31 October 2011

Vocaloid 2: Hatsune Miku 23

vocaloid 2 cosplay - hatsune miku 23Crypton’s idea for Miku was "an android diva in the near-future world where songs are lost”. When Kei illustrated Miku, he was asked to draw an android based on Yamaha synthesizer’s signature blue-green color. It took Kei more than a month to create Miku because he wasn’t sure how to illustrate a “singing computer” and he didn’t even know what a “synthesizer” was.

Well, we’re all thankful Kei worked very hard in designing Miku. There are so many cosplays of her that Cosplay Holic’s almost on overload! But this was too cute to resist; I mean, just look at that tiny, chibi Miku! Thanks to Jenny for sending this!

30 October 2011

Gundam Seed Destiny: Auel Neider and Sting Oakley

gundam seed destiny cosplay - auel neider and sting oakleyAuel Neider, Sting Oakley, and Stella Loussier make up the three Extended pilots of Earth Alliance’s special forces team, Phantom Pain, under Neo Roanoke’s command. Extended pilots are known to be mentally unstable, but they are also very highly-skilled. When the three of them snuck into the PLANT colony Armory One, they each stole a new Gundam-type mobile suit: Auel took the ZGMF-X31S Abyss while Sting took the ZGMF-X24S Chaos.

All they need is Stella and they would be complete! It’s too bad I only have the low resolution of this picture; it’s quite impressive! Thanks to Lois for sending this!

Gundam 00: Graham Aker and Billy Katagiri

gundam 00 cosplay - graham aker and billy katagiri

Friends Graham Aker and Billy Katagiri are two of several antagonists of the series; one is a Union ace pilot and the other is a mobile suit developer respectively. After the death of Professor Ralph Eifman and Howard Mason, Billy uses one of the GN Drives to upgrade Graham’s Flag unit in order to fight the Gundams. Graham battled Setsuna F. Seiei with his GN Flag, but he lost, receiving scars on the right side of his face.

I’m happily surprised to find a cosplay of these two! Billy is one of my favorite characters from Gundam 00! Maybe I will try to look for more of his cosplays now. Thanks again to Remi for sending this in!

28 October 2011

Chobits: Freya and Elda (Chi)

chobits cosplay - freya and elda (chi) by mimi

Created by Mihara Ichiro to be Hibiya's daughters, Freya and Elda lived happily with the couple until Freya fell in love with her own father and creator. Freya knew that Ichiro loved Hibiya dearly, so she suppressed her feelings until she could no longer move. At the point where she decided to self-terminate, Elda offered to take Freya’s heart into her own so that she would not disappear completely.

Cute cosplay by Mimi and her best friend (whose name I’ve yet to find out)! I’m really impressed with the details of their costume, and great choice of background too! Thanks again to Mimi for sharing this with us!

27 October 2011

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Tifa Lockhart 10

final fantasy vii advent children cosplay - tifa lockhart 10Tifa first found out about Cloud's Geostigma when she took Marlene to Aerith's church. Loz went to the church hoping to find Jenova’s head, but unfortunately found Tifa and Marlene instead. Tifa fought against Loz, but eventually lost to his superhuman speed and pile bunker.

Another beautiful Tifa! Next to the Vocaloids, a lot of people love to cosplay her, don’t they? Thanks to Colin for sending this in!

26 October 2011

Kuroshitsuji: Grell Sutcliff 02

kuroshitsuji cosplay - grell sutcliff 2 byGrell Suttcliff is a shinigami who is described to be over-the-top and flamboyant. He has a tendency to use female nouns and pronouns when referring to himself. In the manga and character guide, Grell has even expressed the desire to have a female body. He also has a tendency to put things in terms of theatre, as he refers to Angelina’s death as “the falling of curtains”, and even comparing his relationship to Sebastian Michaelis to the famous play, Romeo and Juliet.

Beautiful cosplay by Miyo Tsubasa! I really love the yukata which was made by Anastasia. Thanks again for sharing this with us and to Alexander for the awesome photography!

25 October 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Bakura Ryou

yu-gi-oh! cosplay - bakura ryou by shineueki33

A new transfer student to Domino High School, Bakura Ryou was quick to aquire an array of romantic admirers and befriends Mutou Yugi, Junouchi Katsuya (Joey Wheeler), Honda Hiroto (Tristan Taylor), and Mazaki Anzu (Téa Gardner). He then asked his new friends to join him in playing his favorite game, the RPG “Monster World” (a parody of Dungeons and Dragons). However, he was also upfront in saying that the game was also the reason why he kept transferring schools as apparently, those who decide to play with him always end up in a coma.

That’s just creepy. I wouldn’t want to play with him if that were the case! But this is a very good cosplay of my favorite character, so I had to feature it! Please be sure to visit~ShineUeki33 for more of her photos when you have time!

23 October 2011

Naruto: Otogakure Ninja and Nara Shikamaru

naruto cosplay - otogakure ninja and nara shikamaru

Nara Shikamaru is a ninja known for his sense of apathy, as he forfeited his match to Temari due to his low chakra level. Despite this loss, he is the only ninja among his peers to be promoted as a Chunin, because the overseers of the exams were impressed by his intelligence and insight. Shikamaru was appointed the leader of a team tasked to prevent Uchiha Sasuke from defecting to the village of Otogakure. However, despite being able to defeat the Otogakure ninja barring their way, Sasuke managed to escape.

I’m pretty sure those shadows were edited into the photo, but wow, this is a great reenactment of the scene from the anime! Thanks to Amara for sending this in!

