26 June 2013

Fairy Tail: Loke and Lucy Heartfilia

fairy tail cosplay loke and lucy heartfilia by moena
Source: Moena on Blogspot

As a sign of her gratitude towards Loke for finding her keys and rescuing her, Lucy Heartfilia invited him to go to a local bar with her. She wanted to find out why Loke doesn’t like Celestial Spirit Mages, but Loke refused to answer her questions. When Lucy decided it was time to leave, however, Loke suddenly grabbed her arm and embraced her, saying that he did not have much time left. Realizing what he had done, and not wanting to get Lucy involved, Loke quickly passed this off as a joke, to which he received a slap for.

Another cute cosplay by Moena Riu and her friend, Loke! Moena now has a blog, so please show her your support by checking out her site and leaving her comments in her posts! Thanks again for allowing me to feature this!

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