29 August 2008

Chobits: Freya

Now here is a cosplay that I never thought I’d see.

chobits cosplay - freyaFreya is the first version of the new series of persocoms known as the “Chobit” series. Unlike any other persocom, has the ability to feel emotions, specifically, to love. She was made by Mihara Ichiru to become their “daughter”.

When Hibiya Chitose, Ichiru’s wife, noticed a change in Freya’s attitude, Chitose asked Ichiru to create a younger sister for her, and she was named “Elda“. Freya was happy for a while, but her true sadness was due to the fact that she had fallen in love… with her own “father”. She knew she could never be together with him, and this caused her so much sorrow that she ceased functioning.

Aside from the hair? This is a very impressive cosplay. Great job on this! I really like her ears..!


  1. She is not Freya!!! She is Erda (Chii). Freya has a white jumpsuit when it is created. You can see in the comics.

  2. Either way she looks great specialy the tattoos.