03 June 2013

Sword Art Online: Asuna 04

sword art online cosplay asuna by angie
Source: Angie0_0 on Facebook

Although their first meeting seemed nothing out of the ordinary, Asuna later fell in love with Kirito while they were trapped in Sword Art Online. However, her bodyguard Kuradeel, a former “Laughing Coffin” red guild member, became obsessed with Asuna and became very jealous of Kirito. Kuradeel tried to murder Kirito when he was forced to join the “Knight of Blood”, but his plan backfired upon Asuna’s arrival at the scene of the crime.

Angie looks like how I’d imagine Asuna would look if she were real. And what a great shot this is! Probably one of my favorites from her gallery. Thanks again to Stilzkin for introducing me to her page!


  1. lol the cosplayer actually resembles asuna very well.

  2. WHOAA~ <33 wish i was that pretty.. >^<