15 June 2011

Death Note: Yagami Light 04

death note cosplay - yagami light 4 by lawllipop-bagAccording to Oba Tsugumi, the story writer of Death Note, Light sees Amane Misa, whom he uses as an accomplice, as a “bad person” and therefore acts cold towards her and manipulates her to the point of pretending to love her and even promising marriage to her. He did not kill her simply because of her shinigami, Rem, who threatened to kill him if Misa dies earlier than her time. Light was, however, able to manipulate Rem, who died extending Misa’s life by killing both Watari and L to save her.

Quite an impressive cosplay by Lawllipop-Bag! I don’t remember seeing those “wings” in the anime; I wonder if they’re Rem’s or something that Lawllipop-Bag came up with herself? Thanks to Billy for sending this in!


  1. amazing---ftw ^^

  2. The cosplayers says on her DA that she didn't come up with the wings, the cosplay was based on a manga scan from Volume 6. Just thought I'd let you know. :)