Shuffle!: Lisianthus

shuffle! cosplay - lisianthusThe daughter of the King of Gods, Lisianthus came to the human world as a possible marriage candidate for Tsuchimi Rin. She is boastful, energetic, and highly optimistic with excellent cooking skills. Although her magical capability is poor, she is very strong and has a tendency of using brute force when necessary.

Cute Sia! And I hope this is the correct character, because I’m not familiar with Shuffle! Thanks to Vince for sending this!

22 October 2011

Hetalia: Axis Powers: Prussia 02

hetalia: axis powers cosplay - prussia 2 by nanjo kojiI could tell you that I felt bad about not knowing Prussia or Nanjo Koji when I posted the 90th Unknown Entry back in May, but this is actually a submission by Cherokee, so I figured, why not? And this time, with a proper article!

The older brother of Germany, Prussia will do anything to become strong. He once represented the Teutonic Knights, but later became Prussia after various stages of his life as a nation. He is currently living with Germany after his home was dissolved, though he once worked under Russia for a time.

Be sure to check out Nanjo Koji’s deviant art for more cosplay photos!

Death Note: Mikami Teru

death note cosplay - mikami teru by blusparklesA criminal prosecutor who is a fanatical supporter of Kira, Mikami Teru became the 4th Kira as selected by Yagami Light. The decision was purely based on his intuition, because Light needed a new Kira proxy to hide his identity. Mikami’s sense of righteousness stems from his childhood, but his perspective has warped over the years and now firmly believes that evil must be destroyed.

Wow, I’m blown away! Mikami only appeared for a short while in the series, so I didn’t think there would be cosplays of him! Thanks again to Billy for sending this and to the cosplayer, blusparkles! Please visit her deviant art gallery for more photos!

21 October 2011

Soul Eater: Justin Law and Giriko

soul eater cosplay - justin law and girikoJustin Law and Giriko have quickly developed a strong rivalry with each other as they have very conflicting ideas. These feelings are further intensified by the fact that both have equal levels of power. As a result, their fights always conclude in a draw.

Although later circumstances have put them on the same side, it has done little to temper their issues.
Impressive! Good thing they stopped fighting long enough to take a photo together! Thanks again to Warren for sending this in!

20 October 2011

Vocaloid: Akaito

vocaloid cosplay - akaito by zaki

The younger "twin" brother of Kaito, Akaito's name comes from the word "Aka" which is Japanese for the color red, and Kaito. He originated from a certain Vocaloid cover that features two Kaito’s, the original in blue and another in red. Akaito sings in lower octaves, and his signature item is the Habanero Pepper.

Another fantastic cosplay by Zaki! The pepper doesn’t look to happy about getting eaten though. Thanks again to Fumiki for sending this in!

19 October 2011

Gundam Seed Destiny: Meer Campbell, Athrun Zala, and Cagalli Yula Athha

gundam seed destiny cosplay - meer campbell, athrun zala and cagalli yula athha

When Athrun Zala first met Meer Campbell, she did not hide the fact that she was not Lacus Clyne, despite posing to be her under Gilbert Durandal’s order. Meer knew that Athrun was Lacus’ fiancé and decided to flirt with him, even though Athrun tells her that Lacus would never do any of the things that she does. What she didn’t know was that Athrun was already engaged to Cagalli Yula Athha.

It must be hard to be sought after by two head-strong girls. Then again, since Athrun is holding Pink-chan, does this mean he still loves Lacus when this photo was taken?

I guess it’s even more complicated than a love triangle! Thanks to Emi for sending this!

18 October 2011

Tales of the Abyss: Luke fon Fabre

tales of the abyss cosplay - luke fon fabre by symphony of lost ariaThe only son of a noble family in the Kingdom of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, Luke fon Fabre is a selfish and arrogant boy whose hobby is swordsmanship. His ignorance of the real world was due to the absence of his childhood memories after a kidnapping incident. Luke possesses the ability to create “hyper resonance”on his own, an extremely powerful ability that supposedly only occurs when two fonists of the same type use their abilities in tandem.

Another excellent cosplay by Symphony of the Lost Aria! The setting for this looks familiar, wouldn’t you agree? Thanks again to the group for allowing me to post this!

17 October 2011

Gurren Lagann: Yoko Littner 07

WARNING: This article contains spoilers. Please read at your own risk!

gurren lagann cosplay - yoko littner 7

Known to be a very protective person, Yoko Littner is very vocal and is often the voice of reason for Simon and Kamina. Like Simon, she became very depressed when Kamina died, and cried in the shower despite telling Dayyaka that she was fine. In part 2, Yoko generally remained the same, but with a new outlook on violence.

The cosplayer looks so happy in this photo! Maybe it’s the article doesn’t fit the photo, but this is something I don’t get to see everyday! Thanks again to Lily for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to Hino for emailing that this cosplayer is Mostflogged!

16 October 2011

Loveless: Hawatari Yuiko

loveless cosplay - hawatari yuikoOne of Ritsuka’s classmates in his new school, Yuiko appeared to be a ditzy girl who had befriended Ritsuka at the prodding of their mean-spirited classmates. Ritsuka first thought of her to be annoying and weird, but they became good friends as the series progressed. Yuiko has been fascinated by Ritsuka since the first day they met, but Ritsuka sees their relationship to be purely platonic.

She so cute! Just like the real Yuiko. Now I want pink cat ears and a pink wig too! Thanks to Madeline for sending this in!