16 October 2011

Final Fantasy VII: Vincent Valentine 03

final fantasy vii cosplay - vincent valentine 3

Cloud Strife first met Vincent Valentine sleeping in a locked room at the basement of Shinra Manor. After some careful coaxing, Cloud was able to speak to Vincent and told him about Sephiroth. Vincent knew he was the child Lucrecia had conceived and considered it to be another “sin”. Vincent then asked if Cloud and his party will meet Hojo, and Cloud confirmed his inquiry. He then decided to accompany the party with thoughts of claiming revenge.

Way too awesome for words! Then again, I’m beginning to wonder if this is real or CG (computer-generated)? What do you guys think? Thanks to Remi for sending this!


  1. What I really like about this photo-aside from the costume and props- is how those red contacts really pop in the picture. It really grabs the eye. I don't think it's CG. Simply gorgeous!

  2. I've seen this cosplay flesh n bones and i can say that he's this fantastic. that hair is also his. Is that even belieavable?