22 August 2010

Durarara!!: Heiwajima Shizuo and Orihara Izaya

durarara!! cosplay - heiwajima shizuo and orihara izaya by kosikiryu and lindzar

Izaya and Shizuo have hated each other with a passion almost as soon as they first met one another. It was said in the novels that Izaya constantly framed Shizuo for crimes he didn’t commit. In the anime series, Izaya adds daily attacks from gangs aside from framing him. Although they are on bad terms, Shizuo is well-acquainted with Izaya’s twin sisters, Mairu and Kururi.

Deviant artists ~kozikiryu is Shizuo and =Lindzar is Izaya in this lovely photo. I could not un-see this when I first saw it in Lindzar’s gallery. Izaya really needs to stop pissing Shizuo off. Thanks to Lindzar for allowing me to feature her!

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