18 June 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin: Titan Eren Jaeger

shingeki no kyojin attack on titan cosplay titan eren jaeger by shino furusawa
Source: Shino Furusawa on Facebook
Eren Jaeger has the strange ability to summon a 15 meter titan of which he controls from the inside. Eren believes this ability is the result of injections given to him by his father, Doctor Grisha Jaeger. The injections have caused parts of his memories to be damaged, but he is slowly recovering them as time passes by. Eren remembered being instructed by his father to return to his old home and unlock the basement in order to find out the truth about him and perhaps even about the titans themselves.

Now that it one amazing makeup job by Italaian cosplayer, Shino Furusawa! You have to check out her other shots too, they are equally amazing! Thanks to Warren for sharing this!


  1. cool.. never think bout this cosplay, I wonder how it looks whole body

  2. I found another Cool Titan Eren Cosplay...although I'm not sure they are the same person.