23 June 2013

Kamiyomi: Mikazuki and Kukuri

kamiyomi cosplay mikazuki and kukuri
Source: Crunchyroll
With this particular submission, I’m not exactly sure if they’re really cosplaying or not. But you have to admit, the costume, location, and composition is absolutely breath-taking! You just can’t beat natural beauty! And I really love kimonos and Japanese umbrellas!

So if anyone can please identify the characters or the cosplayers, feel free to comment. Thank you very much to Lily for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to Louise for letting me know this is Mikazuki and Kukuri from Kamiyomi by cosplayers Sadako and Congtian!


  1. according to this site: http://honglaucac.wordpress.com/2010/12/06/ci-congtian-unknown-1/, those two are Kukuri and Mikazuki from Kamiyomi ^^

    1. Thank you, Louise! Edited, labeled, and credited! :D