19 June 2013

Durarara!!: Orihara Izaya 04

Source: ~Lupinine-Reiji on Deviant Art

“The road I walk is paved in gold, to glorify my platinum soul.
I'll buy my way to talk to god, so he can live with what I'm not.”

Orihara Izaya is a young informant who appears to be on no one else’s side other than his own. He sells information for his own satisfaction and played a hand behind the most relevant events in the series. Izaya suspected that Mikado was the creator of Dollars since the very beginning and even knew the identities of the leaders of the three main forces in Ikebukuro.

A rather cute looking Izaya by Lupinine Reiji on Deviant Art! So Izaya’s responsible for all that yellow tape! I love the casual look the cosplayer has in this shot. Thanks to Anya for sending this in!

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