30 August 2008

Rozen Maiden: Shinku 03

rozen maiden cosplay - shinkuThis is probably the most unique way to portray Shinku. We’ve had 2 versions so far, but neither of them made Shinku look the way she truly is: a ball jointed doll.

There was an anime episode wherein Shinku had to have her clothes washed, and this is how she looked until she got her clothes back. I can’t remember it too well anymore, but I want to watch the anime again.


  1. Were any more pictures from this set ever released? I know this entry was from 2009, but that's an amazing look.

  2. Woah, I always saw just these images on google images, and I thought she was just a cosplayer, since she looked so realistic. It wasn't until I clicked on the link I relized she was a bjd! She looks so realistic!

  3. It's simple, she put black ponytails around her arms and legs. Not that hard to figure out.