31 December 2011

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Cloud Strife 07

I've featured Kaname in his Cloud cosplay twice in Cosplay Holic already, but never have I featured him in a video… reading doujinshi?!

Messing around at Anime Expo 2009, Kaname reading doujinshi for a bunch of people.

The Plasticgrl

I guess now people can’t deny that Cloud Kaname is real!

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for all your patience and support for Cosplay Holic. I sincerely hope this will be another year of amazing cosplays and cosplayers!


  1. There's another one where he's reading a IchixRuki doujin. Quite animatedly too--especially the parts where Ichigo's dad comes in ^^

  2. Haha~ really? I will have to look for more of these then! xD I'm so happy Kaname's not photoshoped~ *u*;;;