, the sister of His Holiness, Alessandro XVIII, who is the 399th Pope of Rome.

I actually wouldn’t be surprised if the Vatican does have secret agents like those featured in Trinity Blood. But anyway, I’ve been looking for a great looking Abel for quite a while, and I believe Russian cosplayer Faeryx looks and plays the part very well. Thanks to Ysabel for sending this in!

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